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Our Live Online Classes will cover a range of subjects, explore them below.

Become a Qualified Candidate

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Become a Qualified Candidate

Our Live Online Courses have been created to help you further your career, and we believe that the lectures will be an instrumental part of this. Learners will be able to interact with instructors in real time, which will allow learners to ask questions, and will promote a more open and informative learning environment. If you want the classroom experience, then these courses could be for you.

Expect Nothing But the Best


Make long-distance learning more fun with our tailored approach. The best online classroom or virtual courses use cutting edge technologies like virtual whiteboard, an interactive chat system for student-teacher collaboration, and exposure to advanced learning.

Innovative Learning
Hand On

Boost your engagement and learning with hands-on training that allows you to combine theory with practice and enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Demonstrate your skills in front of your classmates and instructors.

Hands-on Learning
Never Miss Out

Never miss out on any lecture or class by accessing recorded lectures and videos available in you online portal. Learning something new will give you an amazing sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Feel Accomplished
  • Everything at your Fingertips
    Access all online course materials and presentations in one place. This is unlike traditional classroom learning. View live presentations multiple times till you fully grasp concepts.
  • Ask all you Need to Know
    Use the live discussion forum to participate in in-depth discussions related to your questions with flexibility and convenience.
  • Engage in interactive Q&A Sessions
    Engage in interactive and informative live Q&A sessions through online learning platform anywhere, anytime.
  • Choose all/any Desirable Courses In One Window
    Not able to find a desirable course in your area or location? Join Study365 to choose from a plethora of courses/diplomas. Explore endless e-learning opportunities!!
  • Make Friends, Build Network, Have Fun!!
    Meet new amazing international students who are a part of Study365 family. Build and grow your professional network with like-minded learners.
  • Discuss, Discuss! Never Hold Back your Thoughts
    Learn and boost your real world skills by engaging in live discussions with group members. Understand, share, and discuss viewpoints with both teachers and learners.
  • Same Benefits for Every Learner
    During online classes and webinars, each learner will enjoy equal benefits and opportunities to get the best instructions, contents, and trainers.
  • No Hassle, Start Learning Any Subject Quickly
    Learn Sports Coaching, Reiki Techniques, Palm Reading, Strategic Management, and Music Therapy, etc. at the same platform. What better way to learn anything than to travel to a school!!

The magic of virtual learning is that it allows interaction conversations with participants to help students expand their learning and share their viewpoints and questions. There is no difference between an online discussion and a face-to-face talk because our online learning platform ensure impeccable communication using interactive tools.

  • Use the latest interactive communication tools like discussion forums, video chats, voice chats, and you name it to get added benefits of online learning.
  • All the presentations will be delivered by an experienced instructor to the group participants. The content delivery is made using cutting-edge technologies.
  • The learners have the freedom to listen to an audio voiceover conversation of the instructor. Moreover, instructors also utilise PowerPoint slides and video lectures to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system.
  • Online learning is both interactive and stress-free. You can learn a whole new set of communication techniques and have the freedom to participate in polls and surveys to provide your feedback. That helps us to enhance the quality of our online webinars.
  • If needed, learners can request one-on-one conversation session with the instructor to get their queries answered and share their views.
  • Online webinars offer a great opportunity to gain wealth of knowledge. For example, they allow learners to raise their voice and ask questions openly. This helps everyone to gain confidence in raising their voice.
  • The best thing about pre-recorded webinars is that hosts can improve their content and remove mistakes made in the live webinars. You can listen to engaging webinar presentations in either pre-recorded format or through a live session.
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