Pearson BTEC Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership

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Overview  Strategic management and leadership skills are indispensable today for achieving dramatic success in all business endeavors. Strategic planning should …


Strategic management and leadership skills are indispensable today for achieving dramatic success in all business endeavors. Strategic planning should be your habit if you are working in a challenging corporate environment. This Ofqual regulated ‘Pearson BTEC – Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership is designed to help modern managers make outstanding decisions.

This qualification is focused on providing basic knowledge of leadership and strategic management. Completing this certification in ‘Strategic Management and Leadership’ will help you work with greater planning and taking calculated risks. The accredited qualification in ‘Strategic Management and Leadership’ will equip you with techniques to achieve and sustain long-term success in business organisations. The Pearson BTEC qualification will help you create well-defined goals and align business activities with the company’s objectives. You will learn to allocate necessary resources to achieve vital business goals.

The course will also provide a progression path towards further post-graduate studies.

  • Build much-needed leadership and strategic management skills
  • Motivate and inspire teams organisation-wide
  • Become a team leader, chief executive or a company head
  • Enhance your role as a strategic enabler

Qualification Number – 603/5907/9

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Choosing Study365 as your learning partner for Certification in Strategic Management and Leadership will allow you to enjoy unique benefits not found elsewhere. This certification is fully accredited and globally recognised to help you become a strategic leader. Gain control over your destiny with our best learning materials and engaging lectures. 

  • 24/7, 180 days access to course material
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  • State-of-the-art facilities and latest technology
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  • Clear and concise presentations 
  • Certificate after course completion
  • Assessments
  • Study fully online either part-time or full-time
  • The awarding body: Why Pearson BTEC qualification counts?
  • Learning outcomes
  • Other qualification details
  • Whom is this qualification for?
  • Prerequisites to take this course
  • Method of assessment
  • Certification
  • ​Prospective careers

In the rapidly changing digital world, it is vital for students, professionals and educators to acquire Pearson BTEC qualifications to have a remarkable career in the UK and the world over. BTEC is significantly providing courses to meet the needs of universities and employers in the dynamic sphere. Hundreds of thousands of students are already taking BTEC qualifications because it gets them to places they always dreamed of. 

If you are a university student, manager or a business owner, earning a BTEC certification would equip you with skills the modern employers are looking for. Become an inspiration for others by choosing the right BTEC qualification for your next career move. 

  • Learn the best techniques related to strategic management
  • Progress to a higher-level job with BTEC qualifications 
  • Impress global employers and clients 
  • Build your own business and lead by example 
  • Apply learning in relevant and realistic work contexts
  • Progress to larger-sized qualifications in this subject area
  • Learn to manage people and resources in a strategic way
  • Design a change management strategy
  • Acquire nationally- and globally-recognised level 7 qualification 
  • Become your own boss and run a successful company 
  • 45 GLH (guided learning hours)
  • 200 TQT hours (total qualification time)
  • 20 credits
  • One mandatory unit
  • Supervisors 
  • Managers 
  • Team leaders
  • Business owners
  • Aspiring management students
  • There are no specific entry requirements; however, learners should have sufficient capacity and/or experiential learning to undergo this course
  • Learners should be over 19 years
  • The Pearson BTEC Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership comes with one mandatory unit. To gain a pass for these qualifications, the learner must pass all the units required in the qualification structures
  • All units in these qualifications are internally assessed by Study365 and externally by Pearson. Learners must meet the assessment criteria based on the learning outcomes of each module to pass the course
  • An assignment may take a variety of forms, including practical and written
  • When preparing the assessment for this unit, the learner will be given an assignment brief designed by the tutor
  • Once the assessor has completed the assessment process for an assignment, the outcome is a formal assessment decision
  • Learners who do not successfully pass an assignment are allowed one opportunity to resubmit evidence for this assignment. If they still do not reach the required standard, they should be given one opportunity to retake a different assignment that covers the same learning outcome(s)

Once the course and the exam are successfully completed, the learners are awarded with the ‘Pearson BTEC Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership.’

Statistics reveal that strategic management skills help managers outperform others even in the most-challenging environments. The Pearson BTEC Level 7 Certificate covers both aspects such as leadership and strategic management to help people manage rockstar teams and improve human resources and operational areas of businesses. You can use your knowledge to achieve sustainable competitive advantage for businesses and earn a higher average monthly salary. The average salary of a business manager in the UK is GBP41,405.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Getting Started
Academic Appeals Policy
Equity and Access Policy
Complaints Policy
Awarding Body Registration
Awarding Body Registration – Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership
Qualification Specification
Qualification Specification – Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership
Course Hand Book
Course Hand Book – Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership
1: Strategic Leadership Management (20 credits)
Strategic Leadership and Management
Recommended Books & Reading Materials – Strategic Leadership Management
Assignment Brief – Strategic Leadership Management
Reference Guidence
Harvard Referencing Guidence
☑ Submit Your Assignment
Assignment Submission – Strategic Management and Leadership Level 7
☑ Resubmit Your Assignment
Re-Submission BTEC Level 5/6/7

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    J B

    Justice Byrne

    December 18, 2021
    Highly recommended

    I recommend this course to anyone in aspiring to be a senior manager and looking for a widely accepted certification.

    T R

    Terry Rogers

    November 15, 2021
    Made me confident

    This course made me confident to go back and work in my job role in the organisation.

    A W

    Ali Wood

    August 29, 2021
    Career progression

    Taking this course put me in line for a promotion.

    C S

    Chris Sutton

    June 21, 2021
    Thorough course

    The course touched extensively on strategic management.

    M T

    Mell Thompson

    May 25, 2021
    Comprehensive training

    As someone who works in senior management, I enjoyed learning at Study365.

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