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Node.js Certification Training

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Certification Training




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Node.js Certification Training

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Live Online (Virtual Learning)

Node.js an open source project was sponsored by a cloud computing and hosting solutions provider, Joyent. The company expanded and invested in the Ruby on Rails framework technology and ended up providing services to social media websites like Twitter and LinkedIn. Joyent also started using the Node.js for its mobile backend and later on tech giants like  Uber, eBay, Walmart, and Netflix along with others adopted the same approach and technology on their applications’ backend as well.

If you’re looking to get into backend web development then learning the Node.js is the right choice and the Node.js Certification Training will teach you the principles and concepts of this useful JavaScript.  The course will teach you the concepts like Express.js, Node Package Manager (npm), Asynchronous Programming, REST API, MongoDB Node.js, CRUD operations, Architecture for Microservices and many more.  Qualifying in this course will set you in the right direction, giving you the opportunity to open the door to new and exciting job roles in backend app development.

When can I start?

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October 16th (5 Weeks) (Sat & Sun) 04:00 PM to 7:00 PM 3 Hours Book Now
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Notified Later 7.00pm - 9.00pm 2 hrs Notified Later

Study 365 is a leading online provider for several accrediting bodies, and provides learners the opportunity to take this exclusive course awarded by Edureka. At Study 365, we give our fullest attention to our learners’ needs and ensure they have the necessary information required to proceed with the Course. Learners who register will be given excellent support, discounts for future purchases and be eligible for a TOTUM Discount card and Student ID card with amazing offers and access to retail stores, the library, cinemas, gym memberships and their favourite restaurants.

♦ 1: Introduction to Node.js

♦ 2: File System Module and Express.js

♦ 3: Asynchronous Programming

♦ 4: Integration with MongoDB and Email Servers

♦ 5: REST APIs and GraphQL

♦ 6: Building Node.js Applications using ES6

♦ 7: User Authentication and Application Security

♦ 8: Dynamic Client-Server Interaction using Socket.IO

♦ 9: Testing Node.js Applications

♦ 10: Microservices Application

♦ Professionals who aspire to be application developers and gain expertise in building real-time, highly-scalable applications using Node.js

♦ Learners should be over the age of 16, and have a basic understanding of English, ICT and numeracy.

♦ A sound educational background is recommended.

Upon the successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the ‘Node.js Certification Training’ certificate by Edureka.

Edureka is a pioneer in online learning and an agency that has frequently and consistently collaborated with educational and academic institutes. It guarantees expert commitment and is dedicated to learners taking their courses. Edureka is internationally recognised and takes learners a step closer to a leading career in the IT industry.

Once you successfully complete the course, you will gain an accredited qualification that will prove your skills and expertise in the subject matter. With this qualification you can further expand your knowledge by studying related courses on this subject, or you can go onto get a promotion or salary increment in your current job role. Below given are few of the jobs this certificate will help you in, along with the average UK salary per annum according to

♦ Web Developer – UP to £50k per Annum

♦ Project Manager – UP to £81k per Annum

♦ Software Architect – UP to £106k per Annum

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Learners can cancel the course and receive a full refund, 10 business days prior to the start date of the course. If we do not have 10 business days’ notice, we cannot offer a refund.

Study 365 reserves the right to reschedule any classroom session up to 48 hours prior to the classroom session. The session may be rescheduled due to tutor illness, low numbers of attendees for the session or other unforeseen circumstances.


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