Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro: Essentials

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Overview You can become a master of Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional! This is possible with Study365. You will have both …
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  • The benefits of studying with Study 365
  • Course Speciality
  • Who is it for?
  • Course Description
  • Course Duration
  • Method of Assessment
  • Certificate
  • Entry Requirements
  • Career Path
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  • More about James Lockman

You can become a master of Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional! This is possible with Study365. You will have both a professional and reputed certificate on your CV. This makes you more employable and helps you to progress in your career. Expert teachers, deliver this course, and they will teach you:

  • First, to speed up the business process using Acrobat's electronic forms;
  • Second, use the review & comment workflows
  • And much more!

Get your job done faster and be more efficient with Study365.

  • First, learning with Study 365 has many advantages;
  • Second, the course is direct and adapts to fit in with your lifestyle;
  • Third, it is formed by industry experts;
  • Fourth, you receive exact information;
  • Fifth, the latest facts;
  • And sixth, clear materials.

The course includes the following:

  • First, it has narrative e-Learning modules;
  • Second, there is tutor support and exams;
  • Third, we deliver everything via a system;
  • Fourth, learners can access the system at any given time.
  • Admins;
  • Business experts;
  • HR specialists;
  • Secretaries;
  • Front office staff;
  • Legal secretaries;
  • Students;
  • Graduates;
  • And Job seekers.

This online training course is complete. It is designed to cover the following 14 key modules:

  1. Introduction to the Interface;
  2. Navigating PDFs;
  3. Creating PDFs;
  4. Windows Only PDF Creation Features;
  5. Manipulating PDFs;
  6. Creating PDF Forms;
  7. Optimizing PDFs;
  8. Exploring Optical Character Recognition;
  9. PDF Security;
  10. PDF Reviews & Commenting;
  11. Adding Accessibility to PDFs;
  12. Automated Document Processing;
  13. Exploring Collaboration Options;
  14. And Tips & Tricks.
  • First, you will have 12 months of access to your online study platform;
  • Second, it is from the date you purchased the course;
  • Third, the course is self-paced, so you decide how fast or slow the training goes;
  • Fourth, you can complete the course in stages. It is by revisiting the training at any time.
  • First, you will have to submit one assignment at the end of the programme;
  • Second, this has a pass mark of 65%;
  • Third, it is possible to submit the assignment at any time;
  • Fourth, during assignment submission, you need to pay £19. This is for assessment and receiving of the certificate;
  • Fifth, you will receive the results within 72 hours of submission;
  • Sixth, if you pass the assignment, you will receive the certificate within 7-14 days.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate. This is for “Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional”.

  • First, Learners should be over the age of 16;
  • Second, have a basic knowledge of English;
  • Third, Numerate;
  • Fourth, Literate;
  • And know IT.

This course will provide you with transferable skills. It would be applicable to the following positions:

  • Admins;
  • Secretaries;
  • Front office staff;
  • Legal secretaries;
  • Executive assistants;
  • Business owners;
  • Business experts;
  • And HR specialists.
  • First, James Lockman is the owner of James Lockman Consulting;
  • Second, this is a digital workflow consulting and training company;
  • Third, James holds a degree in physics and applied physics from Yale University;
  • Fourth, he has years of experience teaching high school and college physics;
  • Fifth, James joined Working Words & Graphics in 1995 to head its Digital Prepress division;
  • Sixth, since then, he has become a technical resource for:
  1. Producers;
  2. Software vendors;
  3. Printers;
  4. Agencies;
  5. And graphic designers worldwide.
  • Seventh, the following make a great fit for training technical subjects:
  1. His long practical experience with PostScript and PDF workflows;
  2. And teaching skills.
  • James is an Adobe Certified Creative Suite Master;
  • He is an Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Consultant;
  • His customers range from large agencies to small boutique newspapers;
  • James’s expertise includes Acrobat and web-based collaboration;
  • These enable today’s electronic document workflows to be more agile;
  • He is a frequent presenter at industry events and online for Adobe Systems;
  • James is also a seasoned instructor;
  • In the early 1990s, he taught physics at the following places:
  1. Phillips Academy;
  2. Andover;
  3. Massachusetts;
  4. And at Worcester Academy.
  • He had taught Astronomy and Physics at Rutgers University;
  • It is in Newark, New Jersey. This is where he studied Physics and Electrical Engineering.
  • On graphics subjects, he is the host of several Total Training series. This includes:
  1. Total Training for Acrobat 9 Essentials;
  2. And InDesign CS4 Essentials (this has more titles in the works).
  • He blogs at
  • James lives in Maine with his wife and three sons. He enjoys making maple syrup and playing the tuba.

Course Curriculum

Free Introduction
Acrobat 9 Pro Essentials FREE 00:01:30
1. Acrobat Preferences
2. Toolbars & the Navigation Panel
3. Common Toolbar Options
4. Page View Modes & the Help System
1. Using the Menu Bar & the Pages Panel to Navigate
2. Selecting & Copying Content, Rulers & Guides
3. Entering Form Data
4. Creating & Managing Bookmarks
5. Hyperlinks & Searching
6. Saving & Exporting PDFs in Different Formats
1. Direct Export & Distill a PDF
2. Editing Standard PDF Settings
3. Image Settings
4. Font Settings
5. Color & Advanced Settings
6. Printing to PDF
7. Combining Files into a Single PDF
8. Combining Files into a Single PDF
9. Building a PDF from a Web Page
1. Using Acrobat PDFMaker in Microsoft® Word
2. Using Acrobat PDFMaker in Microsoft PowerPoint®
3. Using Acrobat PDFMaker in Microsoft Publisher
4. Using Acrobat PDFMaker in Microsoft Excel®
5. Creating a PDF from Windows Explorer
1. Inserting, Deleting & Replacing Pages
2. Adding Headers & Footers
3. Adding Watermarks & Background Images
4. Comparing Two PDFs
5. Adding Multimedia
6. Adding Hyperlinks
1. Creating a New Form
2. Adding a Reset Button
3. Distributing a Form to Collect Data
4. Collect Data & Export the Results
5. Building a Form from a Scanned Document
1. Reducing File Size
2. PDF Optimizer
1. Create a New PDF from a Scan & Configure Conversion Settings
2. Convert a Scan to a Searchable PDF & Run OCR
1. Establishing Identity
2. Creating Security Policies
3. Securing the PDF
4. Removing Security from a PDF
1. Using the Commenting Tools
2. Organizing Comments
3. Commenting on Video
4. Sending a Document for an Email-Based Review
5. Sending a Document for Shared Review
6. Checking for & Replying to Comments
7. Using the Review Tracker
8. Merging, Importing & Summarizing Comments
1. Accessibility Setup, Full Check & Report
2. Adjust Language Settings & Tag PDF for Accessibility
3. The Acrobat Read Out Loud Options
1. Indexing
2. Creating a New Batch Sequence
1. Using
2. Using Collaborate Live
3. Using ConnectNow
4. Using Buzzword®
1. 3D
2. Preflight
3. Attaching a PDF to an Email
4. The Typewriter Tool
5. Enabling Usage Rights in Adobe Reader®
6. Digital Signatures
7. Redaction
8. Organizer
9. Screen Capture on Mac®
10. Final Comments & Credits

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