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Penetration Testing 2019 – Printed Version


A guide for business and IT managers

By (author) Nick FurneauxJims MarchangRob EllisJason CharalambousMoinuddin ZakiPeter TaylorRoderick DouglasFelix RyanCeri CharltonGemma MooreTylor RobinsonSharif Gardner Edited by James Hayes

Dimensions: 244x170mm

Publication date: 11 Sep 2019

ISBN: 9781780174082


Penetration testing is the attempt to professionally break in to an organisation’s systems by exploiting any vulnerabilities, with the goal of determining whether an organisation’s IT systems and resources are secure. As hackers and would-be cyber attackers become increasingly more brazen, penetration testing has become an essential practice. This BCS guide for business and IT managers, developed in collaboration with CREST, explains the process of penetration testing and the benefits it brings. With contributions from practising penetration testers and information security experts, the book brings together a wide range of expertise, insight, and tips for setting up a penetration testing programme, maintaining it, and responding to the results of penetration tests.


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