Certificate in Business Administration Skills - Level 3

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Overview Certificate in Business Administration Skills Level 3 – Administration is a varied role, with plenty of room for progression. …


Certificate in Business Administration Skills Level 3 – Administration is a varied role, with plenty of room for progression. In fact, many people start in an administration role and then work their way up to more senior positions. Gain the knowledge and technical skills required to succeed when it comes to business administration.

This comprehensive course examines the day-to-day workings of real companies and teaches you the techniques that help them to operate successfully. From learning to carry out basic administrative tasks to gaining higher level support skills, this course includes a wide range of units to meet the needs of learners and employers.

If you need to progress in your role, or get a promotion, learn more about business communication, administration, how to deliver effective customer service and effective ways to manage your time. Whether you are new to the administration or have some experience, this course is for you.

This is a job ready qualification that prepares learners for work in a specific industry. The course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you will need to work in a business administration role and to develop your expertise within the role in areas such as business communication, administration, delivering presentations and presenting business data.

Learning with Study365 has many advantages. The course material is delivered straight to you and can be adapted to fit in with your lifestyle. It is created by experts within the industry, meaning you are receiving accurate information, which is up-to-date and easy to understand.

This course has been endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme for its high-quality, non-regulated provision and training programmes. This course is not regulated by Ofqual and is not an accredited qualification. We will be able to advise you on any further recognition, for example progression routes into further and/or higher education. For further information please visit the Learner FAQs on the Quality Licence Scheme website.

  • Who is it for?
  • Course Description:
  • Method of Assessment:
  • Certification
  • Entry Requirement
  • Career Path
  • Further, this course is designed for learners who are working or would like to work, in a business administration role within any sector or industry.
  • It’s ideal for those who are new to the role or who have been working at that level for a short period of time.

This Certificate in Business Administration Skills - Level 3 course is comprehensive and designed to cover the areas listed below under the curriculum. This course has been designed for 10 guided learning hours.

At the end of the course, learners will take an online multiple choice question assessment test. The online test is marked straight away, so you will know immediately if you have passed the course.

Successful candidates will be awarded a Certificate in Business Administration Skills - Level 3. These are printed on high grade paper embossed with official Study365 or Quality Licence Scheme. It is delivered right to your place in a hard back envelope to keep it in pristine condition.

Option 1 -Quality Licence Scheme

At the Completion of this course successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Quality Licence Scheme and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the components the learner has completed as part of the course) for only £49.

Option 2 -CPD Certificate

Successful learners will receive an Endorsed CPD Accredited Certificate for only £29.

  • Learners must be age 16 or over and should have a basic understanding of the English Language, numeracy, literacy and ICT.

There are different paths in which your career could develop.

Business and Administration can help you succeed in a support role in any size or type of organisation.

These roles include:

  • Secretary
  • Receptionist
  • Administrator
  • Personal assistant
  • Office supervisor team leader

Course Curriculum

01. Professionalism in the Office Environment
Positioning of your Job 00:21:00
Improving Your Professionalism 00:16:00
Enhancing Your Skills 00:22:00
Communicating and Building Relationship 00:51:00
Module Handouts- Professionalism in the Office Environment
02. Business Etiquette
Fundamentals of Professional Behaviour 00:22:00
Interview Techniques 00:25:00
Business Meeting 00:23:00
Working in Multicultural Environment 00:28:00
Module Handouts- Business Etiquette
03. Communication in Business Environment
Business Communication 00:11:00
Different Types of Communication Methods 01:07:00
Effective Working for your Company Management 00:23:00
Module Book- Communication in Business Environment
04. Critical Thinking and Decisions Making
How to face for New Problems 00:52:00
Identifying and Solving the Problem 00:31:00
Decisions Making 00:12:00
Module Book- Critical Thinking and Decisions Making
05. Time Management Skills for your Career
Identifying your Goals 00:09:00
Effective Energy Distribution 00:19:00
Working with Your Personal Styles 00:18:00
Building and Establishing your Action Plan 00:19:00
Module Book- Time Management Skills for your Career
06. Developing Customer Service Skills
Principles of Customer Service. 00:30:00
Identifying Customer Needs 00:07:00
Customer Service & Telephone Etiquette 00:07:00
Module Book- Developing Customer Service Skills
07. Managing Customer Complaints
Handling Complaints 00:11:00
Module Book- Managing Customer Complaints
08. Stress Management
Enduring Stress 00:12:00
Module Book- Stress Management
Additional Study Materials- Business Administration Skills
Additional Study Materials- Certificate in Business Administration
Mock Exam
Mock Exam: Certificate in Business Administration Skills – Level 3 00:40:00
Final Exam
Final Exam: Certificate in Business Administration Skills – Level 3 00:40:00

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    J P

    Jimmy Price

    June 30, 2020
    Easy to navigate

    The interface was user-friendly and the website was easy to navigate. As a first-timer learner I didn’t know what to expect, but I was immediately put at ease because it was all simplified to suit different level of learners.

    N P

    Natan Parry

    June 04, 2020
    Quick process

    If you’re ever worried about how online platforms work, don’t be. I too was nervous because I don’t believe I’m tech-savvy. However, that doesn’t matter, as the process to take the course is easy. A representative guided me and explained things from start to finish.

    J B

    Jensen Barnes

    June 02, 2020
    Outstanding content material

    I’m an aspiring administrator and wanted to follow a good course for my career goals. I came across this training in my research and felt it would be a good fit for me. The content provided was very good. It was up to standard, particularly as the subject matter delved deep into more complex aspects which was also explained very well. I received plenty of extra reading material.

    B B

    Bradley Booth

    May 26, 2020
    Success in the workplace

    I completed the course and was immediately offered a promotion. My employer was highly impressed by my new skills and knowledge in this area. I achieved the outcome I wanted, and want to say thank you to Study365.

    R H

    Rhys Hamilton

    May 10, 2020
    Good service and competitive price

    I was offered a good price on this course that made it valuable to me as currently this is the only learning option available for me. I was also happy with the services, as I felt they were always on top of the game, and ensured that everything ran smoothly.


    May 03, 2020

    Great course content

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