Career Options with Make up Courses

Have you ever thought about becoming a Makeup Artist? We want to give you all the information. 

The term “Makeup Artist” is a broad one, as there are many different areas within the makeup industry that you might choose to focus on. So, without further ado, here is a breakdown of all the different career options open to aspiring Makeup Artists:

Makeup Consultant

If you’ve ever been to a department store, Makeup Consultants are the glamorous beings who help you to choose your makeup and can offer help and advice. They can also give makeovers and colour match products like foundation and concealer. To be employed as a Makeup Artist you will need to have a sound knowledge of the basics, so taking our Makeup Application Course, or our Make-up Artist Training Course would be a great advantage and could help you gain employment. We’ll teach you all the fundamentals, so you’ll be prepared for work as a Makeup Consultant. Once you have secured a job you’ll gain valuable experience, and can then climb your way up the ladder and could end up doing makeup for fashion shows or celebrities!

Bridal Makeup Artist

Bridal Makeup is an industry all on its own, and as you can imagine it’s in high demand. Brides want to look their best and love being pampered on their big day. One of the advantages of specialising in bridal makeup is that you can work on a freelance basis and so can fit your working hours into your routine, so it’s a great option if you have children. We offer a course specifically for Advance Makeup for Bridal and Special Occasion, which aims to help you kick start an excellent career in bridal makeup, so you can build a portfolio and start making dreams come true!

Makeup for TV and Film

This is another area you could specialise in, and comes with tons of benefits! Successful makeup artists within this industry can really make a name for themselves, and can potentially travel for their work and be part of amazing projects. To get to this level you’ll need professional training, so either our Makeup Application Course or our Make-up Artist Training Course would be a big advantage. These courses aim to give detailed instruction and will help you build your kit and create a portfolio, which you’ll need to gain employment. Doing makeup for film or television is exciting, and once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start working your way to the top.

Our makeup courses are created by professionals within the industry, so start learning today!

August 31, 2023

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