How to Build Your Personal Brand with Effective Public Speaking Skills

First impressions, they say, are the last impressions. This is why you need to create that positive and impactful first impression with your audience when it comes to your brand.

Your brand could be anything. You could be marketing a product or a service, or actually, you could be marketing yourself. But, no matter what it is that you happen to be marketing, with the power of effective public speaking skills and storytelling about your brand, you will be able to build a stronger more loyal audience. Here’s how you can do this.

Control your voice

You should use your voice to draw people in and this is a big mistake that most newcomer public speakers make. They do not use their voice to attract the crowd. If you have a lack of vocal variety, you should train yourself on it unless you want to start sounding like a really boring high school teacher, who cannot wait for the period to be done with. But as soon as you use vocal variety, your crowd will begin to connect better with you. One way to accomplish this would be to open your speech or presentation with contrasting volumes. Start loud to catch the attention of the crowd and draw them in. Then speak in low, empathetic tones while they settle down, and then move to a louder volume. This is an important part of public speaking skills that you must know about.

Deliver your vision

When you start speaking, the one thing that your audience will really want to hear is your vision. When we say vision, we are speaking about the reason for your presentation or speech. What are you hoping to accomplish here? Your vision is what people will follow, it is what will pave the path for people to be attracted to your brand. More importantly, it is what makes people feel that they are not wasting their time listening to you. Practice your presentation or speech ahead of time. You need not be saying it exactly how you write it, but when you put things down on paper, you make yourself articulate, what is in your mind. This can help you speak more passionately and in turn, this triggers a reaction in the minds of your audience. They know that this speech or presentation is worth their time, and they will invest in focusing on every single word.

Use visuals to your advantage

Using visuals can help people retain information better. In fact, it increases retention by 47%. When you are beginning your speech, using a good visual that is thought-provoking can help you attract your audience. That visual should also be powerful enough to stick with your audience even after your speech has been done. Therefore, the imagery that you choose, should also have something in common with what you are about to share. These are just a handful of tips and tricks that can help you tell your brand’s story better and build it up. If you want to speak with impact, if you want to speak to make a change and drive the people to your brand, you can learn how-to with us. Contact us at [email protected]

September 4, 2023

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