PRINCE2® Practitioner Course + Exam

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Overview Would you like an advantage over your competition? Look no further that the PRINCE2® Practitioner Course and exam from …


Would you like an advantage over your competition?

Look no further that the PRINCE2® Practitioner Course and exam from Study 365. This certification is globally recognised and is an invaluable asset to your career as it increases employment prospects and helps you do your job more effectively. Using PRINCE2® project management gives you greater control of resources, and the ability to manage business and project risk more effectively. As you can see, this qualification is extremely useful, and will hugely enhance your CV, maybe even improving chances of a promotion.

This course package includes PRINCE2® Practitioner course and official exam. As this package include the Practitioner level exam, you will not have to pay extra to take the exam. Those who successfully complete both exams will receive the Official PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner certificates.

Learning with Study 365 has many advantages. The course material is delivered straight to you, and can be adapted to fit in with your lifestyle. It is created by experts within the industry, meaning you are receiving accurate information, which is up-to-date and easy to understand. A personal tutor will provide guidance and support whenever you need it.

PRINCE2® is a (registered) Trade Mark of Axelos Limited. All rights reserved.

Please Note:

  • The learner will receive the Exam Vouchers once the Exam Booking is Requested.
  • Learners on an instalment plan will receive the Exam Vouchers upon paying the total amount.

Why you should take this Training Package at Study365?

Study365 is a leading online education provider for a number of accredited organisations. We offer learners the opportunity to take this exclusive PRINCE2® Practitioner Course + Exam awarded by AXELOS. We provide a variety of unique benefits for learners that register with us for this all-in-one package. 

  •  You receive complete attention and excellent support from our expert tutors
  • You receive a FREE Scrum and Agile Essentials course which adds up to 12 CPD hours to enhance your portfolio 
  • FREE Exam preparation webinar that helps you face the PRINCE2® Exam confidently 
  • You can look forward to special benefits and discounts on future purchases from Study365
  • Eligibility for a TOTUM Discount card and Student ID card. With access to these, you can look forward to gaining access to retail stores, the library, cinemas, gym memberships, and your favourite restaurants!
  • Why PRINCE2® ?
  •  Who is it for?
  • Course Description
  • Method of Assessment
  • Entry Requirements
  • Certification
  • Career Path
  • How does our online training package work?
  • It is globally recognised professional qualification.
  • It increases your salary to over £50,000 per year.
  • It focuses on the processes, roles and principles involved in effective project management.
  • It gives you the ability to manage business and project risk more effectively.
  • It is a great asset for your CV.
  • It is the world’s most widely used project management method.
  • It provides you with greater control of resources.
  • It will give you common system, procedures and language when you use it in your projects.
  • PRINCE2® certification valid across industries in worldwide.
  • It provides you vital knowledge and insights into a process based approach to managing projects and tasks.

PRINCE2® Practitioner Level: 

  • Suitable for those managing projects within a PRINCE2® environment
  • Suitable for those who have already taken Foundation Level examinations

The training received in the PRINCE2® Practitioner course will prepare you for the following exam modules:

PRINCE2® Practitioner: 

  • Course Introduction
  • PRINCE2®  Overview and Concepts
  • PRINCE2®  Processes
  • PRINCE2®  Components
  • PRINCE2®  Techniques
  • PRINCE2®  Case Study
  • PRINCE2®  Exam Technique
  • PRINCE2®  Foundation Exam Simulator
  • PRINCE2®  Practitioner Exam Simulator
  • PRINCE2®  Practitioner Exam Questions

PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam Format:

  • Objective testing
  • 68 questions per paper
  • 38 marks or more required to pass (out of 68 available): approximately 55%
  • Two-and-a-half hours’ (150 minutes) duration, no additional reading time
  • Open book. Candidates are permitted to use the official printed hard copy of the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® 2017 Edition. The official manual may be annotated and tabulated but no sticky notes and loose leaf papers containing additional notes will be allowed.

Due to the impact of the coronavirus, from 13 April 2020 to 30 June 2021 individuals are now permitted to print PDFs for exams and use PDFs or official e-books on a second e-device (portable digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops) during open book exams.

NB : Exam vouchers will be given upon full payment


The following qualifications are also accepted as prerequisites:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation (or higher) - this only applies to certificates obtained after 1 January 2009
  • Project Management Qualification (PMQ)
  • Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • IPMA Level A® (Certified Projects Director)
  • IPMA Level B® (Certified Senior Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level C® (Certified Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level D® (Certified Project Management Associate).

Upon the successful completion of the exam, learners will be awarded the PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification issued by the AXELOS.

This PeopleCert and AXELOS accredited Training is provided by Imperial Learning (ATO 3391).

Upon completing your PRINCE2  Practitioner course you will qualify to be:

  • Project Manager
  • Programme Co-Coordinator

In these roles, you could earn up to £50,000 per annum.

  1. The way the training is run will be online and is a very simple process as follows:
  2. Get through the online training materials and exercises.
  3. Sit for the practice papers/ mock exams.

