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Become a Certified PRINCE2® Practitioner

Why is PRINCE2® still a game-changer in project management? The 7th edition has evolved since the previous version in 2017. While the core of PRINCE2® has stayed the same, the principles, processes, and practices that make up the lifecycle have progressed to meet the demands of digital management, Agile ways of working, and speed of change. Project managers have much to benefit from the 7th edition. PRINCE2® will equip project professionals with the tools and knowledge to manage projects in this rapidly changing environment.


Why do PRINCE2® 7 Practitioner?

The purpose of this course is to transition seamlessly from foundation level to certified project professional. The training will cover the advanced concepts and terminology of the existing methodology to enhance the flexibility and effectiveness of PRINCE2®across any project. PRINCE2®7 will also introduce the integration of people, sustainability, and digital data which are key to successful projects.

What is special about PRINCE2® 7th Edition Practitioner Course with Official Exam? What makes this stand out from earlier versions? This newest update, which incorporates significant improvements and changes, is outlined below.


  • Priority on Tailoring
    The earlier versions tended to be rigid. PRINCE2® 7 consists of more flexibility and guides the project manager on how to adhere to specific project requirements.

  • Addition to Principles
    PRINCE2® 7 has introduced four new principles including continued business justification, defined roles and responsibilities, manage by stages, and learn from experience.

  • Well-Defined Business Case
    PRINCE2® 7 accentuates the need for a distinct business case that outlines a project’s reasons, costs, benefits, and risks.

  • Risk Theme
    Risk management is reintroduced as the risk theme. This theme allows project teams to identify, assess, and manage risks, and proactively recognise potential issues, and place appropriate measures to minimise them.


Study365 offers individuals the opportunity to learn from a PRINCE2® expert who is highly knowledgeable and experienced in this field. Study365 provides PeopleCert training materials and interactive video tutorials to aid further learning. Each module comes with a quiz, where individuals can assess their progress and deepen their understanding. Additionally, the tutor will discuss two sample practice papers, ensuring learners are fully prepared to take the PRINCE2® Practitioner official exam. Furthermore, individuals have access to additional materials and in-depth discussions through practical case studies, real-world scenarios, and webinars on PRINCE2® 7. There are several research-backed benefits to your career when you’re certified as a PRINCE2® Practitioner to take on leadership roles in the industry.


Please note:

  • The learner will receive the Exam Voucher once the Exam Booking is Requested.
  • Learners on an instalment plan will receive the Exam Voucher upon paying the total amount.

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  • £899.00
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Why Study365?

Take Your Career to the Next Level with Study365 

Study365 stands as a highly regarded learning platform, renowned for its accreditation and provision of vocational and professional courses. Our wide array of training caters to students from all corners of the globe, making us a preferred choice among learners worldwide. With a commitment to excellence, we have earned a solid reputation as a reliable provider of vocational and professional education. Here at Study365, we provide the best path to achieving internationally recognised certifications. The PRINCE2® 7th Edition Practitioner Certification is respected worldwide as a standard for project management excellence.

  • PeopleCert (AXELOS) Accredited Training Materials.  
  • Learn from an Industry Expert, PeopleCert (AXELOS) Accredited Training Organisation (ATO). 
  • Interactive Video Tutorials from an Industry Expert. 
  • Live Simulated Time-based Two Sample Practice Papers.
  • Additional Tutorials and Discussions.
  • Practical Case Studies and Scenario Discussions.  
  • Opportunity to attend FREE Instructor led live Webinars for a Q&A as part of Tutor Support.
  • Excellent Customer Support from our Professional Customer Service Team.
Course Curriculum

