Certificate in Acupressure for Pain Management

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Want to get rid of all your pains with minimal medications? Acupressure is your answer! In our daily routines we …

Want to get rid of all your pains with minimal medications? Acupressure is your answer!

In our daily routines we hardly get the time to take breaks and relax our pains and worries off. Having to sit in in a chair on an everyday basis could really weaken your muscles over-time. And even if you don’t have a typical office job, you might often find yourself fatigued in the muscles every now and then. This is because of how physically unfit human beings are becoming overtime. Acupressure for Pain management is one course that could help you gain back your strength and energy that you could also use to benefit your clients.

This course has been designed for students of all levels to help them to learn specific Acupressure Treatment Points that will quickly and effortlessly reduce all types of pain in the upper body. It will start with a basic introduction about the methods of acupressure and then introduce the learners to different regions in the upper body that can help relieve stress and aches. By the end of this course learners will be able to alleviate pains from the head, neck, shoulders, elbows, hands are wrists. Sign up for the Diploma in Acupressure for Pain Management and never feel in pain again!

We at Study365 aim to provide our learners with top-notch faculty on their own convenience not bound by time or place. While our online learning modules are accessible at all times from anywhere in the world, we understand students’ need for help and support during the learning process and therefore, we facilitate you with one of our tutors to help you through. All information, coursework and module development is professionally created and always kept up-to-date. A 57 page course manual, a set of 5 Acupressure Treatment Charts covering the top Acupressure Treatment Points to work on to reduce pain in each region and treatment protocol will be given as soon as you sign up!

  • Course Outline: 
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Who is this course for?
  • Requirements
  • Assessment
  • Certification
  • Career Paths
  • About the Instructor
  • Qualification Title: Certificate in Acupressure Pain Management
  • Qualification Type: Level 2 Certificate
  • Accreditation Status: Accredited by CPD, iAP & IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists)
  • Course Duration: self-paced (module availability: 365 days)
  • Guided Learning Hours: 01
  • Availability: International

During this course, you will learn:

  • The basic knowledge about acupressure techniques
  • Using these techniques to help promote healthy living
  • Understanding the upper body and being able to treat it knowledgably
  • Pressure points present to relieve pain in the head, neck, shoulders, wrists and elbows
  • Managing pain and stress relief on a day-to-day basis
  • Leading an overall healthy lifestyle yourself and helping others with your specialisation
  • Having an general of sense of well-being
  • Being more active and at ease with a refreshed energy
  • Removing toxins from the body that cause pains
  • Being able to independently practice acupressure in a skilful manner

Anyone who has a passion for health and social help can be an ideal candidate. If you are looking for a career opportunity that could also help you feel healthy and refreshed while you work, this course might suit you best. It may help you develop a career path toward:

  • Assistant to health care professionals
  • Care-taker
  • Independent acupressure practitioner
  • Health advisory roles

The course could also add-on as a plus point to your skills if you are a qualified nurse or have any other role in health care.

Learners must be age 16 or over and should have a basic understanding of the English Language, numeracy, literacy, and ICT.

There will be an assessment at the end of the course. It would be an online test in form of MCQs, the results of which would be revealed immediately after test completion.

Successful candidates will be awarded a CPD accredited Certificate in Acupressure Pain Management.

The course provides successful career paths into health and fitness sectors. On average, a therapist can earn up to £22 per hour (, depending on one’s skill and experience. Moreover, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, the annual salary of a therapist is around $36000.  Learners may be able to take up jobs such as:

  • Assistant to experienced professionals (Orthopaedics, Neurologists, Physical Therapists)
  • Health and fitness guide
  • Care-taker
  • Independent acupressure therapist
  • Physical therapist

Annette Reilly has specialized in Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (NEK), having a great deal of knowledge in subjects like Chemistry, Biochemistry & Nutrition, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, to name but a few. She served the role of Principal of The College of Neuroenergetic Kinesiology for a period of 5 years in Ireland. Later, she also served as the chairperson of The Kinesiology Association of Ireland. Her keen interest in acupressure, nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine helped her write quite a few courses on the respective subjects for which, she has received recognition by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Course Curriculum

