How to Lose Weight Safely

Want to shed those few extra pounds and look the best that you can this coming summer? Sounds like a great plan for sure, if you can do it safely. With the current importance that is being given to maintaining a good physique, many people believe that having extra weight on you is dangerous, which it is. But they don’t think about whether or not the methods that they are using to get rid of that weight is safe or unsafe.

Just think about it.

Did you recently feel the pressure to take on a diet that required you to starve yourself (almost starve at least)? Did you start working out frantically, sustaining injuries in the process sometimes? If any method that you are using to lose weight is causing you to feel weak or is pushing you to stay in hunger or dehydrate yourself, it is not safe.


Luckily, there are easy and practical ways in which you can lose weight safely.

Weight Loss Tips that Won’t Risk Your Health

There are many easy ways to lose weight that will not undermine your health. But before you start looking for them, you need to be very certain about your own body and its chemical balance. You should have some idea of the strength and agility that you have. If you have any underlying medical conditions you should not ignore them and you should also know about them. For example, if you have hypertension, you should think about what type of cardio you should engage in, if at all. A lot of the time, getting to know your body, also involves talking with professionals who can help you choose the right methods.

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Not Depriving Your Body of What it Needs

No matter how badly or how urgently you want to lose weight, you should not deprive your body of the nutrients and energy that it needs to stay fit. You can take a weight loss diet if you must but that diet needs to cover all the minerals and nutrients that your body needs. This also means that if you are somebody with special dietary needs, you may have to talk with a nutritionist or dietician so that you get the right meal plans sorted. The more that you deprive your body of what it needs through fast track diets, the more you will be easy prey to both infectious diseases like the flu or even non-infectious diseases like low blood sugar and heart disease.

In case you were thinking, yes, severely underweight individuals can get heart attacks, simply because there is not enough energy in your heart muscle to keep pumping blood, especially if you are in a high-stress situation.

Knowing Your Metabolism

Many people genuinely believe that not eating is the best way to lose weight. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Your metabolism is what determines, how much weight you gain and lose to a certain extent. Some people who can process their food well and fast may actually never gain that much weight despite eating whatever they seem fit. Others may struggle to control their weight even if they are on a diet. If so, it means that they have a slow or low metabolism and their first target has to be to improve that. Improving your metabolism cannot be done by starving yourself. In fact the more you starve the longer your body will go into survival mode and try to hold on to the fats stored. The right nutrition along with generous hydration throughout the day will give you an improved metabolism.

How to Eat Less Safely?

If you really want to know how to lose weight fast, food is the first thing that you will naturally cut back on. It is something that almost all of us will think about and pick out as the best way forward. Now, you can eat well, but safely eat less and lose weight well too. This will definitely help people who have an obesity problem, or those who have undergone a gastric bypass at some point. It may also help individuals who experience a lot of hunger throughout the day. What you can do, is to break up your three large meals into five or six small meals every day and eat them at regular times. This will increase your metabolism, keep the hunger pangs away and will also ensure that you eat less than before but in a way that is actually safer for your body.

Water is the Best Detox

Do you feel like your tummy is bloated or puffy a lot of the time? Or maybe you are somebody with a lot of water retention in your body. Even if that was not the case, you should keep in mind that water is the best detox that there ever is. The more water that you drink, the more your body will stay hydrated. This helps keep all the internal functions flowing smoothly and it will also help to keep your system free of toxins. It will keep the pH of your blood on the alkaline side which in itself has massive health benefits. If you want to know how to lose weight fast, water is a good option to take on. Studies have shown that people who drink a good amount of water every day keep off the weight easier and lose weight faster than others.

So if you want to lose weight safely, make the right choices. Don’t rely on chemicals and supplements. Try to look after your body and maintain an active lifestyle by either working out or a sport that you enjoy. The results that you gain will be with you for a longer time and without negative side effects.

September 1, 2023

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