The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Prince2 Agile Practitioner

What is PRINCE2? The first thing you need to know about PRINCE2 is that it is flexible, adaptable and is a very friendly method of handling project management. (Source: ) Essentially it is a method used in project management. It helps the user decide who should be involved, and what their responsibilities will be in the project. It will also offer a set of processes that need to be worked through and will explain what information you can obtain this way. PRINCE2 can be similar to certain other methods, but what is special about this is that it pulls together common names and even descriptions of a structure that anybody familiar with PRINCE2 terminology can understand, irrespective of their background or industry. Sounds great right? A PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner can enjoy significantly higher chances of income and great employment opportunities. So if you want to enjoy the best prospects that you can in project management, here is how you can become a PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner.

What is PRINCE2 Agile?

[email protected] Agile is just all about taking the established and sophisticated framework of PRINCE2 and making it much more scalable and flexible. For example, while PRINCE 2 specifies the governance of the project, it will not dictate the delivery. But when you are delivering a project with PRINCE2 Agile methods you have the capacity to change the direction of the project while you continue to maximise on return of investment and adhering to best practice governance.  

Who Owns and Awards PRINCE2?

You may have also seen PRINCE2 as PRINCE2 axelos and this is because it belongs to Axelos Ltd. The certifications offered by Axelos are globally recognised and highly sought after by many employers. They have the content that will help you quickly improve your skills and capabilities across a wide range of fundamental disciplines and the qualifications are aimed at driving strong business performances.

So Does that Mean PRINCE2 Agile is Recognised Anywhere?

There are over a million exams approximately that are taken up around the world. In the light of this, PRINCE2 is recognised as the world’s most popular project management methodology. So if you are worried about recognition PRINCE is the best option for you.

How Can You Get Recognised in PRINCE2 Agile?

This really depends upon you as an individual or a company. to get the recognition you are looking for in PRINCE2 as an individual you will need to have successfully received a certification for the Foundation or Practitioner levels for PRINCE2. Sometimes if you do have a supporting role such as in marketing, administration or technical, the Foundation level may be enough too. However, if you want to be leading projects, you need to complete your Practitioner levels. If you are going to get your PRINCE2 certification as a company, the process slightly changes. You will need to first make a prudent choice about whether this is the right way to go for you and if so, you will need to invest time and collect as well as review information from the marketplace.

What Can a [email protected] Axelos Qualification Do for You?

To start off with, the PRINCE2 Project Management method is the de-facto standard within the UK for the industry and it is also widely and popularly practiced all around the world. It covers all of the management, control and the organisation of a specific project. A qualification in PRINCE2 Agile will not just boost your skills and build your confidence when managing projects, but it will also greatly improve your chances of getting into your dream job. Many organisations that belong to both public and private sectors mandate the use of PRINCE2 and therefore, they require their staff to be qualified and competent in the use of this method. If you are a company and you want to train your staff in PRINCE2 you will have a higher possibility of gaining positive results in projects. Your team will have better organisation, collaboration and clarity on what each of their roles are and how the progress of the task allocated is. It will ensure a smoother and more efficient workflow.

Where Can You Get a PRINCE2 Agile Qualification?

Wondering where you can get qualified for PRINCE2 Agile? Well we have a few options for you. Study 365 has been offering a completed step by step program that begins at the Foundation and goes all the way to Practitioner levels for many years now. Our adherence to industry standards and high quality has given us a strong reputation with our online learning community and we even offer classroom courses now. You can easily browse through our course options for the PRINCE2 axelos. Join our growing learner community and start learning. Some of our programs include; Did our blog help you learn about PRINCE2? Let us know. You can also contact our team at [email protected] for more information.
May 9, 2019

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