Microsoft Excel 2016 Strater

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Overview Among the computer programmes, which exist, Microsoft Excel has become a basic requirement in every sector.  Excel is a …


Among the computer programmes, which exist, Microsoft Excel has become a basic requirement in every sector.  Excel is a great resource for data analysis and management.  It is commonly known as a “data” management tool, the figures that are typically managed are financial.  It’s used to organise data and perform financial analysis across all business functions and at companies from small to large.

If you’re familiar with Excel, then this course will help you to understand what is required to obtain a valuable certification in the subject.  This course will prepare you for Microsoft Excel 2016 Core Certification

The Microsoft Excel 2016 Strater course curriculum is designed and delivered by the top lecturers in the field who are also Microsoft Certified Professionals and MOS examiners. This ensures that you learn from the best and are confident to work with the knowledge gained. This course also provides a summary of the exam, the requirements set by Microsoft, tips and hacks on how to prepare and what to expect on the day of the test. It includes a comprehensive series of test exercises, which reflect the style of questions asked in the  Microsoft Core Excel Exam.

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Dave currently teaches at Mosun University and is a master of system analysis and project management as well as project design. He has many Microsoft certifications under his belt and specializes in Business Process Management and has obtained the PRINCE2 Practitioner status. He has over 12000 students from all over the globe and is a Microsoft Certified professional in Project management done in Microsoft Project. Furthermore, he is a MOS Master and examiner making him one of the foremost authorities in the field.



  • Be fully prepared to take the 77-728 MOS exam in Excel Expert
  • Master the advanced use of Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Be confident and competent in your use of Microsoft Excel for everyday business use
  • Be ready to begin to study to become a certified Microsoft Office Specialist
  • This course is suitable for individuals looking to take the 77-728 MOS exam
  • Those who want to learn tricks and hacks of Microsoft Excel
  • There are no pre-requisites to follow this course
  • Learners should be over the age of 16


This is a knowledge-based course, and thus, will contain no method of assessment. 

Once the course is completed, the learners get awarded the certificate of completion for ‘Microsoft Excel 2016 Strater’ by iAP.


The International Awards for Professionals (IAP) is an awarding body established in 1999 that aims to promote a high educational standard. They hope to create online education that is trustworthy and credible. They are focused on raising the standards of online education, and ensuring it is accessible to all. The IAP provides accreditation for a range of educational establishments, and monitors and continually develops the educational standards of such institutions. Their globally recognised certifications allow learners to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to gain employment in the chosen fields. 

On successful completion of this course, learners will have the knowledge and skills to sit the 77-727 Microsoft Excel exam. Learners will have the knowledge and skills to enter the relevant job market, with the confidence to explore a wide range of industry-related professions. You can study related courses that will open the door to new and exciting opportunities and enhance your expertise in this subject, and add this as a skillset on your resume. Your skills will be recognised by top employers and organisations that will enable you to land a generous-paying job, gain plenty of benefits, and a wide array of opportunities. Given below are job titles you can compete for.

