Blogging tips to attract customers to your photography business .

The World Photography Day is on 19th August. It’s a day founded by Australian photographer Korske Ara to ask fellow photographers around the world to ‘share their world with others by sending out just a simple photo on the day.

If you are a photographer who has been lucky enough to transform your talent and passion into your career, World Photography Day is a great place to refresh and think about what you could do to better your level of service and also attract more customers, don’t you think?

See, it’s not about posting an advert or some content or blogging your photography for the sake of doing it. It’s more about actually connecting with your audience and showing them (not only telling them) what you have in store.

But what’s so special about a blog?

After all, everybody has a blog nowadays right?

Yes, but not many of them reach the success they want with the blogs they have.

Need some inspiration?  Take a look at this Instagram profile of Chris Burkard, a professional photographer who has over 3.1 million followers.

His style of presentation and discussion is something that has a lot to teach, don’t you think?

Here are some fun and creative blogging tips that will help you connect with your audience better and ultimately drive profitable action from your customers.

Try covering an event

This is actually a great blog post idea even if you do not have your own photography business. If you have never tried this, try taking a few photographs of the next event that you attend and create an interactive and interesting blog post out of it. If you already have your photography business up and running, use your blog as a platform to share any event coverage that you do, that will not fit into your portfolio.

Not sure how to tackle this one because you’ve never done it before? Have a look at this blog with some great tips for good event photography.


Talk candidly about the work that you really love and admire

Remember what we said in the beginning about connecting with your customers?

Well, this is your chance to do just that. Don’t think of good work by other photographers as competition only. It’s a big, big world and if your work is good enough you will find your own market without having to feel threatened by competition all the time. If you have an artist who is your favourite photographer (whether they are currently in business or a historic figure) share their work and talk openly about why you love it. It doesn’t even have to be limited. It could be anything from artsy digital photography to sculptures or any form of art. Telling your customers what you love about the work of others puts you in a position of relatability and confidence. You might even be able to strike up a conversation over shared interests with your audience!

Read through this interview with award-winning wildlife photographer Morkel Erasmus who shared his thoughts when asked if he is inspired by other photographers.

(Source: )

Show off your press a bit

If you have been featured in any newspaper articles, features, magazines, or even television and radio interviews, you should use your blog to promote your press. Be really relaxed and informal about it, but promote it nevertheless. People like to think that the brand they are using is a recognised one and with a little bit of creative thinking and the right social media skills, you will be able to tell your audience that you have been recognised for your work.

How about a diary blog?

Sometimes loads of content and consistently similar content can be really boring.

More often than not, it could be challenging to create unique content day in and day out too. So how do you try to make sure that your blog doesn’t get monotonous?

Stop trying to create posts and let the posts create themselves.

Want a good example? Browse through this blog of Shriya Samavai; a photographer in New York who uses her blog as a diary. It’s refreshing and interesting and it isn’t monotonous because what is being created as content, are things that she actually experiences and each experience is unique. This is also another really great way to connect with your customers and let them see the personal side of you, which will help them to see your brand as something that they can relate to. Besides, the biggest benefit of this is perhaps that you don’t even have to worry too much about your content looking polished and perfect. People will be open to abstract content because they realise that this is personal and meant to be candid.


Review a new product

Since we are talking about helping customers connect to you, we should also probably talk about helping other brands connect to you.

If you are a photographer, you could actually do random reviews of products that you genuinely like or feel are interesting or useful. Take some attractive photographs of the products and post your review in the form of a personal experience on your blog. You are getting some free PR from the followers of that brand and if you do well with your review, the respective brand might even contact you for business.

Need a hand with that? Have a look at this blog with some amazing tips to help you get started on your very first product review.

The bottom line is that you are a photographer and you are therefore gifted with creativity. Use that creative energy to drive traffic to your blog and increase footfall to your business. Keep your blog interesting and avoid using any copy-paste shortcuts.

Good luck with your photography blog!

September 1, 2023

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