Advanced Node-Red - Level 3

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Overview If you are looking for a course that teaches you how to prototype and develop applications by interfacing multiple …


If you are looking for a course that teaches you how to prototype and develop applications by interfacing multiple cloud platforms, on the go, this course is for you. 

By the end of the course, you will be confident to use Node-RED to prototype real-world applications using different cloud platforms. You will also learn to build Node-RED nodes as part of this course.

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Venkatesh is the founder of Makerdemy which is based in Singapore and has operations in Chennai, India. He has a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Madras and a Masters in Financial Engineering from the National University of Singapore. He also has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore. Venkatesh strongly believes that education helps transform people’s lives and that it should be made accessible to everyone.

  • How to build Node-RED nodes 
  • How to integrate Node-RED with top 4 cloud platforms - AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud
  • Learn to build non-trivial real-life projects using Node-RED 


  • Students
  • Individuals working in the related sector


  • Learners should have a basic understanding of the English language and ICT 
  • Functional knowledge of JS, HTML, Nodes would be beneficial
  • Learners should be over the age of 16


This is a knowledge-based course, and thus, will contain no method of assessment. 


Once the course completed, the learners get awarded the certificate of completion for ‘Advanced Node-Red - Level 3’ by iAP.


The International Awards for Professionals (iAP) is an awarding body established in 1999 that aims to promote a high educational standard. They hope to create online education that is trustworthy and credible. They are focused on raising the standards of online education, and ensuring it is accessible to all. The iAP provides accreditation for a range of educational establishments, and monitors and continually develops the educational standards of such institutions. Their globally recognised certifications allow learners to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to gain employment in the chosen fields. 


On successful completion of this course, learners will have the knowledge and skills to enter the relevant job market, with the confidence to explore a wide range of industry-related professions. You can study related courses that will open the door to new and exciting opportunities and enhance your expertise in this subject, and add this as a skillset to your resume. Your skills will be recognised by top employers and organisations that will enable you to land a generous-paying job, gain plenty of benefits, and a wide array of opportunities. Given below are job titles you can compete for,

  • Software Engineer
  • Application Innovation Specialists 

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to the Course
1.1. Introduction FREE 00:07:00
1.2. Important Update FREE 00:01:00
1.3. Basics of Node-RED FREE 00:06:00
1.4. Running Node-RED on Docker FREE 00:07:00
2. How to Create Nodes?
2.1 Testing the Function 00:04:00
2.2 Creating a JS File 00:05:00
2.3 Creating an HTML File 00:04:00
2.4 Packaging and publishing the Node 00:04:00
2.5 Creating a Name Formatter Node 00:07:00
3. Rock-Paper-Scissors
3.1 Introduction to the Project 00:03:00
3.2 IBM Watson Visual Recognition 00:05:00
3.3 Training the Visual Model 00:07:00
3.4 Sending the Image to Watson and Analyzing the Result 00:04:00
3.5 Setting up the Dashboard 00:07:00
3.6 Storing Scores and Adding Other Functionalities 00:14:00
3.7 Final Result 00:03:00
4. Office Automation
4.1 Introduction to the Project 00:02:00
4.2 Alexa 00:11:00
4.3 AWS Lambda 00:20:00
4.4 Node-RED 00:04:00
4.5 Raspberry Pi 00:05:00
4.6 Adding Additional Functionality – Leave Application Bot (Part 1) 00:05:00
4.7 Adding Additional Functionality – Leave Application Bot (Part 2) 00:16:00
4.8 Adding Additional Functionality – Leave Application Bot (Part 3) 00:09:00
4.9 Adding Additional Functionality – Leave Application Bot (Part 4) 00:08:00
4.10 Adding Additional Functionality – Sheet Notification 00:09:00
5. Security System
5.1 Introduction to the Project 00:03:00
5.2 Azure Face API 00:07:00
5.3 Testing the Azure Face API 00:10:00
5.4 Testing Face Identify API 00:16:00
5.5 Building the Project 00:20:00
6. Handwritten Document Detection + Conversion to PDF
6.1 Introduction to the Project 00:02:00
6.2 Google Cloud Vision API 00:11:00
6.3 Conversion to PDF 00:04:00
6.4 Adding Additional Functionality 00:07:00
Completion Certificate Request
Completion Certificate Request

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    D B

    Drew Barnes

    August 28, 2021
    Very Informative

    Very impressive tools and content.

    R W

    Rene Wright

    July 19, 2021
    Good Course

    Very descriptive and in-depth. Some good practical examples.

    R G

    Ryan George

    June 04, 2021
    Good content

    The content is to-the-point with adequate variety and depth. I liked your website.

    T G

    Tanner George

    May 14, 2021
    Easy learning

    I completed the course easily due to amazing contribution from your helpful team

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