According to the market trends, several certifications are available to build up strong career as a digital marketer.

This era belongs to digital marketing. Each and everything is digitalized. Marketing and trend regarding marketing is also changed now. There are several study plans, lead you the best to the top careers. If you are a digital marketer then in my opinion you must have these certifications to start, build or enhance your career as a digital marketer.

  • Bing Ads Certification.
  • Hubspot Certification.
  • OMCA
  • DistilledU
  • SMAC
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification.
  • Twitter Flight School.
  • DMA Certification.
  • AMA Digital Marketing Certification

Bing Ads Certification.

Bing offers search advertising training for Bing Ads Certification. It is a program for active Bing Ads users. A Bing Ads Accredited Specialist is the Microsoft-Bing-Yahoo comparable Google AdWords Qualified individual and a Google AdWords Certified Partner. If you have this certification then you can show your knowledge regarding marketing by using Bing Ads platform.

Hubspot Certification.

This certification is about HubSpot Inbound Marketing. This Certification will help students to demonstrate knowledge of Inbound Marketing Practices, independently of their own platform. It enables them to attract visitors, convert leads and this provides a great chance to the customers, partners and developers to come closer each other for their common interest.


OMCA stands for Online Marketing Certified Associate and it is an entry -level certification for online marketing associates and entry-level practitioners and it is the first step towards OMCP. It is designed to prove conceptual knowledge of digital marketing and it manifests the core knowledge of online marketing ideas and affirmed methods beyond multiple digital marketing disciplines.


It is a certification that offers top-notch SEO training for new comers in marketing field and helpful for seasoned fellows as well.  You may call it a basic Certification about Search Engine Optimization, SEO.


Social Media, Mobile technology, Analytics and Cloud Certification, SMAC Certification enables an individual to gain knowledge of above mentioned four technologies. It is a package for any aspiring professional, looking to establish his or her career in wide network domains, including social media, mobile technology, analytics and cloud computing.

Facebook Blueprint Certification.

Facebook Blueprint Certification is advanced-level proficiency with Facebook’s family products and services. It is one of the top digital marketing certification which is officially recognized by Facebook. You can distinguish yourself in the world of digital marketing and can give boost to your career by doing this certification.

Twitter Flight School.

Twitter Flight School Certification is a program that discovers qualified partners to help marketing business all over the world by improving campaigns results, case studies, best practices and additional resources to better understanding for your audience to scaling customer care.

DMA Certification.

Direct Marketing Association certification, DMA is a professional marketing certification which enables you to achieve a new marketing status for yourself by gaining global recognition as an elite marketer. This certification covers internet marketing, mobile marketing, conversion optimization, social media, web analytics, PPC and SEO.

AMA Digital Marketing Certification.

American Marketing Associate, AMA Digital Marketing Certification proves that you have command on analytics, content marketing, email, online advertising, SEO and social media marketing. It shows your proficiency in each domain, deeply.


August 31, 2023

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