Common Mistakes of CV Writing

CV writing is one of the most important steps in seeking a suitable job considering the prevailing paradigm of the contemporary world. The effective writing style of a CV decides the fate of a potential candidate to be hired or remain left in large with the phrase of “Better luck next time“. The common mistakes of CV writing deprive the candidates to leave a good impact on the employers in the competitive market having limited jobs with the bulk of jobless youth around the world, followed by the economic recession. It has been thoroughly researched that job hunting failure is directly proportional to the CV writing; since it is the CV of the candidate which displays the first impression on the employer and only a single mistake disadvantages the individual for his probability to be selected.

Some of the general mistakes in CV writing are failing to tailor for targeted employers, incredible wild claims, unprofessional email addresses, and unnecessary big chunks of texts. Moreover, stuffing the CV with keywords, missing the description of roles played in previous jobs summary, use of excessive cliche, and displaying the unnecessary details of leaving previous jobs are fatal for the applicant to be recruited. Furthermore, fancy font, excessive logos and images, the absence of details in current roles, and unnecessary elaboration of older roles are not fruitful for the job seeker at the end of the day respectively.

Also, a splash of font colour, skill graphs demonstration, and application of mishmash of fonts throughout the CV does not display a positive impact on the recruiter. In addition to this, words repetition, the messy transition of prolonged CV pages, poor language with grammatical mistakes, and ordering the workplace experience incorrectly by placing the oldest at the top are one of the fewest loopholes which candidates make while CV writing. Further to this, gaps in work or academic history, wasting space on giving reference details, naming the file unprofessionally, a vague division of CV sections, and leaving the CV template instructions in CV writing are the disaster for the candidate to be called for a job interview.

Proceeding further, it has been noted that most of the candidates commit six major mistakes in CV writing. First, people write a too-long CV which switches the recruiters off; since they do not have enough time to spend 30 minutes on each of the applicant CV. Second, the overloading of skills, abilities, and knowledge lost their essence in the eye of employers subsequently. Third, their resume is not adjusted to the particular position they are applying for. Fourth, the candidates do not give any heed to provide in-depth analysis of their previous work experience. Fifth, scores of the students commit grammatical and spelling mistakes which prove to be a disaster for the applicants correspondingly. Last, the inconsistent layout is being designed having irregularly aligned with messy font size and colour leaving the impact of the unorganized candidate. Hence, it is highly inevitable to remove all the high-damaged mistakes for increasing the probability of getting a job.

August 18, 2023

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