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Coaching Courses from Study 365 can Brighten Up Your Career Prospects

You may have often heard the word “coaching”, when it comes to various types of Sports. Have you ever heard about life coaching? Well, if you haven’t, a life coach trains people to reach their life goals. Usually, life coaches earn a decent income, while making others successful and happy!

If you follow  Online life coaching courses from study 365 ,you can in fact be a successful life coach. So read this blog to find more information about life coaching in the UK.

What skills will make you a successful life coach?

The primary responsibility of a life coach  is to guide his or her clients to eliminate their life obstacles. This is done to make them achieve what they seek in life. Therefore, you need to develop the following skill set. Later, you can easily identify the ingrained attitudes and beliefs of your clients.

  •   Active Listening Skills.
  •    Analytical Skills.
  •    Being Supportive.
  •    Effective communication Skills.
  •   Being Objective, yet firm.
  •    Professionalism and Confidentiality.

You should master these skills, and complete your online life coaching courses to figure out your client persona. Thereafter, you can recognize individual strengths and weaknesses of your clients. Based on the assessment you have made on your client’s traits; you can thereby nourish his/her personal strengths. This way, you can also give effective solutions to overcome the setbacks delaying his/ her progress in life.


Types of Life Coaching

There are various niches in life coaching, in which you can render your services. For instance, you may specialize in youth coaching, career coaching or even spiritual coaching. You won’t believe that retirement coaching is yet another niche to focus on!

If you have the academic background and adequate knowledge in a particular subject, you can serve a unique customer base. For example, you can start coaching for executive businesses, if you have a good understanding of business. Therefore, identifying the particular areas of your interest is a good thing to do. But do it before starting your online life coaching courses. This way, you can adapt the theories, strategies and techniques of life coaching in a perfect manner. Usually, in a manner to suit the particular niche, you intend to provide your services.

Why should you follow online life coaching courses? Is it a must?

As a life coach, you need to assist a person to successfully reach his/her targets and goals. Therefore, the success rate of your life coaching career would definitely depend on the progress of your clients.

To give reliable advice for your clients, you need to be sure of what you are doing. If you engage in a process of trial-and-error, the lives of your client’s will end up in misery. However, there won’t be any going back. In fact, this is why the formal education you receive by following online life coaching courses is important. No matter how clever you are, without methodical knowledge, there is no success in this career.

How much money can you make as a life coach?

This is one of the highly raised questions, when it comes to life coaching. We know that you need to invest money to get enrolled in online life coaching courses. However, this investment isn’t futile. Believe it or not, you can get rewarded more than you think!

In fact, a starter life coach in the UK, will earn an hourly pay around £20.33 as per However, with the right experience and qualifications, your earning potential would rise up to £ 96.96 per hour.

Also, it’s better to keep in mind that you can become self-employed as a life coach. On the other hand, you may even work on a part-time basis to make some additional revenue. It is of no doubt that this will definitely support your full-time earnings. Isn’t it great to earn, while benefiting the society at the same time?

Why should you enrol into online life coaching courses at Study 365?

Study 365 is an accredited body offering an array of courses in several disciplines. So many learners prefer our courses due to various reasons. Course modules covered, accessible nature of courses, the mode of study and flexible class times are some of these reasons.

In Particular, we have designed our online life coaching courses to suit a diverse learner base. In fact, they would be ideal for those learners who wish to professionally engage in the life coaching business. Also, our courses suit individuals, who seek to achieve their own life targets by gaining exposure to proven methods.

In addition to that, an eminent team of experts delivers our courses to you. They have decades of experience of being in the life coaching industry. Therefore, better see this chance as a golden opportunity to effectively develop your skills on life coaching.

What are the Online life coaching courses available for you at Study 365?

Life coaching is a huge subject. Therefore, we have strategically organized our coaching courses to cater each requirement of our diverse learners. In fact, our Level 3- Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring is ideal for individuals, aspiring to be professional life coaches.  You can even become mentors with the knowledge you acquire. Also, this program will give you a comprehensive idea about the fundamentals of life coaching. We assume that most of our learners have little or no experience in life coaching!

Maybe you are currently working as a mentor, teacher or even as a counsellor. However, our  Diploma in Life Coach Training- Level 3 is still worth doing. This is because this course will expand your career opportunities. In addition, you will learn appropriate techniques and tools to handle people. In Particular, you will get a chance to help people by enrolling in our online life coaching courses.

If you are a manager who manages intensively performing skilled teams, we have designed a special course for you also. In fact, by enrolling in this program, you will figure out the ideal types of training approaches and leadership styles. This will make you obtain the best performance from your team, at the end of the day.

So don’t let a lifetime disappointment happen. Think smart and get your future changed! All you need to do is to get registered in a life coaching program with study 365!

However, if you want to know any additional information on our online life coaching courses, please email us at:


September 6, 2021

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