Top 10 Career Benefits of Completing a Business Analysis Course

Business Analysts are an integral part of any organisation and for that reason in itself, it makes for a great career choice. If you have the skills that it takes or you are passionate about becoming a Business Analyst, here are the top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate anymore and should start work on it today.

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No Chance of Getting Bored at Work

We all complain about monotony in our job now and then again right? If you are somebody who is seriously driven, this monotony can become a bit too much for you. What’s so great about the role of a business analyst is that you have so many different things to do. Some business analysts work on the tech side and others on the business side. You can adjust and define process flows, design technical solutions to solve business problems and so much more. It’s really going to keep you on your toes!!!

The Job Market is All But Exploding With Opportunity

If you have taken on a business analysis course or are a trained business analyst, you will have a lot of great career prospects to choose from. Every day more and more businesses are realising the importance of a proficient business analyst and they are opening up a lot of room for employment. Did you know that the business analyst job market is expected to grow at a rate of 19% over the next 10 years? So you are looking at about 880,000 jobs by 2026!!!

Work Independently With Flexibility

Nobody likes to be micromanaged. Just think about it. Could you perform your best with your talents restricted or with somebody hovering over your shoulder the whole time? It is demotivating to employees and makes them feel like they are not being trusted. The great news for you if you want to become a business analyst is that your work will almost always involve working with all levels of management and no processes that are set in stone. You are at liberty to use creative means to meet the expectations of your clients. So if you want a job where you can work flexibly start with your business analysis course now and get on the fast track to your career goals.

The Money is Good Too

If you are wondering about how much you will get paid as a business analyst, according to Payscale, you are looking at about £30,229 per year in general without counting in bonuses and profit-sharing. This is also just a medium-range in salary that can really increase as your experience and specialisation increase. Business analysts are always well compensated and with the demand for these jobs on the rise, the pay is only going to climb higher.

You Get to Use Your Experiences and Knowledge

Another aspect that many people find really appealing about the job is that you get to use every bit of experience you’ve gathered from jobs before this role. The most successful business analysts have a wide range of skills and experiences that they have gained from previous jobs even if you were a teacher, in marketing, or had your own business. Nothing is going to waste ever because you really don’t know how a particular aspect of your skills or experiences can give you the solutions to a problem that you are tackling as a business analyst.

You Get to Help Others

This one is truly rewarding. Much of what you will do involves eliminating ‘pain points and getting the full big picture clearly. You then break it down into solvable pieces and test and implement the solution. In the process of doing so, you will be helping a business, an employee or a business unit do things better and make a better profit.

Springboard to Other Careers

You can use the knowledge that you gain as a business analyst to help you progress and succeed in many other careers and there really is no limit. Want to become a CEO? Nothing is stopping you.

So Why Wait?

They say procrastination is the killer of dreams. If you know that you want to become a business analyst, we can help you. Study 365 has a wide range of business analysis course options that can help you succeed in your career or help you carry out your further education. You can browse our programs at;

Become part of a growing job market and unlock your success today.

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September 1, 2023

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