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If you’re a creative soul there are many ways in which you can develop your imaginative talents, and we can help you do just that. We believe that creative talents should be nourished, and we develop courses that will help you realise your full potential. So if you’ve got a creative mind and you don’t know which direction to go in, this will be your guide!

SFX Makeup Advanced

With this course, you can become: SFX Makeup Artist

Average Salary: £20,500 (

If you love to work with your hands and get stuck in then you should consider SFX Makeup. This amazing art form involves designing, creating, and maintaining specialist prosthetic makeup. You could do this for theatre productions, or television and film, and will work with Directors, Actors, Makeup Artists, and Production Designers. Prosthetics are an exceptional art form and can transform a production. You might be creating wounds, scars, burns, and could also create magical or fantasy creatures, depending on what the director is looking for. For a creative, being an SFX Makeup Artist is a great option, and can earn a very high salary, especially with experience.

Our fantastic Special Effects Makeup course has been created by a makeup artist with years of experience working on well-known television programmes such as Hollyoaks, so you’ll be in good hands. You’ll develop the skills needed to pursue a career in the special effects makeup industry, and will practice creating amazing looks for film and TV. This is an advanced-level course, so if you have no experience you might consider taking our SFX Makeup Beginners course.

Diploma in Digital Photography – Level 3

With this course, you can become: Photographer

Average Salary: £20,000 (

Photography is a great career choice as it allows for a lot of variation. You could specialise in wedding photography, landscape photography, or fashion photography. Whether you want to capture beautiful natural landscapes or hope to help people document their wedding day, there will be something for you. You’ll often be working freelance, and have the choice of working alone or with others, depending on which area of photography you choose to focus on. The average salary of a Photographer is £20,000 (, and this increases with experience.

Photographers are artists who use a camera, so if you’re a creative individual it could be a great option and will allow you to channel your artistic talents. If you’re serious about a career in Photography our Diploma in Digital Photography – Level 3 is an excellent choice, as it provides an in-depth education in digital photography, and will allow you to build up a well-rounded knowledge of various techniques.

Advertising & Marketing Diploma

With this course, you can become: Marketing Executive

Average Salary: £23,000 (

For creatives who would prefer to work in an office, Advertising or Marketing could be a perfect choice! You’ll need to be inventive and have a creative flair, as the job industry is fuelled by new ideas and exciting concepts. Your imagination will know no bounds, and you’ll be tasked with dreaming up fantastic new advertising or marketing campaigns to boost the sales of new products.

Our Advertising & Marketing Diploma aims to introduce topics such as buyer behaviour, brand development, the advertising process, media planning, and global marketing, enabling students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the role of advertising and marketing in business and society. When you’ve finished the course, you’ll be able to apply marketing techniques at both the strategic and operational levels, implement creative advertising strategies, and develop an understanding of the importance of marketing and advertising in meeting business objectives. Someone who is creative and business savvy is a double threat, and will take the job market by storm!

August 31, 2023

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