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Why Lean Six Sigma Certification for You?

If you are planning to establish or extend your professional career in Quality Management in the manufacturing, healthcare, technology, pharmaceutical and other industries, then Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma Certification could be among the foremost qualifications that your prospective employer may ask for. Well-known across the world, the Lean Six Sigma Principles have been successfully applied to countless organizations and industries. Both, theories and applications about Lean Six Sigma speak volume about its benefits not only for an individual’s business intelligence but also for their careers. Having a Lean Six Sigma certification attached to your resume reflects the level of your commitment towards improving your analytical skills and business acumen, while also contributing to the organization where you will work. If you are confused about getting Lean Six Sigma Certification or not; then please allow us to explain you some quick facts and benefits that Lean Six Sigma Certification offers to your career and your business intelligence. But first learn some basic facts about Lean Six Sigma Certification.

What is Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Acquiring Lean Six Sigma Certification could significantly improves your future career, but only if you rightly understand its methodologies; as merely holding a certification will not guarantee your competence within the respected field. Firstly, it is very important to recognize that Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma are two completely different certifications and each of them comes with three levels that are commonly called ‘Belts’. The Lean Six Sigma is set of tools and techniques that is carefully designed to improve the organizational processes. The basic goal of Lean Six Sigma Certification is to certify/authorize skilled individuals to detect and eliminate the problem areas and defects from the business processes in order to improve them. The three belts/levels of Lean Six Sigma Certification are Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt. You can easily acquire this certification from various bodies such as ASQ (American Society for Quality); however there is no single body governing these certifications.

Why Lean Six Sigma Certification? – 4 Prime Benefits

   i. Offers You Excellent Compensation & Higher Level Job Position
Everyone gets allured by pronounced monetary rewards. Providentially, Lean Six Sigma Certification is one of the qualification that can help you getting some of the highest pay across the world. Yes, you read me right. According to a recent survey conducted by the world most pronounced employment and job listings search engine i.e., Six Sigma Certified Professionals have been placed amongst the group of highest paid professionals worldwide.
   ii. Assist You In Nurturing Leadership & Managerial Abilities
Lean Six Sigma Certification prepares you for the leadership and management roles with the knowledge and techniques to reduce operational cost, enhance productivity, increase profitability and efficiency of the organizational processes. Successfully achieving   the Black Belt not only teach you with the methodologies, but also prepare you to become a successful change agent within your organization and leading the effort to improve the quality of the deliverables and the overall efficiency of the processes.
   iii. Provides Practical Experience
Unlike other certification, Lean Six Sigma Certification provides you practical field experience based on real-life situation and industry project, which allow you to implement the theoretical principles and methodologies taught during the certification. This means that, being a Lean Six Sigma Certified professional you will be valuably experienced even before you professionally enter the human resource of an organization.
   iv. Applicable Across Several Industries
The value of Lean Six Sigma is beyond industrial boundaries and this is the primary reason that made it applicable to several progressive industries like telecom, aerospace, financial and banking services, electronics, business, marketing, finance and IT. This offers you a great prospect of switching the industry too whenever you get the opportunity of a better employment. Although passing the Lean Six Sigma Certification is not everyone’s cup of tea, but one’s you get certified and excel in its methodologies, you can rule your career undoubtedly.
October 5, 2017

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