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Agile & Project Management

Learn how organisations can launch applications and functionalities quicker and more effectively through Agile & Project Management guides. Some of the greatest benefits of Agile can be found right here in these publications to help improve productivity, build a better team spirit and enhance business-IT alignment.

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Business Analysis

Focus on best practices and achieve business objectives collectively with these ultimate Business Analysis guides. Learn how to derive maximum profitability for businesses of various scopes and sizes. Learn how industries can grow and stay competitive in the 21st century.

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Cyber Security

As one of the most concerning issues of today, there is a need to protect individuals and organisations. In a digitally-centred world, and cyber-attacks have never been more of a pertinent subject. Be equipped with the tools and software on how to safeguard and protect vital and sensitive information, and prepare against malicious threats.

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Digital Business & Innovation

Learn to be a part of digital transformation. Digital innovation can create growth and navigate opportunities in this highly competitive global economy. Become a master at executing your digital strategies and gain a competitive advantage.

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Data Management & Analytics

Covering key areas of data management, you will explore challenges and address solutions for future development. Brush up on best practices, data analysis tools, techniques and methods in data management.

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Digital Marketing & Business Skills

Become effective and efficient in digital marketing and acquire the skills and expertise you need to stay ahead of the digital world. Learn useful digital marketing channels, tools, practices and frameworks to measure successful digital marketing campaigns.

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Education & General Interest

Explore a variety of titles from computer science to information technology, development of digital computers and technical training management that encompass skills and knowledge to be effective in one’s pursuit of academics.

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Governance & Compliance

Explore direct governance of enterprise IT, Agile governance and relevant legal frameworks with actual cases and examples. Discuss IT-related legal issues, legal concepts and terminology and how to build internal compliance strategies. These are practical guides on how to create robust governance for organisations.

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Information Systems & Cloud

Learn the practical elements of creating and maintaining information systems. Gain a comprehensive understanding of cloud, how it will evolve to in the future, and learn to deliver the best outcome for organisations. There are handy reference guides for those already in the field.

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IT Service Management

Learn the essentials of IT service management, the practices and concepts and the changes that impact IT services, and thus, the business of an organisation. Understand the tools, frameworks and standards, describe the role of change manager, and the skills and purpose for career progression.

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Leadership & Management

How do you become an effective manager that stays on top of the game? Learn to become a better leader, motivate teams, resolve conflicts and communicate across cultures. Develop leadership capabilities so that it can benefit the team, customers and the organisation. Learn through real-life examples and enhance your professional value.

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Software Development & Coding

Understand relevant skills and competencies with a pragmatic viewpoint to software development. Acquire tools and practical knowledge on how to progress within this world. Learn the essentials of coding and get a head-start to becoming an effective software developer.

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Software Testing & QA

Understand testing fundamentals and gain insight into software testing, basics of the testing process and the different techniques of effective tests. Acquire the skills, techniques and exercises to test your knowledge and take them to the next level.

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