Certificate in Occupational Therapy Essentials - Level 3

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Overview Do you want to make a difference in the lives of people with challenges and disabilities? Does the idea …


Do you want to make a difference in the lives of people with challenges and disabilities? Does the idea of having a career as an Occupational Therapist sound rewarding to you?

The Occupational Therapy course is designed for individuals who are passionate about working with people struggling with different challenges and disabilities and help them to improve their lives. This is a step by step program to fully equipping yourself with the right skills and knowledge in becoming a professional helper.

The Occupational Therapy is a comprehensive course and will teach learners how to work with both children and adults with limited physical and intellectual abilities. Many clients with such disabilities may suffer from depression and anxiety and it is up to their helper to offer them alternatives and make life more meaningful and worthwhile.

The course will teach you to help people accept their current conditions, learn how to live with it and move forward to lead happier and healthier lives. The Occupational Therapy course will discuss principles and guidelines and give learners more insight into key skills and knowledge of working in this field effectively and confidently.

This course has been endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme for its high-quality, non-regulated provision and training programmes. This course is not regulated by Ofqual and is not an accredited qualification. We will be able to advise you on any further recognition, for example progression routes into further and/or higher education. For further information please visit the Learner FAQs on the Quality Licence Scheme website.

  • Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes
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  • Course Benefits
  • Course Duration
  • Entry Requirements
  • Method of Assessment
  • Certification
  • Awarding Body
  • Progression and Career Path
  • Qualification Title: Certificate in Occupational Therapy Essentials - Level 3
  • Qualification Type: Level 3 Certificate
  • Endorsement Status: Quality Licence Scheme
  • Course Duration: Self-paced (module availability: 365 days)
  • Guided Learning Hours: 03
  • Availability: International
  • Gain an understanding of the significance of occupation in people’s lives
  • Learn the role occupational therapy plays in rehabilitation
  • Learn the principles and guidelines of occupational therapy intervention
  • Understand the history, value and philosophy of occupational therapy
  • Gain insight to the therapeutic process

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You have 12 months access to the online learning platform from the date you joined the course.  The course is self-paced and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lectures at anytime.

  • You must be over the age of 16 and have a basic understanding of Maths, English and ICT
  • The course is for learners who have an interest in occupational therapy
  • Individuals with a basic background in occupational therapy will find this course highly effective to advance in their careers
  • The course is also suitable for students who want to expand their knowledge in occupational therapy

At the end of the course you will be required to take a multiple choice question assessment test. The multiple choice question assessment will be automatically marked with learners receiving an instant grade.

Successful candidates will be awarded a Certificate in Occupational Therapy Essentials - Level 3. These are printed on high grade paper embossed with official Study365 or Quality Licence Scheme. It is delivered right to your place in a hard back envelope to keep it in pristine condition.

Option 1 -Quality Licence Scheme

At the Completion of this course successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Quality Licence Scheme and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the components the learner has completed as part of the course) for only £49.

Option 2 -CPD Certificate

Successful learners will receive an Endorsed CPD Accredited Certificate for only £29.

Quality Licence Scheme have long-established reputations for providing high quality vocational qualifications across a wide range of industries. Quality Licence Scheme combine over 180 years of expertise combined with a responsive, flexible and innovative approach to the needs of our customers.

Renowned for excellent customer service, and quality standards, Quality Licence Scheme also offers qualifications for all ages and abilities all are developed with the support of relevant stakeholders to ensure that they meet the needs and standards of employers across the UK.

Once you successfully complete the Occupational Therapy you will be qualified to work in the following positions. The qualification will also put you in line to demand a higher salary or job promotion. The average UK salary per annum according to is given below.

  • Occupational Therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Mental Health Therapist

Course Curriculum

Occupational Therapy: Promo 00:00:00
1: Introduction to Occupational Therapy
About the Course and the Instructor 00:00:00
What is “Occupational Therapy” 00:00:00
Knowledge and Skills for OPccupational Therapy 00:00:00
Working with Adults 00:00:00
Working with Children 00:00:00
2: (Basic) Anatomy and Physiology
The Structure and the Functions 00:00:00
The Blood and Immune System 00:00:00
Brain Injury 00:00:00
Developmental Disorders and Conditions 00:00:00
Physical Disabilities 00:00:00
3: Creative and Management Skills
The Use of Creative Activities 00:00:00
Management and Leadership Skills 00:00:00
Building Confidence and Self-Esteem 00:00:00
Dealing with Depression 00:00:00
4: Career Growth in Occupational Therapy
Professional Development 00:00:00
Personal and Academic Development 00:00:00
Alternative Options in Career 00:00:00
5: Individual (Client) Development
A Theory of the Human Need for Occupation 00:00:00
Occupations for Health and Wellbeing 00:00:00
Coping Strategies 00:00:00
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 00:00:00
Thank you and Good bye! 00:00:00
Additinal Materials
Alternative Options in Career
Basic Physiology for Occupational Therapy
Building Confidence & Self-Esteem
Dealing with Depression
Skills that are Needed for Occupational Therapy
Stress & Coping Strategies
Mock Exam
Mock Exam: Certificate in Occupational Therapy Essentials – Level 3 00:40:00
Final Exam
Final Exam: Certificate in Occupational Therapy Essentials – Level 3 00:40:00

Students feedback


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    D P

    Darius Price

    January 20, 2020
    Practical understanding

    The course taught me how to practically carry out therapy on people who want to make a difference in their lives. I learned about it in-depth and this gave me an understanding on how to help them make life more meaningful.

    N B

    Noel Black

    January 20, 2020
    Comprehensive training

    The course was comprehensive and each module was discussed extensively. I was able to gain a solid understanding of the subject matter and learn the fundamentals of how to apply occupational therapy in my day to day tasks. If anyone is interested in becoming a psychologist or mental health therapist, I would encourage you to take this course.

    X H

    Xander Howard

    January 20, 2020
    Outstanding customer support

    As much as I enjoyed studying this course at Study365, I want to appreciate the effort that they make in providing outstanding customer service. They were helpful from the start, and all of my questions were answered promptly. I find that they make a genuine effort to ensure that students stay on the right track during their time at the centre.

    J B

    Joel Barker

    January 20, 2020
    Expand my career

    I took this course to expand my current professional aspirations. I wanted to qualify in occupational therapy and treat patients who needed help to turn things around in their lives. This qualification has come in very useful and I’m pleased I decided to take it. The videos demonstrated an in-depth understanding which was detailed and extensive.

    A D

    Ayaan Duncan

    January 20, 2020
    Thoroughly informative

    The course in occupational therapy essentials impressed me greatly. I have always been passionate about helping people struggling disabilities and challenges improve their lives. This informative course equipped me with the right skills and knowledge to succeeding as an occupational therapist. I learned a great many things through this course including how to help people lead happier and healthier lives.

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