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The PRINCE2® certification is a well-known system of project management which is process-based. It helps you to easily experience a systematic manner of delivering a complete & successful project. The distinct processes and steps taught within the course will help even in managing complex projects efficiently until completion. PRINCE2® is reputed sufficiently in the field of project management and with this certification, your skills and expertise will be validated to your employers who will see that you understand the basic project management concepts well and know how to use and apply the concepts within the project lifecycle effectively. The method of Prince2® involves 7 distinct principles which should be followed to have a successful project as a result.


There are 7 mandatory principles which have to be followed when carrying out a project in order to ensure that this project is done by using the PRINCE2® concept. This course will teach you the principles in more detail, and you can also get a good understanding of the principles by referring to the PRINCE2® manual, a mandatory requirement for this qualification.


The seven themes of PRINCE2® identify the minimum requirement which is needed in order to facilitate each theme successfully since the themes tend to provide the necessary guidance on how to manage the environment necessary for the success of the project. The mandatory course manual also provides more detailed explanations regarding the themes.


The steps of the project lifecycle of each and every project will be included in the process section. The seven distinct process involves all the aspects of the project from start to completion as well as how the benefits should be measured as well. These processes have been more distinctively explained in the PRINCE2® manual as well, which could be referred for more details on this matter.


The PRINCE2® e-manual is a crucial part of completing the project management certification. As you get registered for this course you will be able to access your e-manual within 48 hours, by which time it will be e-mailed to you.


The PRINCE2® manual is an important aspect of doing this course since it is essential to have this manual when obtaining the certification. All the relevant details needed to obtain knowledge and skills on carrying out a successful project will be accessible to you from this manual quite easily.

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