What You will Learn

Getting Started
Getting Started 00:02:00
Lecture Note – Getting Started
Prince2® Overview
1.1 PRINCE2® Overview FREE 00:04:00
Lecture Note – PRINCE2® Overview
Preparing for Success
2.1 Preparing for Success 00:03:00
Lecture Note – Preparing for Success
2.2 PRINCE2® Foundation (Recap) 00:24:00
PRINCE2® Foundation (Recap)
2.3 Practitioner Overview 00:07:00
Practitioner Overview
2.4 PRINCE2® Core Concepts Refresh FREE 00:14:00
PRINCE2® Core Concepts Refresh
The PRINCE2® Practitioner Workshop
3.1 The PRINCE2® Practitioner Workshop 00:03:00
Lecture Note – The PRINCE2® Practitioner Workshop
PRINCE2® Principles
4.1 PRINCE2® Principles 00:01:00
Lecture Note – PRINCE2® Principles
4.2 Knowledge Check 00:21:00
Knowledge Check
5.1 People 00:04:00
Lecture Note – People
5.2 Knowledge Check 00:12:00
Knowledge Check
6.1 Organising 00:08:00
Lecture Note – Organising
6.2 Knowledge Check 00:09:00
Knowledge Check
Business Case
7.1 Business Case 00:06:00
Lecture Note – Business Case
7.2 Knowledge Check 00:04:00
Knowledge Check
8.1 Processes 00:01:00
Lecture Note – Processes
Starting up a Project
9.1 Starting up a Project 00:04:00
Lecture Note – Starting up a Project
9.2 Knowledge Check 00:03:00
Knowledge Check
Directing a Project
10.1 Directing a Project 00:02:00
Lecture Note – Directing a Project
10.2 Knowledge Check 00:03:00
Knowledge Check
Initiating a Project
11.1 Initiating a Project 00:05:00
Lecture Note – Initiating a Project
11.2 Knowledge Check 00:02:00
Knowledge Check
12.1 Plans 00:04:00
Lecture Note – Plans
12.2 Knowledge Check 00:06:00
Knowledge Check
13.1 Quality 00:08:00
Lecture Note – Quality
13.2 Knowledge Check 00:04:00
Knowledge Check
14.1 Risk 00:07:00
Lecture Note – Risk
14.2 Knowledge Check 00:04:00
Knowledge Check
15.1 Issues 00:05:00
Lecture Note – Issues
15.2 Knowledge Check 00:06:00
Knowledge Check
16.1 Progress 00:04:00
Lecture Note – Progress
16.2 Knowledge Check 00:04:00
Knowledge Check
Controlling a Stage
17.1 Controlling a Stage 00:05:00
Lecture Note – Controlling a Stage
17.2 Knowledge Check 00:04:00
Knowledge Check
Managing Product Delivery
18.1 Managing Product Delivery 00:02:00
Lecture Note – Managing Product Delivery
18.2 Knowledge Check 00:06:00
Knowledge Check
Managing a Stage Boundary
19.1 Managing a Stage Boundary 00:04:00
Lecture Note – Managing a Stage Boundary
19.2 Knowledge Check 00:05:00
Knowledge Check
Closing a Project
20.1 Closing a Project 00:03:00
Lecture Note – Closing a Project
20.2 Knowledge Check 00:04:00
Knowledge Check
Course Review
21.1 Course Review 00:03:00
Lecture Note – Course Review
The PRINCE2® Practitioner Sample Papers
Mock Exam: PRINCE2® Practitioner 7th Edition – Sample Paper 1 02:30:00
Mock Exam: PRINCE2® Practitioner 7th Edition – Sample Paper 2 02:30:00
PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam Rational – Sample Paper 2 01:51:00
Exam Preparation Hints and Tips
Exam Preparation Hints and Tips 00:03:00
Additional Materials
Additional Materials
Official Exam Booking
PeopleCert – Official Exam Booking
Meet the Tutor

Meet an Industry Expert  

Dr. Franklin Folahan _Study365

Dr. Franklin Folahan

Dr. Franklin Folahan _Study365

Dr. Franklin Folahan has a wealth of experience and passion in project management. With a proven track record of successfully directing multi-million-pound projects and ensuring timely delivery against set plans, he is excited to engage with individuals eager to embrace the intricate world of project management.

Throughout his career, he has navigated the complexities of projects, overseeing projects from conception to completion. His expertise spans various sectors, from contributing to the Department of Education to collaborating with industry giants like Siemens. He has successfully delivered diverse projects, including GDPR implementation and lean process optimisation for a UK-based light manufacturing company. Dr. Franklin Folahan has a BA in Law and a Ph.D. in Project and Portfolio Management. Additionally, as a qualified professional he is equipped to deliver training in project management qualifications such as PRINCE2®, Agile PM, Agile BA, Scrum, PRINCE2® Agile, and Lean Six Sigma.

