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Learning vs. Training – What’s the Difference?

Learning and training are two words that are used quite interchangeably and many people actually believe that they refer to the same thing. While they do have very similar meanings and intentions behind them, they are different processes and are quite different to each other.

Feeling surprised? Here’s what you need to know about learning and training.

The Learning vs. Training Debate

Let’s try and break these down.

Education is mainly focused on learning the theory. Conventionally, education can reinforce knowledge in which you already have a fundamental knowledge or in other words, know the basics already. For example, you may already be fluent in English, but if you are going to school, you will still be required to attend classes and learn it. If you look at subjects like biology, chemistry, or physics, for example, you will be taught the theories from scratch. But remember that this is just limited to the theory only. You may be talking about radioactive chemicals and how to experiment with them, but that’s just theory. You will, in reality, not be allowed to experiment with volatile substances in the classroom.

Now, if you’ve ever noticed it, traditional professions like Law, Medicine, Accountancy, and Architecture, require a further period of training after learning. Note that the word used for this extra period of time is training and not learning. This period of training will begin once you have completed your academic studies.

The Big Difference

The example above is the biggest difference perhaps, between education and learning and then training. Training will give you the skills that you need for a specialised task. It can be very particular and provide you with something you need for your career progress or your skills gap. Therefore, training is something that comes after the first bits of education and learning where people who want to push themselves more and enhance their employability or competency can rely on.

This Doesn’t Undermine Education and Learning Though

Wait, don’t jump the gun!!!

This does not mean that education has not important. Lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants, architects; all need knowledge before they can use it. You have to know your theory to do the practical part right? So here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you decide whether it is learning or training that you need.


  • Is the course you are looking for a foundation or basic program?
  • Are you trying to get the qualifications that you could not while at school or college?
  • Will the course you are looking for ideally be available in an educational institution?


  • Are you gathering or honing skills for your work?
  • Are you looking to apply the theory you have learned in real life?
  • Would the course that you are looking for be available readily in a commercial setting?

The Trends Today

The trends of education and learning, as well as training, have become digitized today, to a significant extent given the requirements and the demands of the modern generation. Elearning is something that has become popular over the past several years around the world and studies indicate that more students are opting for these flexible courses than the bricks and mortar ones. They are affordable, accredited, and flexible and will save you time too.

So now that you know the difference between learning and training, why not start researching which option suits you the best?

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September 17, 2021

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