Small Business Marketing - Level 3

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Overview Have you ever wondered why some small businesses struggle at marketing their products and services while most don’t?  It’s …


Have you ever wondered why some small businesses struggle at marketing their products and services while most don’t?  It’s because they don’t grasp the value of the right form of marketing, which ensures that your message reaches the right people through the right medium.           

Entrepreneurs, especially those who are just starting out, are expected to wear multiple hats. It’s critical for business owners to understand the various aspects of their organisation, from production and distribution to sales and marketing. This adaptability will not only help you scale your business at a lower cost, but it will also help you enhance efficiencies and find the right people to manage those departments.

This course is a step-by-step guide to how to market, grow and scale your small business from the ground up on a budget, it offers in-depth insights on how to plan for your product and marketing system.

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Nour Boustani is a multifaceted individual with a background in digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Nour was introduced to this sector as a child when he began working at his family’s candy making business, which played a vital role in his development and helped him to focus in on his essential skills, discover his passion and ultimately become an expert in the sector.

  • Develop a clear blueprint to follow in order to market your small business
  • Have an understanding of how to position your brand to attract the right client
  • Learn how to design things that grab people's attention and gain popularity instantly
  • Learn how to position your brand for your target audience
  • Entrepreneurs, looking to start new small businesses and wanting to build a successful brand
  • Business owners, struggling with marketing their brand and wanting to transform from non-brand into a recognised brand

This course will cover different aspects of creating a successful business such as business fundamentals, consumers' behaviours, costs accounting, marketing and sales. Basic understanding of these aspects is required.

This is a knowledge-based course, and thus, will contain no method of assessment.

Once the course completed, the learners get awarded the certificate of completion for ‘Small Business Marketing - Level 3’ by iAP.

The International Awards for Professionals (iAP) is an awarding body established in 1999 that aims to promote a high educational standard. It hopes to create online education that is trustworthy and credible. It is focused on raising the standards of online education, and ensuring it is accessible to all. The iAP provides accreditation for a range of educational establishments, and monitors and continually develops the educational standards of such institutions. Its globally recognised certifications allow learners to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to gain employment in the chosen fields.

Upon successfully completing this course, learners will have the knowledge and skills to enter the relevant job market with the confidence to explore a wide range of industry-related jobs. You can further study related courses that will open new and existing doors which will pave the way to exciting opportunities. Adding this as a skill set on your resume is beneficial to raise your value.  Top employers and organisations will recognise your skills that will enable you to land a generously-paying job. Given below are job titles you can compete for:

  • Market research analyst
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist
  • Digital marketing analyst
  • Social media marketing manager
  • Product marketing manager

Course Curriculum

1. Course Introduction
1.1 Promo – Marketing Fundamentals Course FREE 00:04:00
1.2 Course Introduction FREE 00:11:00
2. Customers Research + Developing USP
2.1 Customers Research + Developing USP 00:20:00
3. Market and Niche Research + Product Differentiation
3.1 Market and Niche Research + Product Differentiation 00:12:00
4. Developing Your Marketing Pitch
4.1 Developing Your Marketing Pitch 00:09:00
5. Developing Your Marketing and Brand Visuals
5.1 Developing Your Marketing and Brand Visuals 00:22:00
6. Developing Your Marketing Distribution and Funnels
6.1 Developing Your Marketing Distribution and Funnels 00:48:00
7. Building Value Around Your Brand
7.1 Building Value Around Your Brand 00:20:00
8. Bonus: Know Your Numbers
8.1 Know Your Numbers 00:17:00
9. Making Your Brand Solid
9.1 Making Your Brand Solid 00:09:00
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Completion Certificate Request

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