Awarding Organisation


Founded in 2013, AXELOS has emerged as a collaborative endeavour between the UK's Cabinet Office and Capita PLC. Serving as a prominent global authority in fostering optimal workplace methodologies, AXELOS holds accountability for renowned approaches like PRINCE2®, ITIL® 4, and MSP®. Catering to diverse industries and individuals, AXELOS offers comprehensive training and certification in over 200 countries and 23 languages. Their well-established guidance remains instrumental in unlocking worldwide potential. By aligning with AXELOS, you position yourself at the forefront of advancement. Evidenced by a staggering 97% of organisations and 84% of individuals, AXELOS certifications undeniably yield a positive and transformative influence. 

Who is this Course For?

Become a Skilled Professional

  • Project Managers 
  • Programme Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • PMP Analyst
  • PMO Support
  • Change Manager
  • Head of PMO
  • Head of Operations
Learning Outcomes

Mastering the Material

  • Acquire the skills to effectively tailor the PRINCE2® framework to different project environments. 
  • Master advanced project planning techniques within the PRINCE2® framework. 
  • Develop expertise in identifying, assessing, and managing risks throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Demonstrate the ability to seamlessly integrate and manage all seven PRINCE2® processes.
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance project management practices.
  • Develop critical thinking skills to make informed decisions within the PRINCE2® framework.
Entry Requirements

Course Prerequisites

  • Learners should complete the PRINCE2® Foundation 7th Edition Certification or equivalent project professional qualification.

PRINCE2® 7th Edition Practitioner Certificate

Upon completion of the official exam, individuals will be awarded the PRINCE2® 7 Practitioner Certification by AXELOS.

How will I be Assessed?

Online-Proctored Official Exam by AXELOS  

Exam format:
  • Objective Testing  
  • 70 Questions
  • 42 Marks Required (out of 70 available) to Pass
  • 150 Minutes Duration (2.5 hours)
  • 60% Pass Mark
  • Open Book Exam  

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Career Path

Achieve Excellence with PRINCE2® Practitioner

The PRINCE2® 7 Practitioner Certification is a highly valuable qualification that charts a path toward a rewarding career. This credential highlights an individual’s deep understanding of the PRINCE2® methodology and their ability to skillfully guide projects toward effective outcomes. The widespread popularity of PRINCE2® opens doors to exciting job opportunities across diverse industries. Certified practitioners can look forward to engaging in dynamic and lucrative professional environments, where they play an active role in being part of a project team.

Here are some career prospects you can pursue, along with the average UK salary per annum (approximately) according to Glassdoor. 

  • Head of Operations

  • Head of PMO

  • Risk Manager

  • Change Manager

  • Programme Manager

  • Product Owner

  • Project Manager

Students Sayings

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Frequently Asked Questions

We Offered Solutions to Your Questions

PRINCE2® is a widely used project management framework that provides a structured approach for effective project management.
The PRINCE2® 7th Edition Practitioner Certification is an advanced level certification that validates a professional's ability to apply and tailor the PRINCE2® framework to real-world project scenarios.
This certification is ideal for project managers, programme managers, project coordinators, and project staff.
The 7th Edition introduces updates including streamlined processes, increased flexibility, and a renewed focus on tailoring the methodology to suit the needs of different projects.
PRINCE2® Foundation provides a fundamental understanding of the framework, while PRINCE2® Practitioner assesses the ability to apply and customise PRINCE2® concepts in real-world projects.
Preparation involves studying the accredited materials, attending training at Study365, and taking practice exams.
The PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification should be renewed once every three years, according to PeopleCert.
Yes, PRINCE2® is a flexible framework designed to be tailored for various project types and sizes.
PRINCE2® incorporates a dedicated theme for risk management. It provides tools and techniques to identify, assess, and manage risks throughout the project lifecycle.
PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification enhances your project management skills, making you more valuable to employers. It opens up opportunities for leadership roles and demonstrates your ability to manage projects effectively.
While prior project management experience is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification builds upon the foundational concepts covered in the PRINCE2® Foundation level, so having some familiarity with project management principles is required.
To prepare for the PRINCE2® 7th Edition Practitioner Certification, individuals should begin by reviewing the official PRINCE2® manual, which serves as the primary reference guide. Furthermore, engage in discussions with our expert tutor at Study365 who can provide valuable insights and perspectives to effectively prepare for this course.
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