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Fundamentals of PLC Programming Using Logixpro Simulator

4.5( 4 REVIEWS )
Overview If you wish to learn the basics of PLC programming, the Fundamentals of PLC Programming Using Logixpro Simulator is …


If you wish to learn the basics of PLC programming, the Fundamentals of PLC Programming Using Logixpro Simulator is an excellent course. It is designed for individuals who have no prior knowledge of PLC and would like to learn the fundamentals of ladder programming. You will learn to use the Logixpro Simulator, write the coding and simulate within the programme. The course will focus on PC hardware configuration, PLC programming languages and PLC scan cycle.  

The Fundamentals of PLC Programming Using Logixpro Simulator demonstrates how to use markers, counters and timers in PLC, do tasks in silo, I/O and batch. Key modules will be fully explored to ensure the learner gains a complete understanding of the subject.   

The Fundamentals of PLC Programming Using Logixpro Simulator will begin at the fundamentals and teach you about fun and useful simulations. It is a comprehensive training on how to recognise the advantages of PLC programming. There is an ever-increasing need for qualified individuals who wish to take their career to the next level! This is a CPD certified course that will demonstrate to leading employers you are continually developing yourself, and will make you a desirable candidate across leading industries.

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Ahmed Mahdy is an Electrical Power Engineer and the founder of Khadija Academy in 2019. He’s from Cairo, Egypt and is an online instructor for 9 years. He offers electrical engineering courses and regularly posts YouTube videos on electrical engineering. Ahmed has authored 6 books on electrical engineering and has taught close to 40,000 students living in 170 countries. The purpose of his Academy is to teach the fundamentals of electrical engineering from fundamentals to advance levels. He is a highly recognised and successful instructor and often receives 5-star reviews from his students. He has an engaging teaching style and will walk students step by step through complex information

  • Understand the overview of PLC hardware configuration
  • Learn the advantages of using PLC
  • Explore the important symbols in PLC
  • Know inputs and outputs in PLC
  • Overview of different PLC programming languages

This course is recommended for,

  • Anyone who wants to learn about logixpro stimulator
  • Individuals who want to learn about ladder programming PLC
  • Learners should be over the age of 16, and have a basic understanding of English, ICT and numeracy.
  • A sound educational background is recommended

In order to pass the course ‘Fundamentals of PLC Programming Using Logixpro Simulator’, learners will complete an online quiz which will be immediately marked with learners knowing right away whether they’ve passed the test.

Upon the successful completion, you will be awarded the Certificate for ‘Fundamentals of PLC Programming Using Logixpro Simulator’ by CPD.

CPD is a leading awarding body in the United Kingdom that meets an excellent standard of high quality education. CPD is committed towards the enhancement of proficiency and personal skills in order to develop learners’ skills and abilities. CPD ensures that both practical and academic qualifications assist individuals to re-skill or up-skill and maintain a competitive advantage in their chosen industry.

The Certificate in Fundamentals of PLC Programming Using Logixpro Simulator will improve your candidature for a number of jobs in multiple sectors.  You can study further related courses that will open the door to new and exciting opportunities and enhance your expertise in this subject, and add this as a skillset on your resume. Your skills will be recognised by leading employers and top organisations, and for programming students who wish to pursue this field, this certificate will prove to be highly effective.

Course Curriculum

1.1. Lesson 1: Course Content 00:02:00
1.2. Lesson 2: What Is LogixPro 00:04:00
1.3. Lesson 3: Overview on PLC 00:34:00
1.4. Lesson 4: Important Symbols 00:05:00
Lessons and simulators
2.1. Lesson 5: Normally Opened, Normally Closed and Output Coils in Ladder Diagram 00:14:00
2.2. Lesson 6: Start-Stop Circuit 00:17:00
2.3. Lesson 7: Task 1 in Batch Simulator 00:12:00
2.4. Lesson 8: Task 2 in Batch Simulator 00:12:00
2.5. Lesson 9: Task 1 in Door Simulator 00:14:00
2.6. Lesson 10: Scan Cycle and Markers 00:10:00
2.7. Lesson 11: Task 3 in Batch Simulator Part 1 00:14:00
2.8. Lesson 12: Task 3 in Batch Simulator Part 2 00:11:00
2.9. Lesson 13: Task 4 in Batch Simulator Part 1 00:13:00
2.10. Lesson 14: Task 4 In Batch Simulator Part 2 00:09:00
2.11. Lesson 15: Latched and Unlatched Output in Ladder Diagram 00:06:00
2.12. Lesson 16: Task 5 in Batch Simulator 00:16:00
2.13. Lesson 17: Task 6 in Batch Simulator Part 1 00:14:00
2.14. Lesson 18: Task 6 in Batch Simulator Part 2 00:12:00
2.15. Lesson 19: Timers in PLC 00:13:00
2.16. Lesson 20: Task 2 in Io Simulator 00:08:00
2.17. Lesson 21: Task 3 in Io Simulator 00:09:00
2.18. Lesson 22: Task 4 in Io Simulator 00:08:00
2.19. Lesson 23: Task 7 in Batch Simulator Part 1 00:27:00
2.20. Lesson 24: Task 7 in Batch Simulator Part 2 00:06:00
2.21. Lesson 25: Task 5 in Io Simulator 00:15:00
2.22. Lesson 26: Counters in PLC 00:05:00
2.23. Lesson 27: Task 1 in Silo Simulator 00:23:00
2.24. Lesson 28: Task 6 in Io Simulator 00:09:00
2.25. Lesson 29: Task 7 in Io Simulator 00:09:00
2.26. Lesson 30: Task 2 in Door Simulator 00:12:00
2.27. Lesson 31: Task 8 in Batch Simulator Part 1 00:25:00
2.28. Lesson 32: Task 8 in Batch Simulator Part 2 00:11:00

Students feedback


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    R M

    Rudy Mccarthy

    March 11, 2021
    Detailed understanding

    I have never had any idea about PLC programming. Also, I didn’t know what it meant until I took this awesome programme. It’s a comprehensive course that taught me the basics of PLC programming with some remarkable simulations.

    M J

    Mel Jones

    February 25, 2021
    Supportive lecturer

    I never imagined that the lecturer would be so supportive and encouraging. He made himself always available and offered his support in every way through each unit.

    D W

    Dane Wallace

    January 13, 2021
    Getting to know something interesting

    After I enrolled myself on this programme only I got a vivid picture of a “Logixpro program” or “simulator”. I learnt that it is an interesting and useful simulator for simulation of different procedures as moving belt, garage opening and closing, a mixer which consists of a tank in addition to some pipes of different liquids and many more!

    L R

    Lesley Robinson

    December 13, 2020

    I am working and following my higher studies. Although I am doing my postgraduate in PLC programming, I learnt some unique points from this course. This course is available on a 24/7 basis, hence it helps me to study in a flexible manner where I balance both my job and studies.

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