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Overview TRIM is a reference model that comprises of all the processes, roles, templates and procedures to ease the service …


TRIM is a reference model that comprises of all the processes, roles, templates and procedures to ease the service management activities of an organisation. This amazing model makes it very convenient for the whole organisation, from the management to the employees, to work together and is regarded as a high quality model that can be the basis for the ISO/IEC 20000 certificate. A qualification on this model can go a great way in your service management career, and this exam in TRIM foundation has been developed exactly for that.

This exam will manifest your knowledge and skills in implementing the TRIM model and will provide you with the right tools to adopt effective service management.

You can now easily take this foundation exam through Study 365 to enhance your qualifications. The main aim of this exam is to test your basic knowledge in the TRIM structure and the core principles of TRIM for service management. This exam will also evaluate if you are competent enough to provide value to your organisation through effective service management. By listing this certificate in your resume, you can successfully demonstrate your knowledge in TRIM model and service management to potential employers.

N.B. We do not provide the course. only the official exam is included in this program

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The amount of commitments which the modern professionals tend to face keep increasing constantly, hence the importance for online education has enhanced. This results in a higher demand for such course providers who offer online courses to learners. Study 365 is an Accredited Examination Organisation, which will be able to provide learners with a competitive advantage over competing institutions. The high quality courses and exams offered tend to provide high value to learners as well and the aspect of learning tends to be more efficient by being accessible to study from your home. Study 365 will make sure that the certification you receive is of high quality and value, with a higher chance of a career development.

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  • Boost job productivity
  • Start implementing ITSM best practice methodologies.
  • Get into terms with the tools to adopt efficient service management from day one

This exam is aimed at individuals who wish to use the TRIM model to ease the service management activities of an organisation

Learners should be age 16 or over, and must have a basic understanding of Maths, English, and ICT.

The format of the exam is as follows:

  • Closed book
  • Duration – 45 minutes

Successful learners will be awarded the TRIM Foundation exam certificate

OpenTRIM is an awarding body that develops, manages and operates qualifications in best practice and methodologies. It has earned a reputation for providing high quality support services for learning, employment and skills for life. A qualification from this awarding body will demonstrate a high level of skill and is a guaranteed way to stand apart from the others in the industry.

This exam certificate will improve your eligibility for a number of jobs in the IT service management industry. You can also use this certificate to expand your education in the area or to make significant progress within the industry. Listed below are some of the jobs this certificate will benefit you in, along with the average UK salary per annum according to,

  • Service Manager – £35,608 per annum
  • Project Manager, IT – £42,157 per annum
  • IT Support Technician – £18,988 per annum
  • Service Desk Manager – £32,897 per annum
  • IT Operations Manager – £45,215 per annum

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    A highly recommended exam for professionals in the service management industry. You are sure to find this course very engaging and worthwhile and the certificate was also from a recognised body

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