  • Excel Expert
  • Data Analyst
  • Revenue Analyst


Course Curriculum

1. Introduction
1.1. What is Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification? FREE 00:05:00
1.2. Understanding the Objective Domain FREE 00:03:00
1.3. How is the exam be conducted and what will it be like? FREE 00:05:00
1.4. Try It Yourself Exercises FREE 00:01:00
2. Introducing the Microsoft Excel User Interface
2.1 Introducing the Excel User Interface FREE 00:09:00
2.2 Essential Navigation Skills 00:10:00
2.3 Entering Information 00:17:00
3. Student Exercise Files
3.1 Student Files 00:01:00
4. Create Worksheets and Workbooks
4.1 Create a Workbook 00:03:00
4.2 Importing Data from a Delimited Text File 00:05:00
4.3 Add a Worksheet to an Existing Workbook 00:02:00
4.4 Copy and Move a Worksheet 00:03:00
4.5 Exercises Domain 1.1 00:08:00
5. Navigate in Worksheets and Workbooks
5.1 Search & Navigate to a Named Cell, Range, or Workbook Element 00:08:00
5.2 Named Ranges 00:04:00
5.3 Insert and Remove hyperlinks 00:04:00
5.4 Exercises Domain 1.2 00:08:00
6. Format Worksheets and Workbooks
6.1 Changing Worksheet Characteristics 00:02:00
6.2 Modify Page Setup 00:07:00
6.3 Insert and Delete Columns or Rows (and Cells) 00:05:00
6.4 Change Workbook Themes 00:02:00
6.5 Adjust Row Height and Column Width 00:03:00
6.6 Insert Headers and Footers 00:05:00
6.7 Exercises Domain 1.3 00:07:00
7. Customise Options and Views for Worksheets and Workbooks
7.1 Hide or Unhide Worksheets, Columns and Rows 00:02:00
7.2 Customise the Quick Access Toolbar 00:02:00
7.3 Change Workbook Views 00:03:00
7.4 Change Window Views 00:08:00
7.5 Modify Document Properties 00:02:00
7.6 Change Magnification by using Zoom Tools 00:01:00
7.7 Display Formulas 00:02:00
7.8 Exercises Domain 1.4 00:05:00
8. Configure Worksheets and Workbooks for Distribution
8.1 Set a Print Area 00:01:00
8.2 Save Workbooks in Alternative File Formats 00:02:00
8.3 Print All of Part of a Workbook 00:01:00
8.4 Set Print Scaling 00:04:00
8.5 Display Repeating Row and Column Titles on Multipage Worksheets 00:02:00
8.6 Inspect a Workbook for Hidden Properties or Personal Information 00:02:00
8.7 Inspect a Workbook for Accessibility Issues 00:04:00
8.8 Inspect a Workbook for Compatibility Issues 00:03:00
8.9 Exercises 1.5 00:03:00
9. Insert Data in Cells and Ranges
9.1 Replace Data 00:03:00
9.2 Cut, Copy or Paste Data 00:04:00
9.3 Paste Data by using Special Paste Options 00:04:00
9.4 Fill Cells by using Auto Fill 00:03:00
9.5 Insert and Delete Cells 00:01:00
9.6 Exercises Domain 2.1 00:06:00
10. Format Cells and Ranges
10.1 Merge Cells 00:02:00
10.2 Modify Cell Alignment and Indentation 00:02:00
10.3 Format Cells by using Format Painter 00:02:00
10.4 Wrap Text Within Cells 00:01:00
10.5 Apply Number Formats 00:07:00
10.6 Apply Cell Formats 00:07:00
10.7 Apply Cell Styles 00:02:00
10.8 Exercises Domain 2.2 00:07:00
11. Summarise and Organise Data
11.1 Insert Sparklines 00:04:00
11.2 Outline Data and Insert Subtotals 00:08:00
11.3 Apply Conditional Formatting 00:05:00
11.4 Exercises Domain 2.3 00:05:00
12. Create and Manage Tables
12.1 Create an Excel Table from a Cell Range and Reverse 00:05:00
12.2 Add or Remove Table rows and Columns 00:02:00
12.3 Table Styles 00:02:00
12.4 Exercises Domain 3.1 and 3.2 00:02:00
13. Filter and Sort a Table
13.1 Filter Records 00:05:00
13.2 Sort Data 00:06:00
13.3 Remove Duplicate Records 00:01:00
13.4 Exercises Domain 3.3 00:04:00
14. Summarise Data by Using Functions
14.1 (Part I) Insert References 00:10:00
14.2 (Part II) Absolute References 00:06:00
14.3 Perform Calculations by using the SUM Function 00:05:00
14.4 Using the Average, MIN, MAX and COUNT Functions 00:04:00
14.5 Exercises Domain 4.1 00:07:00
15. Perform Conditional Operations by Using Functions
15.1 Perform Logical Operations by using the IF Function 00:11:00
15.2 Using the AverageIF, COUNTIF and SUMIF Functions 00:04:00
15.3 Exercises Domain 4.2 00:09:00
16. Format and Modify Text by Using Functions
16.1 Format Text by using Text Functions 00:08:00
16.2 Exercises Domain 4.3 00:04:00
17. Create Charts
17.1 Create a New Chart 00:04:00
17.2 Add Additional Data Series and Switch Rows and Columns 00:01:00
17.3 Analyse Data by using Quick Analysis 00:02:00
17.4 Exercises Domain 5.1 00:03:00
18. Format Charts
18.1 Resize Charts 00:02:00
18.2 Add and Modify Chart Elements 00:02:00
18.3 Apply Chart Layouts and Styles and Move Charts 00:02:00
18.4 Exercises Domain 5.2 00:03:00
19. Insert and Format Objects
19.1 Insert Text Boxes and Shapes 00:02:00
19.2 Insert Images 00:03:00
19.3 Modify Object Properties 00:10:00
19.4 Add Alternative Text to Objects for Accessibility 00:01:00
19.5 Exercises Domain 5.3 00:05:00
Completion Certificate Request
Completion Certificate Request

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    E K

    Emerson Kaur

    October 14, 2021
    Perfect Solution

    Microsoft Excel training is the perfect solution to streamline your start-up. I gained value.

    J D

    Jaime Dean

    September 19, 2021
    Learned some amazing things

    This course taught me some brilliant things to manage my accounts in Excel.

    S B

    Sammy Booth

    August 07, 2021
    Cannot Wait

    I cannot wait to finish this certification and move on to the next course.

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