Professional Diploma in UX Design

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180 Days Access
Awarded by UX Design Institute
University credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University Credits
Online, Self-paced with Live Support and Mentoring
Career Guidance Included
UX Webinars Included
Develop UX Portfolio
Tutor Support

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Designing Tomorrow’s Digital Landscape

“31-91% of first impressions of a website state it’s due to its design.”


The Professional Diploma in UX Design is an industry-standard qualification recognised by employers and hiring managers. This University credit-rated design course is a stand-out certification for aspiring designers to gain in-depth knowledge of UX design. The course is developed by professionals and validated by experts.  It meets the highest educational standard, which means it undergoes a rigorous process. It is a university-backed education that partners with Glasgow Caledonian University. These standards represent a globally accepted mark of quality and are a part of the European Qualifications Framework.

The Professional Diploma in UX Design, an internationally-recognised qualification, is allocated 30 credits at Level 8 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. This professional certificate is developed in conjunction with UX hiring managers. The Industry Advisory Council has set a globally recognised standard for its educational programmes. The Council is made up of design leaders, technology industry employers, and recruiters who oversee to ensure the courses are current and up-to-date. Employers recruiting UX designers are confident to know qualified learners have job-ready skills. The courses have been validated by top-notch companies such as Virgin Media, Intercom, Dell, SAP, and more. Additionally, global technology companies including Google, Meta, Hubspot, Dentsu, LinkedIn, Smartbox, and Verizon Connect employ UX-certified professionals.


The course is delivered in monthly batches, with learners required to select their preferred date from the available options. Each batch occurs once every month. The course duration is six months, and learners will gain access to the course on the start date.


Transforming Beyond Boundaries

The Professional Diploma in UX Design features an industry-leading curriculum. Learners are equipped to think like a UX designer, master design principles, excel in user research, develop prototypes, build seamless interactions, and collaborate to improve confidence in UX and be ready for exciting career prospects. The curriculum consists of 11 modules and focuses on the introduction to UX design, analysing research data, defining navigation, creating better software, increasing the design’s usability, and structuring a portfolio to demonstrate your skills. Meanwhile, learners become fully versed in industry tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch, enabling them to apply their practical skills in a job right away.


Practical course work is a key factor in UX Design;

  • 16 projects covering essential UX elements.
  • Each project involves researching, designing, and prototyping a website or mobile application.
  • Craft a well-developed portfolio of your work.
  • Receive support and expert feedback.
  • Enjoy weekly, multiple mentor-led workshops.

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  • £1949.00
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Course Curriculum

What You will Learn

Professional Diploma in UX Design - Session Registration
Professional Diploma in UX Design – Session Registration
Module 1 - Introduction to UX Design
Module 2 - User Research
Module 3 - Analysis Techniques
Module 4 - Structure and Navigation
Module 5 - Interactions
Module 6 - Design Principles
Module 7 - Design Patterns
Module 8 - Mobile UX
Module 9 - Workflows
Module 10 - Prototyping and Wireframing
Module 11 - Creating your Portfolio
Exam - 2-hour Online Exam
Awarding Organisation

UX Design Institute

UX Design Institute’s mission is to offer a world-class education to the next generation of UX professionals and leaders. Their courses are developed in collaboration with industry experts to ensure the content is not only up to date but also aligned with the latest trends and best practices in UX design. Individuals will receive accredited certifications from the UX Design Institute. The certifications are recognised and respected in the industry, serving as a valuable credential on your professional journey.

Who is this Course For?

Become a Skilled Professional

  • UX Designers
  • Product Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Graphic Designers
Learning Outcomes

Mastering the Material

  • Develop a strong foundation in fundamental UX principles, including user research, information architecture, and interaction design.
  • Acquire the skills to translate your creative ideas into tangible designs and prototypes.
  • Develop the skills to create responsive designs.
  • Gain insights into designing for various devices and screen sizes.
  • Gain a valuable credential to showcase your expertise in the field.
Entry Requirements

Course Prerequisites

  • There are no formal prerequisites to enrol for this course.

Professional Diploma in UX Design

Upon completing of the course, individuals will be awarded the Professional Diploma in UX Design by UX Design Institute.

Method of Assessment

Online Exam

Exam format:
  • Submit a series of real-world projects.
  • There is a 2-hour online exam which tests your knowledge. 

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  • £1949.00
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Career Progression

Build Your Career with UX Design

79% of graduates of the Professional Diploma in UX Design lands jobs in UX. The training builds their confidence and gives learners a true, deep understanding of UX design, which enables individuals to ace their job interviews. The certification is validated by experts, which makes a learner a serious candidate with a genuine education. This university credit-rated qualification showcases employers that you are job-ready for real-world projects.

Here are some career prospects you can pursue, along with the average UK salary per annum (approximately) according to Glassdoor. 

  • Product Designer

  • Web Developer

  • UX Designer

Students Sayings

Learners Share their Success Stories

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Frequently Asked Questions

We Offered Solutions to Your Questions

There are no strict prerequisites, learners of all levels and varying skills are welcome. However, you need to be comfortable learning in English. All video lessons, course materials, webinars, correspondence, and the final exam are delivered in English.
Yes. This diploma is designed for beginners and those looking to enhance their skills in UX design.
While access to design tools like Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD is beneficial, we provide guidance on acquiring and using these tools throughout the course.
You will engage in a variety of hands-on projects, including wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing, allowing you to apply theoretical concepts in practical scenarios.
Your progress will be assessed through a combination of projects and an online final 2-hour exam.
Yes, learners will receive guidance on developing a professional UX design portfolio. The output will be a portfolio of work that will showcase your skills and experience in UX.
Yes, if you want to. Each course is limited to a maximum of 75 people. This allows you to build relationships with your fellow students on a dedicated Slack channel and collaborate on projects and study time.
Learners are offered instalment options, if required. Speak to a career advisor on the available payment plans.
This course equips you with the skills and knowledge sought after in the UX design industry, making you a competitive candidate for roles such as UX designer, UI designer, or interaction designer.
Yes, the course includes opportunities for networking with tutors, industry professionals, and fellow students.
It’s highly unlikely that AI will replace the need for UX designers. UX is far too reliant on the human touch. Empathy will always be number one when it comes to designing user-friendly products.
Yes. All our mentors are top class UX professionals with many years of experience working in the field. Our mentors host weekly webinars and will be available during these live sessions to answer questions, review projects and keep you motivated.
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