MSP® Foundation & Practitioner Official Certification Package

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Overview The MSP® Foundation & MSP® Practitioner Certification Exams provides a well-known and proven framework of program management that tends …


The MSP® Foundation & MSP® Practitioner Certification Exams provides a well-known and proven framework of program management that tends to help organize diverse programs into projects which are related to each other. It will also make sure that you really understand the MSP guidance well and are able to apply this effectively to the work which you do as a program management member of your company. These examinations will help you to be responsible in managing, leading, advising and supporting the work which take place within an MSP environment in any business. This exam package will be a great opportunity for you to demonstrate the level of knowledge and the understanding which you possess in terms of the MSP framework and how to apply it in practical aspects.

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) is a practice which is involved with the program management aspect of organisations. Learners can identify how the program management tools could be effectively utilised in order to effectively implement transformational change to the diverse business processes involved. This exam package will be highly useful to learners since this is a framework currently being adopted in many companies. Therefore the value that you will receive by this exam package will be great for your career.

N.B. We do not provide the course. only the official exam is included in this program

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The amount of commitments which the modern professionals tend to face keep increasing constantly, hence the importance for online education has enhanced. This results in a higher demand for such course providers who offer online courses to learners. Study 365 is an Accredited Examination Organisation, which will be able to provide learners with a competitive advantage over competing institutions. The high quality courses and exams offered tend to provide high value to learners as well and the aspect of learning tends to be more efficient by being accessible to study from your home. Study 365 will make sure that the certification you receive is of high quality and value, with a higher chance of a career development.

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By completing this examination in a successful manner, you would be able to;

  • Understand the principles, governance themes and the transformational flow involved in the MSP framework
  • Learn how large, complex change can be broken down into manageable, inter-related projects
  • Be responsible for managing, leading, advising and supporting the work which take place within an MSP environment in any business
  • Be capable of applying the MSP guidance in a relatively uncomplicated programme within an environment that uses MSP

These exams would be excellent for;

  • Project Managers
  • Members of a Programme Office (PO)
  • Business change team members
  • Project delivery team members
  • Anyone who needs to understand the terminology and concepts underpinning MSP
  • those wishing to pursue higher level certifications (e.g. programme managers, business change managers (BCMs) and senior responsible owners (SROs)


The Foundation course requires that learners have a basic understanding of the Program Management Principles


The Practitioner course requires that learners have a current MSP® Foundation Certificate

The examination format would be as follows;


  • Multiple choice questions
  • 75 questions per paper with one mark available per question
  • Five questions to be trial and not counted in scores
  • 35 marks required to pass (out of 70 marks available) - 50%
  • 60 minutes’ duration
  • Closed book


  • Objective testing
  • Eight questions per paper, 80 marks available in total
  • 40 marks required to pass - 50%
  • Two-and-a-half hours’ duration
  • Open book exam. Only the official printed hard copy of the Managing Successful Programmes Guide is allowed.
  • A printed PDF of the official manual or a digital PDF of the official manual on a personal device, is not allowed in an exam environment.
  • The official manual may be annotated and tabulated but no sticky notes and loose leaf papers containing additional notes will be allowed

Upon the successful completion of the exam, learners will be awarded the MSP® Foundation Certification & MSP® Practitioner Certification issued by AXELOS.

This PeopleCert and AXELOS accredited Exam is provided by Imperial Learning (ATO 3391).

Once you have passed the examination successfully, you will receive your certificate from Axelos. Axelos offers a qualification which is recognized globally and known for the best practices offered as well. This level of certification will enhance your CV further and help potential employers to view you as an individual motivated to expand your existing skills and knowledge further.

Learn the processes involved in the project lifecycle by taking these exams. Understand the relevant program management certifications by taking this exam and understand how you can break down large projects into different segments and make it easier for organizations to keep track of such projects. A career with bright prospects awaits you with the completion of this exam package. According to, some of the key job positions along with the average UK salary per annum you can go for after completing those exams will be as follows.

  • Change Analyst - £28,062 per annum
  • Change Manager - £41,248 per annum
  • Change Management Consultant - £44,480 per annum
  • Change Agent - £36,724 per annum
  • Project Manager - £38,362 per annum
  • Project Manager, Operations - £36,605 per annum
  • Senior Project Manager, IT - £60,179 per annum
  • Program Manager, IT - £64,945 per annum
  • Project and Programme Office staff - £23,431 per annum
  • Project Appraiser - £38,362 per annum
  • Programme Managers - £64,945 per annum


ITIL®, RESILIA™, PRINCE2®, MoV®, MSP® and the Swirl logo™ are registered trade marks of the AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS. All rights reserved.

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