Get booked in for the Official Exam. We have a 97% first time pass rate.It is a simple procedure. It won’t take long at all and you’ll be supported by our team of mentors whenever you need any assistance.

Our excellent online training package includes a practitioner exam voucher at the end. Enroll on this course today and take control of your career and enhance your future prospects.

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Course Introduction 00:13:00
1: Process Walkthrough
Process Walkthrough 00:43:00
2: Principles
Principles 00:34:00
3: Organisation
Organisation 00:15:00
4: Starting Up a Project
Starting Up a Project 00:40:00
5: Business Case
Business Case 00:23:00
6: Initiating a Project
Initiating a Project 00:59:00
7: Directing a Project
Directing a Project 00:33:00
8: Progress
Progress 00:20:00
9: Plans
Plans 00:27:00
10: Quality
Quality 00:34:00
11: Risks
Risks 00:55:00
12: Change
Change 00:32:00
13: Controlling a Stage
Controlling a Stage 01:00:00
14: Managing Product Delivery
Managing Product Delivery 00:22:00
15: Managing a Stage Boundary
Managing a Stage Boundary 00:35:00
16: Closing a Project
Closing a Project 00:31:00
17: Exam Preparation and Outro
Exam Preparation and Outro 00:13:00
18: Exam Walkthrough
Question 1 00:02:00
Question 2 00:02:00
Question 3 00:03:00
Question 4 00:03:00
Question 5 00:02:00
Question 6 00:02:00
Question 7 00:03:00
Question 8 00:04:00
Question 9,10,11 00:04:00
Question 12 00:01:00
Question 13 00:02:00
Question 14,15,16 00:05:00
Question 17 00:02:00
Question 18 00:02:00
Question 19,20,21 00:04:00
Question 22 00:02:00
Question 23 00:03:00
Question 24,25,26 00:05:00
Question 27 00:04:00
Question 28 00:03:00
Question 29,30,31 00:06:00
Question 32 00:04:00
Question 33 00:03:00
Question 34,35,36 00:04:00
Question 37 00:05:00
Question 38 00:04:00
Question 39,40,41 00:06:00
Question 42 00:05:00
Question 43 00:03:00
Question 44,45,46 00:06:00
Question 47 00:03:00
Question 48,49,50 00:05:00
Question 51 00:04:00
Question 52,53,54 00:04:00
Question 55 00:04:00
Question 56,57,58 00:04:00
Question 59 00:03:00
Question 60 00:02:00
Question 61 00:02:00
Question 62 00:03:00
Question 63 00:03:00
Question 64 00:01:00
Question 65 00:02:00
Question 66 00:02:00
Question 67 00:01:00
Question 68 00:02:00
Additional Materials
Practitioner Syllabus and Exam Specification
Scenario Booklet
Sample Paper 1 – Question Booklet
Sample Paper 2 – Question Booklet
Sample Paper 1 – Answers and rationales
Sample Paper 2 – Answers and rationales
Mock Exam
Scenario Booklet
Mock Exam : PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner Course 00:40:00
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    A F

    Adewale Fadare

    November 03, 2021


    A F

    Adewale Fadare

    November 03, 2021


    E B

    Erin Bradley

    September 09, 2021
    PRINCE2 Practitioner

    5 star course

    J R

    Jagadeesh Rangasamy

    July 01, 2021
    Best Course

    Online recorded video course works out well if you have PM experience. I have gone through the videos twice and did the sample tests twice which took 2 weeks to complete. In parallel, I have gone through the official hand book as well. Yesterday (30th Jun), I have successfully cleared Prince 2 Practitioner exam. More than that, cost is economic as the course includes the exam cost as well. I definitely recommend this course and all the very best.

    Z H

    Zbigniew Husak

    April 12, 2021
    Great training

    Well structured and organised training.

    S H

    Sydney Hart

    September 18, 2019
    Great learning

    Great course and highly I would recommend this course not just for professionals, but anyone that would be involved in the process.

    E M

    Eloise Marsh

    September 05, 2019
    Learned a lot

    I have learned a lot from this course and appreciate how each topic was explained. I will definitely use the knowledge gained from this course and apply it to my job.

    A B

    Ana Booth

    August 18, 2019
    Good platform

    Good course. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to expand their knowledge.

    M M

    Melody Moore

    August 12, 2019
    Useful learning

    It is a very good programme. I am glad I came across it. Good service with quick response for course information.

    M W

    Mike Watson

    April 25, 2019
    Great job

    A great platform. I got to enjoy the privilege of getting both the course and exam certificate at the same time at a very reasonable price. I am impressed by the professionalism of this platform. Keep doing the great job!

    D H

    David Hart

    February 20, 2019
    A Worthwhile Course!

    A worthwhile course. This course is good for career development in the workplace.

    A H

    Andrew Hird

    February 11, 2019
    Highly Recommended

    Would recommend to all my friends and colleagues, this course is just that good. A great experience indeed.



    January 30, 2019
    Amazing Learning Experience

    The modules were rich in content and very subjective, which helped me immensely in completing this course. Amazing learning experience

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