Top 10 key functions of Human Resources Management

Employees are the key strength of any organisation. In fact, Human resource management is the cardinal approach to better manage employees at a workplace. Even though HRM appears as a simple task in its outlook, it isn’t always the case. Managing human resources is a very hard thing to do. It certainly requires a lot of skills, patience, talent and expertise.

However, human resources management is what makes any organisation successful at the end of the day. So, read this blog and learn the top 10 functions of Human Resources management!

1. Planning of Human Resources

Human resources are the prominent factor which drives a business towards its success. In fact, HR planning is important for any organisation. For instance, this aspect would relate to identifying the type of people required for the business. Also, HR planning would involve candidate selection and recruitment, training, and such other activities. Basically, this aspect is all about the future of any organisation. This is why HR planning has become a key component of any Human resources management course.

2. Selection, Recruitment and Onboarding of Suitable Candidates

Human resource managers are the major people who select candidates for a particular organisation. However, this process of selecting and recruiting candidates is a complex process. In fact, they should assess a particular candidate’s qualifications, work experience, and various other factors to select the right person. After such selection only HR personnel onboard the suitable candidates.

Withal, you can’t carry out this process based on your own value judgements. There should be an objective basis for Recruitment decisions. Therefore, get enrolled in some Human resources management courses if you aspire to become a HR professional one day. It will teach you how to select and onboard the best candidates for your organisation.

3. Management of Training

When a new employee starts his/her job with an organisation, he/she is like a fresh canvas to start. In fact, it is the employer’s duty to give such employees the required exposure to the organisation. To fulfil this act, on behalf of the employing organisation, the HR department comes in place. They arrange and coordinate on the necessary training activities strategically. This is why management of training and development has become a major part of many Human resources management courses!

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4. Analysis of Jobs while Designing them appropriately

Every business is dynamic in nature. In other words, they constantly evolve and change from their current status. Due to this reason, another main functionality of Human Resources Management is job analysis and design.

Therefore, it is the duty of HR professionals to keep an eye on the evolving requirement of a particular business. Later, they design suitable job roles to fulfil the evolving needs of such business. So, are you aspiring to become a successful career planner at HR? If so, please enrol in a Human resources management course now itself. The best Human resources management courses will teach you everything about logical career planning!

5. Administration of wages

Human resources department handles multiple functions related to salaries and wages. For instance, they decide on salary stratums for each job role. Also, they implement strategies for providing incentives, salary increments, etc. However, this isn’t as simple a task as it appears to be.

So, please check whether your Human Resources Management course teaches you about administering wages. If it does, it is a good indicator that you have selected one of the best Human Resources Management courses.

6. Delivering Personal support for employees

Remember, we told you that employees are the key strength of any organisation? This is why a particular organisation should provide personal support for its employees when they really need help. In fact, HR is the main department which coordinates the necessary activities to help a particular employee in need.

For instance, in case of an employee’s sickness, HR will communicate with his/her assigned department to make necessary adjustments. Sometimes, due to a shocking life concern, such as the demise of a family member, employee performance would decrease. In such cases, HR officers act with empathy to recover the employee back to his normal status.

7. Management of Employee Performance

This is one of the most important functions which HR performs on behalf of a particular organisation. In fact, HR is the department which appraises an employee based on his/ her performance. This way, they identify employees with a low performance level. Later, HR officers arrange necessary training and development programs to increase the performance of such employees. However, at certain times, they do not hesitate to replace such employees’, if their performances are unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is better to say that HR ensures the smooth functioning of a business through this aspect.

8. Compliance with Labour Law

Human Resources also involves the act of defining policies for the organisation. However, no HR officer is able to make such policies based on their own wish. They have to comply with the existing labour law of any country. For instance, work hours, leaves, holidays, etc. are aspects which require compliance with labour law. Therefore, make sure to get some exposure on labour laws, simultaneously to taking your Human Resources management courses. When you start performing your duty as a HR officer, this knowledge will come to your rescue. Especially, new avenues will open for you to progress in your career with this knowledge!

9. Employee Rewards

No matter whether we are Big or small, all of us are rewarded! In fact, people love getting rewarded for their performance at the workplace. Especially, when they reach that extra-mile for the progress of his/her organization. Therefore, it is a key duty of HR officers to plan rewards for employees. Such rewards will not only boost employee confidence, but they will even work harder.

10. Disciplinary Actions

The world is full of good and bad. This is a fact which we must accept without any objections. In particular, when it comes to workplaces this condition prevails the same. There are good and bad employees. Therefore, HR department functions to take necessary disciplinary actions for the wrongdoings of any employee. This way HR maintains the organisational discipline while encouraging the integrity of employees.

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