8 Ways to Motivate your Staff

Team meetings

The workplace can be hectic, and it might seem like communication is breaking down, so a regular team meeting is a great way to foster communication, discussion, and feedback. If people feel that they are being listened to, then they are much more likely to perform well and feel valued. So no matter how busy you are, make a point of holding regular team meetings. During the meeting, you can take the chance to inform your staff and keep them up to date, which will make them feel more involved in the business. In addition, encourage feedback or questions, and this will generate conversation.

Hold regular appraisals

Staff wants to feel that they are being recognised for the work they do, and obviously, pay is a big factor. So regular appraisals are very important. As well as pay, an appraisal is a great chance to set goals, discuss performance, give feedback, and for your staff to tell you how they feel about work. Setting goals, both long and short term, is a very effective method and is sure to make people feel motivated, as it will give them something to focus on and aim for.

Encourage questions

Make sure your staff always know they can ask you questions about anything, whether it’s work or home, you should always have your door open. For example, if a member of staff doesn’t totally understand something, it is much better for them to ask a question, than to just try and do the work anyway. In the long term, the quality of work will be higher, and they will never feel stressed if they do not understand something. In addition, it encourages communication, which is a big factor in keeping people motivated.

Face to face interactions

Whether it’s group lunches, evenings at the pub, or activities outside of work, communication is very important. You want your staff to feel comfortable and relaxed around each other, as then they will work together well, and teamwork will be a breeze! Additionally, having the chance to relax and unwind is just as important as knuckling down when there is work to be done, so arrange something for everyone to do together.

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Give staff responsibilities

When you give people responsibility, they will respond by stepping up and will feel that they are trusted and valued. As long as you aren’t overloading them with duties, giving someone the chance to show what they can do is a great way to inspire and motivate.

Create a positive environment

If you make it easy to be comfortable and stay focused then they will! To create a positive working environment by providing nutritional snacks, promoting hydration, and removing any clutter. You might think about offering standing desks, or desk cycles, and always make sure the office is not too hot. Above all, make people feel welcome, and try to keep the office space a nice place to be.

Give incentives

Obviously, your staff is being paid, but smaller incentives can work wonders at keeping people motivated! You could set targets and offer gift cards, cinema tickets, or something similar to those who reach or exceed the targets. Not only will this give people something to focus on, but it will also mean they feel their work is worthwhile and will give them something to aim for.

Professional development

Enrichment is crucial when it comes to keeping people motivated, and it stops the job from getting stale or boring. There are so many options, you could organise an away day to develop teamwork, you could encourage staff to volunteer at a charitable organisation, or you could arrange some professional training. Not only will they be exercising their brain, but they will feel that they are worth the investment. As long as people feel valued, they will be happy to put in hard work, and extra hours, and will want to prove that it was worth it. Study365 provides a variety of training courses that would be extremely helpful to work professionals, like our Business Skills Diploma, Microsoft Office 2016 training, or Customer Service Training.


August 31, 2023

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