Teaching English as a Foreign Language - Level 4

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Overview Enjoy a happy career and long-lasting benefits of TEFL with Study365 Are you searching for a globally-accepted English teaching …


Enjoy a happy career and long-lasting benefits of TEFL with Study365

Are you searching for a globally-accepted English teaching certification programme? TEFL Level 4 Teaching English as a Foreign Language is the right programme that meets the demands of passionate people who are willing to travel the world and win the best English teaching job opportunities. There is a significant rise in English teaching vacancies globally which leads to an ever-growing demand for TELF-qualified professionals. This untraditional programme can be a game-changer for you and your friends who are willing to invest in powerful skills.

With Level 4 TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification in your bag, your journey as a confident English teacher begins anywhere you want to. It is an ideal certification that allows you to teach English to diverse communities and manage multicultural teams. You can become impeccable in English syntax and grammar, meet your career goals with a professional certification, and help people to meet their English communication needs like a pro.   

  • Learn English grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and boost speaking skills of diverse students
  • Pursue one of the best TEFL certifications and teach English like a native
  • Make new friends, enjoy travelling the world and live a fulfilling life

Why choose Study365?

Choosing Study365 as your learning partner for the Level 4 TEFL course will allow you to enjoy unique benefits not offered by other online platforms. Even if you are doing a first-time self-learning experiment, we assure you a 100% cooperation/support from our team. You can take control over your English teaching career to help you become an effective teacher with proven methodologies. Enjoy the best learning material and engaging lectures with many other benefits:

  • 24/7, 365 access to course material with easy-to-use online account
  • Enjoy a lifelong TEFL learning experience
  • Meet like-minded people during and after the course
  • Video training and lectures
  • High quality and intering TEFL study material
  • Endless career opportunities worldwide
  • Life-changing virtual learning for prospective teachers
  • Learn from the best certified industry-standard instructors
  • Hundred per cent flexible course/learning at your own pace
  • Globally-recognised e-certificate after course completion
  • The awarding body
  •  Learning outcomes
  • Other qualification details
  •  Whom is this qualification for?
  • Prerequisites to take this course
  • Method of Assessment
  • Certification
  • ​Career progression

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a leading awarding body in the United Kingdom that meets an excellent standard of high-quality education. CPD is committed to enhancing proficiency and personal skills to develop learners’ skills and abilities. CPD ensures that both practical and academic qualifications will assist individuals to re-skill or up-skill and maintain a competitive advantage in their chosen industry.

Opting for Level 4 Teaching English as a Foreign Language by CPD will allow you to elevate your game to find employment in amazing organisations and countries with little difficulty.  

  • Gain an increasingly popular TEFL qualification and get tangible results
  • Gain in-depth information on planning TEFL lessons
  • Change lives worldwide by teaching the most sophisticated language
  • Use material and aids for TEFL trainings effectively
  • Get a better pay by becoming a sought-after English trainer
  • Teach English to young and adult learners in worldwide organisations
  • Learn English syntax and grammar efficiently
  • Impress global organisations, students and employers
  • Level 4 qualification
  • Sector: TEFL/TESOL
  • Assessment: included in English
  • Minimum age required: 16
  • Total credits: 29
  • No of modules: 11
  • Delivery type: online
  • Guided learning hours: 168
  • Overall grading type: fail/pass
  • English language trainers
  • Professors
  • English language enthusiasts
  • Professional trainers and coaches
  • Language enthusiasts
  • Learners should be over 16 years
  • Understanding of math, English and ICT will be beneficial
  • Besides an initial assessment, the trainees will be internally assessed through set quality assurance standards
  • You will be assessed through a comprehensive exam to qualify for the certification

Once you complete the training and the exam, you will be awarded with the in-demand CPD Level 4 Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certification.

TEFL Level 4 certification is not just a basic spoken English course, it works better for your professional development to meet the skills demand globally. That implies completing this course can open countless career doors and opportunities where you can fulfil your dream to teach English to highly-qualified individuals. Many government organisations, language schools, universities and online teaching colleges are hiring competent TEFL teachers to teach a growing number of students.

You could be the next TEFL teaching star with Study365 as your learning partner. In the UK, TEFL teachers’ salaries can range from GBP27,000 to 33,000 per year. For experienced teachers, salaries can exceed GBP35,000.


Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Introduction To Teaching English as a Foreign Language 00:44:00
Tutor Introduction 00:01:00
Module 1 - Principles of Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Unit 1.1 – Principles of Teaching English as a Foreign Language – Part 1 00:32:00
Unit 1.3 – Principles of Teaching English as a Foreign Language – Part 2 00:30:00
Unit 1.2 – Lecture Notes – Part 1
Unit 1.4 – Lecture Notes – Part 2
Module 2 - Understanding English Grammar
Unit 2.1 – Understanding English Grammar – Part 1 00:45:00
Unit 2.2 – Understanding English Grammar – Part 2 00:35:00
Unit 2.3 – Understanding English Grammar – Part 3 00:16:00
Unit 2.4 – Lecture Notes
Module 3 - Teaching English Grammar
Unit 3.1 – Teaching English Grammar 00:50:00
Unit 3.2 – Lecture Notes
Module 4 - Teaching English Vocabulary
Unit 4.1 – Teaching English Vocabulary 01:00:00
Unit 4.2 – Lecture Notes
Module 5 - Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing
Unit 5.1 – Teaching Productive Skills 00:48:00
Unit 5.2 – Lecture Notes
Module 6 - Teaching Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading
Unit 6.1 – Teaching Receptive Skills 00:55:00
Unit 6.2 – Lecture Notes
Module 7 - Materials and Aids for Teaching English
Unit 7.1 – Materials and Aids for Teaching English 00:40:00
Unit 7.2 – Lecture Notes
Module 8 - Teaching Pronunciation of English
Unit 8.1 – Teaching Pronunciation of English 01:00:00
Unit 8.2 – Lecture Notes
Module 9 - Lesson Planning for Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Unit 9.1 – Lesson Planning for Teaching English 01:00:00
Unit 9.2 – Lecture Notes
Module 10 - Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Young Learners
Unit 10.1 – Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Young Learners 00:54:00
Unit 10.2 – Lecture Notes
Module 11 - Using Resources Effectively When Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Unit 11.1 – Using Resources Effectively 00:45:00
Unit 11.2 – Lecture Notes
Course Summary
Course Summary 00:00:35
Mock Exam
Final Exam

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    Terry John

    December 18, 2022
    professional training

    I am very glad to receive an amazing professional training from your platform.

    H D

    Haiden Doyle

    March 23, 2022
    Wow wow wow!

    I feel proud of my accomplishment. The TEFL has transformed me greatly. What a feeling!

    L E

    Leslie Ellis

    February 20, 2022
    Always beneficial

    This TEFL certification will always benefit me to live the life of my dreams.

    H B

    Harper Brown

    January 27, 2022
    Good course design

    The course was designed excellently by TEFL experts. I loved every moment of it! Thank you all!

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