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Overview Certified Blockchain Professional – The era of digital transformation is upon us. There is a growing demand for blockchain …


Certified Blockchain Professional – The era of digital transformation is upon us. There is a growing demand for blockchain professionals and the last few years have proven this much to be true. Business professionals can for the very first time become certified Blockchain Professionals with an introduction of a new programme to support the demand for skilled Blockchain Professionals. The Certified Blockchain Professional Training Programme is for aspiring and current Business Professionals and Developers. The programme’s primary focus is to ensure industry professionals are kept ahead of the industry requirements in blockchain technology.

Blockchain has become popular across a wide spectrum of industries such as finance, insurance, healthcare, media and logistics just to name a few. The programme will provide an in-depth overview of blockchain technology and how to implement it in the real world. Some of the key fundamentals participants will learn about are technology fundamentals, understanding of distributed and decentralised systems and cryptography. Learn about cryptocurrencies and the mechanism behind it, understand how to use Ethereum and develop applications and explore blockchain solutions and frameworks.

This programme is designed by professionals for professionals. It is with the mission that corporate growth is facilitated by business professionals with the concept of scalable and sustainable blockchain development. It is an extensive programme that digs deep into distributed ledger technology (DLT) with the focus on digital transformations of organisations.

Learners will study three phases namely, Development, Implementation and Strategy. In each of these phases key modules will be explored and discussed extensively including blockchain fundamentals, blockchain solutions implementation and blockchain sustainability.

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  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of cryptography and cryptocurrencies
  • Learn about distributed ledgers, smart contracts and decentralisation
  • Enhance your ability to build powerful and completely secure decentralised applications to create smart contracts using Ethereum
  • Enhance your own innovative ideas to solve scalability issues and industry adoption
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of theoretical and technical knowledge of blockchain technology
  • Have a clear understanding of technical principles of blockchain technology
  • What is the blockchain technology mechanism behind cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin
  • Learn through practical examples the use of cryptography to secure data
  • Understand blockchain implementation and commercialisation strategies
  • Learn the fundamentals of smart contracts and relevant development frameworks

The Blockchain Professional Training meets global standards in blockchain technology and is the first of its kind. This programme is offered with the goal to help business professionals to gain relevant and practical digital skills. The course was designed for aspiring professionals to master blockchain technology and understand its impact on businesses. It is a highly practical course that lays emphasis on the current and future potential of blockchain technology.

  • Have a basic and fundamental understanding of cryptocurrencies.
  • Be proficient at least in one programming language. Blockchain’s API supports six programming languages (Django, Python, HTML, C++JavaScript, Node).
  • Have relevant experience in transacting with Bitcoin and Ether. This will help you understand organisational needs more effectively.
  • Current and aspiring business tech executives
  • Professionals who want to understand blockchain technology principles
  • Full Stack Developers

Exam Details

The exam tests on 12 twelve sections. It is a 70-question multiple-choice exam and is a performance-based evaluation of blockchain technology skills and knowledge.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Once qualified, you will be awarded the Certified Blockchain Professional Certification by EC-Council.

EC-Council is a global leader in creating information security trainings and certification programmes. EC-Council operates in 145 countries and is widely recognised for developing Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Security Analyst amongst a range of courses and programmes. They are proud to have trained information security professionals globally and influenced the mindset of organisations around the world. Their primary goal is to certify individuals and organisations in information security skills.

Blockchain Professionals are in high demand, as the advantage of blockchain technology is to ensure there is complete transparency and security in real-time data. The past years have seen the demand for professionals with fundamental knowledge in blockchain technology skyrocket, opening the door to enjoying an exciting and rewarding career in the industry. It is a highly positive market and qualifying as a Blockchain Professional will get you the recognition you deserve and high salary prospects.

Course Curriculum

1: Blockchain Fundamentals
Introduction to Blockchain Technology
Crypto Assets
Blockchain Mining
Sustainable Blockchain
Open Source Blockchain Frameworks
2: Applications of Blockchain Technology
Etherium : The Foundation of DApps
Decentralized Applications (DApps)
AI and Blockchain
Impact on Industry
Industry Use Cases
IoT and Blockchain (BoT)
3: Blockchain Project Implementation
Building Private Networks with Ethereum and Solidity
Writing Smart Contracts and Monitoring Blockchain Networks (Block Explorer)
4: Advanced Blockchain Development
Scalable Blockchain
Security in Blockchain
Blockchain as a Service
Open Research Problems in Blockchain

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    B M

    Brook May

    June 24, 2020
    Covers the basics

    This course covers the basics of solidity from both practical and theoretical point of view and is a good starting point.

    L W

    Leslie West

    June 24, 2020
    Good learning

    The course was tough, but learning quotient was high as well.

    R A

    Rory Atkinson

    May 20, 2020
    Lovely course

    Loved this course. This course just put me in the right direction of designing and building blockchain based bussiness logic.

    H H

    Hayden Hawkins

    May 16, 2020
    Awesome course

    Awesome course with all the hands on tool and tips with perfect amount of pace and exercises to teach a student enough to be able to converse and understand the language of Blockchain.

    R B

    Rowan Barrett

    May 04, 2020
    Enjoyable course

    I enjoyed the learning journey and I will also suggest it to my friends. The best way to master this stuff and get better is to do more work that the minimal required.

    A D

    Ali Davidson

    May 01, 2020
    Great information

    Very good experience, I found a lot of information and sources to improve my knowledge.

    R S

    Rowan Stevens

    April 24, 2020
    Thorough course

    This course gave me a thorough understanding of cryptography and cryptocurrencies.

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