1: Introduction
Introduction FREE 00:00:00
About this Course FREE 00:00:00
2: Requirements before receiving your Qualification
Requirements Before Receiving your Qualification 00:00:00
3: What is Acupressure
What is Acupressure? 00:00:00
How to apply Pressure to Acupressure Points 00:00:00
Self-Acupressure 00:00:00
Key points to Remember 00:00:00
4: What are Meridians
What are Meridians? 00:00:00
The Role of the Meridians 00:00:00
The Meridian Clock 00:00:00
Key Point to Remember 00:00:00
Essential before Getting Started 00:00:00
5: Acupressure Treatment for Headaches
Acupressure Treatment for Headaches (Cover page) 00:00:00
Headaches 00:00:00
Types of Headaches 00:00:00
Why Headaches Hurt 00:00:00
Acupressure Treatment for Headaches 00:00:00
Aupressure Treatment for Headaches (Continued) 00:00:00
6: Acupressure treatment for TMJ/TMD Temporomandibular Joints/Disorders
Acupressure treatment For TMJ/TMD Temporomandibular Joints/Disorders (Cover page) 00:00:00
What is the Temporomandibular Joint? 00:00:00
Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ or TMD) 00:00:00
Symptoms associated with TMJ/TMD 00:00:00
Acupressure Treatment for TMJ/TMD 00:00:00
7: Acupressure Treatment for Neck & Shoulder pain
Acupressure Treatment for Neck & Shoulder pain (Cover) 00:00:00
Neck Pain 00:00:00
Symptoms of Neck Pain 00:00:00
Shoulder Pain 00:00:00
Symptoms of Shoulder Pain 00:00:00
Acupressure Treatment for Neck & Shoulder Pain 00:00:00
8: Acupressure Treatment for Elbow pain
Acupressure Treatment for Elbow pain (Cover) 00:00:00
Elbow Pain 00:00:00
Symptoms of Elbow Pain 00:00:00
Acupressure Treatment for Elbow Pain 00:00:00
9: Acupressure Treatment for Wrist & Hand Pain
Acupressure Treatment for Wrist & Hand Pain (Cover) 00:00:00
Wrist & Hand Pain 00:00:00
Symptoms of Wrist & Hand Pain 00:00:00
Acupressure Treatment for Wrist & Hand Pain 00:00:00
10: Bonus Material
Bonus Material 00:00:00
Course Manual
5 Treatment Charts & Treatment Protocols
Case Study Template
Meridian Clock
Meridian Clock & Pathways
Meridians & Emotions Wall Charts
Mock Exam
Mock Exam: Certificate in Acupressure for Pain Management 00:40:00
Final Exam
Final Exam: Certificate in Acupressure for Pain Management 00:40:00
Certificate Download Guide
Certificate Download Guide 00:02:00

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    F B

    Finn Baxter

    December 04, 2019
    Enjoyable training

    While the core content is serious, the training overall was engaging and highly enjoyable I had such a good time learning at Study365. Keep it up!

    D K

    Dominic Kaur

    November 23, 2019
    Excellent training

    The course served as a guide for anyone who wants to acquire in-depth information on acupressure for pain management. It was a thorough training and provided a wealth of information. Now that I’ve completed it, I feel confident enough to apply my skills practically.

    M R

    Mason Rose

    November 11, 2019
    Expand my learning

    I took this course because I wanted to enhance my learning on this subject. Although I have experience working in this field, I had yet to qualify in it. Now that I’ve earned my certification, I highly recommend Study365 to other learners.

    A H

    Austin Hawkins

    October 27, 2019
    Good quality course

    The content was of great quality and a good standard. If you want to learn more on acupressure in pain management, Study365 is a reliable and trustworthy provider.

    J B

    Jeremiah Booth

    October 15, 2019
    Vital course

    I was looking to get qualified in acupressure when I was recommended this course by my colleague. I received great training at Study365 and completed this course successfully. I’m very pleased with the outcome and would definitely recommend it to others.

    E R

    Elias Robertson

    October 06, 2019
    Great insight

    The course provided great insight on acupressure for pain management and how effective it can be. The course enlightened me on this subject. It was highly informative and effective course which I’m happy to recommend to other learners.

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