Conversational British Sign Language - Level 1

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Overview Enrolling in an online course is the best and quickest way to learn British sign language! BSL is used …


Enrolling in an online course is the best and quickest way to learn British sign language!

BSL is used by thousands of people with hearing problems in the UK. With the best teaching material, course curriculum, and resources, the Conversational British Sign Language – Level 1 course makes sign language interpretation fun. By using body, hand, and eye movements, the hearing impaired and the deaf can learn sign language to pursue healthy habits and live life to the fullest.  

 It is a standard sign language for deaf people and trainers to interpret signs and communicate well with others. The Conversational British Sign Language – Level 1 course is tailored to help learners describe people and clothes, place objects in their homes, and speak in restaurants successfully. Let your personality shine with the proper knowledge of British sign language and make a difference in the world.

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Choosing Study365 as your learning partner for the Conversational British Sign Language - Level 1 course will allow you to learn skills of a lifetime to help others gain live meaningfully. We partner with the best awarding organisations to provide you with fully recognised and globally accepted certifications. Thousands of students trust Study365 globally to gain control of their careers.

  • Get a fully-recognised and globally-accepted certification
  • Join the community of thousands of trusted students
  • Take the driver's seat of your career to become a BSL teacher 
  • Get free learning material and engaging video lectures  
  • Enjoy 24/7 access to course material
  • Enjoy friendly customer support
  • Get access to your online learning portal for 12 months 
  • Learn at your own pace from anywhere, anytime
  • Great career prospects to help others  

Millions of people worldwide use sign language to communicate successfully with their deaf family members, relatives, and others. The UK’s leading awarding body, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), establishes an excellent standard of high-quality education for BSL learners who have no knowledge of British sign language. CPD is committed to enhancing proficiency and personal skills to develop learners’ skills and abilities.

Completing this CPD certification will ensure that you get a practical and logical understanding of BSL and become a great resource for assisting others.  

  • Learn to start and finish family conversations with confidence 
  • Reduce barriers in interpreting sign language
  • Learn to describe clothes, people, pets, rooms, and much more 
  • To help deaf people use sign language effectively
  • Use gestures and body parts to communicate clearly
  • To teach friends and family members the principles of BSL 
  • Understand British sign language grammar precisely 
  • Learn British sign language order 
  • Use BSL anywhere in the world without fear 

The award in British sign language is suitable for people of all ages. You can learn BSL even if you are younger than 16. 

  • Each module is assessed according to learning outcomes. Learners must provide proof of skill level or competence to meet all the learning outcomes for each required unit    
  • You will be assessed through an exam to demonstrate your proficiency in BSL 

Once you complete all the modules and the course assessment, you will be awarded the Conversational British Sign Language - Level 1 certification.

You will have 12 months of access to your online learning portal from the date you join the course. The course is self-paced; you can schedule your learning flexibly.  

  • Qualification type: Level 3 qualification
  • Awarding organisation: CPD
  • Level: Level 3
  • Accreditation status: Accredited
  • Guided learning hours: 64
  • Number of modules: 3
  • Total qualification time: 90 
  • Availability: the UK and international

This qualification is suitable for all the following individuals who: 

  • Aim to learn BSL conversational sign language 
  • Want to grow as sign language professionals
  • Want to study sign language to help friends
  • Want to learn sign language for personal interest

Completing the Conversational British Sign Language - Level 1 course empowers you to work as a sign language instructor or a trainer in global schools. You can teach young people, children, or adults with hearing issues in public schools, universities, and community organisations to boost their confidence. The average salary of a BSL teacher varies between GBP20,000 and GBP35,000 per year.  

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction
Introduction 00:01:00
2. Family
Family 00:10:00
3. Family Conversation
Family Conversation 00:09:00
4. Colours
Colours 00:03:00
5. Describing People
Describing People 00:11:00
6. Describing People Conversation
Describing People Conversation 00:08:00
7. Clothes
Clothes 00:09:00
8. Dressing for Occasions
Dressing for Occasions 00:11:00
9. Clothes Conversation
Clothes Conversation 00:08:00
10. Describing Clothing
Describing Clothing 00:01:00
11. Pets
Pets 00:09:00
12. Pets Conversation
Pets Conversation 00:08:00
13. Homes
Homes 00:02:00
14. Rooms
Rooms 00:02:00
15. Objects
Objects 00:08:00
16. Placement and Objects – Living Room
Placement and Objects – Living Room 00:05:00
17. Placement and Objects - Bedroom
Placement and Objects – Bedroom 00:04:00
18. Placement and Objects – Kitchen
Placement and Objects – Kitchen 00:05:00
19. Placement and Objects - Bathroom
Placement and Objects – Bathroom 00:04:00
20. Describing Rooms Conversation
Describing Rooms Conversation 00:08:00
21. Daily Meals
Daily Meals 00:19:00
22. Basic Food
Basic Food 00:12:00
23. Menus
Menus 00:09:00
24. Restaurants
Restaurants 00:02:00
25. Takeaways
Takeaways 00:02:00
26. Food and Drink Conversation
Food and Drink Conversation 00:07:00
27. Everyday Activities
Everyday Activities 00:11:00
28. Everyday Activities Conversation
Everyday Activities Conversation 00:09:00
29. Hobbies
Hobbies 00:10:00
30. Sports
Sports 00:06:00
31. Hobbies Conversation
Hobbies Conversation 00:08:00
32. Weekend Plans
Weekend Plans 00:04:00
33. BSL Grammar
BSL Grammar 00:04:00
34. BSL Order
BSL Order 00:04:00
Mock Exam
Final Exam
BSL102 – Conversational British Sign Language – Level 1 Final 00:40:00

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