6 Productivity Life Hacks!

It can be a challenge staying productive all day, so if you’re someone who gets distracted easily these hacks will be a lifesaver!

Turn off your phone notifications…

This may seem a little counterintuitive, but we promise, these hacks will boost your productivity. While some believe that their phone notifications are helping them to stay on top of it all, but it has the opposite effect. Phone notifications will skew your focus and will ruin your workflow. Instead of getting more done, you end up wasting time replying to non-urgent emails or taking calls that are not important. Not to mention the temptation to sneakily check your Facebook notifications (we see you!). Rather than keeping your notifications on all day, designate some time in the morning to deal with life admin. Book your appointments, answer emails, check your calendar, and maybe post a crafty tweet or two (we won’t tell if you don’t). Once this is done, turn your notifications off and you can work in peace.

Walk to work…

Even if it’s only part of your commute, try and walk to work, as it will make for a more pleasant experience, and will set you up for a day of productive working. Think about it, which would you rather: a terrible journey squashed into a boiling hot train like a sardine or a gentle stroll through the city? By walking to work you’ll avoid the dreaded tube, and will get some much-needed exercise in. Exercise in the morning is proven to increase productivity, not only that, but it also improves your mood and keeps your energy levels up. So switch commutes for maximum productivity!

The tea break…

This hack is perhaps the tastiest, and will keep you healthy (just don’t go too mad on the bourbons). To be productive you need to keep yourself fighting fit, and believe it or not, the humble tea break will improve your overall productivity for many reasons. First of all, it allows you to reset, restore, and refresh, so that when you come back to the screen you are ready to keep working hard. Secondly, it gives your eyes a much-needed rest from the computer screen, which is essential for eye health. Too much time in front of a screen can cause migraines, headaches, and eye problems. Additionally, a break will give you the chance to get up and move about, and doing this regularly is crucial, and will prevent back problems and deep vein thrombosis. So go and get a biscuit and start your breaks now, quick!

Keep hydrated…

This should be self-explanatory, and everyone should aim to drink plenty of water. Keep a bottle of water on your desk and aim to have it empty by lunchtime, and then repeat this after lunch. This not only improves your focus and productivity, but it is also essential for the functioning of your body and is good for your skin. So get sipping!

Eat a good breakfast…

Forget doing your makeup, or sipping coffee, the thing you should be prioritising in the morning is a good breakfast. The old saying goes that your breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day, but you need to make sure it’s healthy food, which will release energy slowly. Try and stick to things like porridge, eggs, or muesli, as they contain slow-release carbs, which will keep you going until lunch. In addition, try and eat some fruit to give yourself a boost of vitamins and nutrients to get the day going. Contrary to popular belief, an apple is the best thing to wake you up in the morning (not coffee) and will provide a boost of energy.

Have a good night’s sleep…

You might think you’re getting enough sleep, but so many people neglect sleep and see it as a waste of time. For anyone who believes this, you could not be more wrong! Sleep is essential, and it aids in effective brain function. Simply put: without adequate sleep you just won’t get much done. The key is not how much sleep you get, it’s the quality of the sleep, so make sure that at least half an hour before you hit the sack you switch off any screens, turn off notifications, and read a book. Failing that, make sure that your screen is on a setting that filters out blue light, as it will keep you awake and prevent sleep (even after you stop looking at it). It is also good to eliminate natural light, so get a good blackout blind, and there’s no excuse as you can even use tin foil to do this!

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August 31, 2023

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