Nutrition and Diet Planning - Level 3

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Overview Eating a healthy, balanced diet is one of the most significant things you can do to protect your health …


Eating a healthy, balanced diet is one of the most significant things you can do to protect your health and body. Studies have shown that up to 80% of premature heart diseases can be prevented through your life choices and habits, such as eating a healthy diet and being physically active.

The Nutrition and Diet Planning  course’s main objective is to teach you how to improve your diet for a better quality of life and prevent diseases. Unlike other diets that require drastic changes in your eating habits too quickly, which usually isn’t sustainable, this course helps you take baby steps and build on a healthy lifestyle. It helps you make a commitment with yourself to create a better quality of life ahead with the choices you make today.

After completing this Nutrition and Diet Planning  course, you will be able to professionally use all primary diet and nutrition planning methods. For example Keto diet, Paleo diet, Vegan diet, Mediterranean diet, Whole30 diet, Intermittent fasting, DASH diet, MIND diet, Gluten-Free diet, Low-FODMAP diet etc.

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Dr Krishna N Sharma is quite an accomplished individual at a young age as he is the youngest Vice-chancellor of Victoria University, Uganda, also making him the youngest VC in the world. His achievements in the field of education are also pretty immense as he is a world record holder educator, researcher as well as an author of 147 published books among which are 40 best sellers. He teaches courses on health and life transformation and has students around the globe from 172 countries, making him one of the best instructors to learn from.


  • Learn to develop a step-by-step diet and nutrition programme to use with your clients or yourself for general health or weight management.
  • Learn to make different types of meal plans and diets. Eg- Mediterranean Diet, Vegan Diet, MIND Diet, Low-FODMAP Diet, Gluten-Free Diet.
  • Anyone who wants to become a Nutritionist or Diet expert.
  • Anyone who wants to make conscious food choices for themselves.
  • There are no pre-requisites to follow this course
  • Learners should be over the age of 16

This is a knowledge-based course, and thus, will contain no method of assessment. 

Once the course is successfully completed, the learners get awarded the certificate of completion for ‘Nutrition and Diet Planning - Level 3' by iAP.


The International Awards for Professionals (IAP) is an awarding body established in 1999 that aims to promote a high educational standard. They hope to create online education that is trustworthy and credible. They are focused on raising the standards of online education, and ensuring it is accessible to all. The IAP provides accreditation for a range of educational establishments, while monitoring and continually developing the educational standards of such institutions. Their globally recognised certifications allow learners to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to gain employment in the chosen fields. 

On successful completion of this course, learners will have the knowledge and skills to enter the relevant job market, with the confidence to explore a wide range of industry-related professions. You can study related courses that will open the door to new and exciting opportunities to enhance your expertise in this subject, enabling you to add this as a skillset on your resume. Your skills will be recognised by top employers and organisations that will enable you to land a generous-paying job, gain plenty of benefits, and a wide array of opportunities. Given below are job titles you can compete for.

  • Nutritionist
  • Health coach
  • Nutrition writer


Course Curriculum

1. Introduction
1.1 About the course FREE 00:02:00
1.2. About the diet and nutrition FREE 00:01:00
1.3. Basic anatomy and physiology 00:20:00
1.4. Section wrap 00:01:00
2. Basic nutrition and diet planning
2.1. Section Outline 00:01:00
2.2. Fundamentals of diet and nutrition 00:07:00
2.3. All about nutrients 00:25:00
2.4. Diet and nutrition assessment 00:03:00
2.5. Step by step diet planning 00:08:00
2.6. Section wrap 00:01:00
3. Advance Nutrition And Diet Planning
3.1. Section outline 00:01:00
3.2. Vegan diet made easy 00:04:00
3.3. Ketogenic diet made easy 00:03:00
3.4. Paleo diet made easy 00:02:00
3.5. Whole30 diet made easy 00:01:00
3.6. Mediterranean diet made easy 00:03:00
3.7. Intermittent fasting made easy 00:04:00
3.8. Section wrap 00:01:00
4. Diet And Nutrition In Special Conditions
4.1. Section outline 00:01:00
4.2. Dash diet made easy 00:01:00
4.3. Mind diet made easy 00:02:00
4.4. Gluten free diet made easy 00:03:00
4.5. Low-fodmap diet made easy 00:04:00
4.6. Section wrap 00:02:00
Completion Certificate Request
Completion Certificate Request

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