Exploring Alexa Voice Services and Alexa Gadgets - Level 3

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Overview Alexa is Amazon’s voice service and the brain behind millions of devices like the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and …


Alexa is Amazon’s voice service and the brain behind millions of devices like the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. Alexa provides capabilities, or skills, that allows customers to create a more personalised experience. Alexa is designed for voice recognition so that when a person issues a voice command, Alexa understands and provides a reply to that question in seconds. Smart voice assistants have expanded from personal use in the home to applications in public services and educational spaces.  This course is meant for anyone who wants to build customised voice-enabled devices and fun-filled Alexa Gadgets.

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Venkatesh is the founder of Makerdemy which is based in Singapore and has operations in Chennai, India. He has a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Madras and a Masters in Financial Engineering from the National University of Singapore. He also has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore. Venkatesh strongly believes that education helps transform people’s lives and that it should be made accessible to everyone.

  • Learn to make voice-enabled devices and fun-filled Gadgets
  • Understand how to build your own Alexa-enabled device
  • Solve problems using voice-controlled technology
  • Students who want to learn about voice-controlled technology
  • Professionals already working in the sector and want to enhance their skills
  • There are no pre-requisites to follow this course
  • Learners should be over the age of 16


  • This is a knowledge-based course, and thus, will contain no method of assessment. 

Once the course and the exam are successfully completed, the learners get awarded the certificate of completion for  ‘Exploring Alexa Voice Services and Alexa Gadgets - level 3' by iAP.


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  • Digital Device Alexa Support Associate
  • Engineer – ALEXA
  • Software Development Engineer

Course Curriculum

1. Getting Started with Alexa Voice Services
1.1. Introduction to the Course FREE 00:06:00
1.2. Introduction to Alexa Voice Service FREE 00:05:00
1.3. Getting to know AVS Device SDK FREE 00:09:00
1.4. Building with AVS Device SDK – Part 1 FREE 00:12:00
1.5. Building with AVS Device SDK – Part 2 00:15:00
2. Mirror Mirror , What All Can You Do?
2.1. A Bird’s Eye View 00:05:00
2.2. Experimenting with Magic Mirror 00:08:00
2.3. Tinkering the Magic Mirror 00:06:00
2.4. Magic Mirror Gone Smart! 00:07:00
2.5. Making of the Smart Mirror 00:02:00
3. Enhancing the Mirror
3.1. Picking back at where we left 00:04:00
3.2. Getting Ourselves Ready 00:09:00
3.3. Mirror Mirror , Take a Picture! – Part 1 00:08:00
3.4. Mirror Mirror , Take a Picture! – Part 2 00:17:00
3.5. Mirror Mirror , Play a Song!- Part 1 00:11:00
3.6. Mirror Mirror , Play a Song!- Part 2 00:16:00
4. Alexa Gadgets
4.1. Introduction to Alexa Gadgets 00:07:00
4.2. Exploring Alexa Gadgets ToolKit 00:08:00
4.3. Designing an Alexa Gadget 00:05:00
4.4. Exploring the Sample Projects 00:04:00
4.5. Alphabet Tester – Part 1 00:06:00
4.6. Alphabet Tester – Part 2 00:10:00
4.7 Conclusion 00:05:00
Exploring Alexa Voice Services and Alexa Gadgets – Level 3 Assignments
Completion Certificate Request
Completion Certificate Request

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    M J

    Morgan James

    September 05, 2021

    Very informative course, I like Alexa for many reasons.

    A B

    Ashton Black

    August 11, 2021
    Great Tips for Managing Alexa

    I like Alexa voice services and prefer to take this course from your site.

    L N

    Leslie Nicholson

    July 10, 2021
    The Best

    This course is the best in terms of understanding Alexa cloud and voice services.

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