Tips for How to House train your puppy

How many of you love dogs? Well, it is of no doubt that most of you are avid dog lovers due to their adorable nature. Sometimes, they can be the best companions for you. Also, dogs will protect and be by your side, no matter what happens. Basically, dogs will unconditionally love their master till their death. Therefore, adopting a puppy would be a great life choice a person can ever make. You can train your puppy at home by reading this detailed guide.

Having said that, Puppy’s will know nothing about life. It is similar to a little child. Therefore, you have a duty to teach this little fellow about life! Especially, you will need to carry out certain activities to make your mate a bit organised.

In fact, house training is a key thing, on which you should train your puppy. If not, they will surely end up soiling your house. Imagine your situation, if you have to clean your house, after a hectic day at work!

So, learn about house training before adopting a puppy. Much better if you can enrol in a dog training course to formally learn on the subject!

When should you start house training?

Most of you might have no clue as to when you should start house training your puppy. As per expert’s recommendation, the ideal time to start house training would be when the puppy is 12-16 weeks old. During this time, puppies would in fact have the ability to control their bowel and bladder movements. Especially, they will know how to have a hold on it!

In fact, try to enrol in a dog training course, before your puppy turns 12 weeks! Much better, if you can start the course before adopting your puppy!

House training Methods

There are several methods to house train your puppy. However, experts insist on following one of the below two methods for house training the little one.

  • Paper Training – This type of training uses paper or training pads as the basic material of house training.
  • Crate Training- As its name sounds, crate training involves the use of a crate to house train the puppy.

However, each of these processes is lengthy and complex, though they appear simple. This is why it’s important to enrol in an accredited dog training course. It will surely teach you these training methods at a much deeper level.

Steps to follow when house training the puppy

Basically, you need to pay attention to certain steps when house training your puppy. If you do so, you will get the chance to fully train your puppy in a few weeks’ time. Truth guaranteed!

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Maintain a Schedule

Maintaining a schedule is really important when it comes to house training your puppy. Also, do not give your puppy it’s food at irregular times. Especially, make sure to keep the food away from the little one, in between its meals. This will make your life easy when house training the puppy!

Withal, as the first thing in the morning, remember to take your puppy outside. Afterwards, make sure to take it out every half an hour. Much better, if you can do the same after it awakes from a nap or post every meal.

Same Spot!

When taking your puppy out to eliminate, make sure to take it to a one particular spot. This will make them scent their own smell. With time, they will learn that you are taking them there to do the business. Also, it will understand that it should do the business only on the particular spot, but not anywhere else.

Reward Appropriately

We all love rewards. So are the puppies. Therefore, make sure to reward your puppy with its favourite snack every time it eliminates in the spot. However, if it excretes somewhere else, do not reward. This way, your puppy will understand that it’s getting rewarded for doing the act in one place. In fact, it will never excrete elsewhere, longing for the rewards.

However, you should keep in mind that rewarding a pet is an art. The puppy should learn for what purpose it is getting rewarded. Therefore, the best dog training courses will teach you canine psychology, so as to convince your puppy. As a result of that, you will know when to reward your puppy and with what to do it.

Keep an eye on them.

You may have to train your puppy for many days. But still emergencies may happen to the little fellow. Owing to that, it may excrete accidently. Therefore, it is better to keep an eye on the little one. Especially, when the puppy remains indoors.

Sometimes you can identify your puppy’s need to eliminate certain behaviours. For instance, it will circle, bark, sniff or even approach you suddenly. On the other hand, it would also go to the door and Scratch it. Take these signs as an indication of its need to excrete and take it to the spot immediately. This will stop your pet from accidentally soiling the house!

Withal, the best dog training courses will teach you ways to interpret the behaviour of your canine. So, getting enrolled in such a program would be important for you, if you are planning to adopt a puppy.

What you Should avoid when you house train your Puppy?

In spite of do’s, there are also things which you should avoid at all costs when house training your puppy. For instance, if your puppy accidentally defecates in a wrong spot, never ever punish it. Remember, it wasn’t something intentional, but an accident. In such cases, punishing the little one will only make it fear you. Also, it will stop your dog from developing a strong bond with you.

Especially, some dog owners make the puppy sniff the place while yelling at it. However, such action isn’t effective either. Trust me, it cannot make your pet realise the reason behind your anger. Not due to anything else, but as they aren’t psychologically capable of connecting the dots!

dog looking out of car window

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August 21, 2023

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