Being a Mom Doesn’t Mean You Should Stop Making Your Own Income

Becoming a mom is a huge occasion in your life and it will set in motion some changes that will affect your lifestyle until then, in a permanent way. One of these changes is a career. One question that most moms find themselves answering is

To work or not to work?

On one hand, you would not want to give up on your job, especially if you are a self-made mom or if you just like enjoying the work that you do and your career. On the other hand, you will also not be able to bear the thought of having to leave your child in the protection of a babysitter or nanny. But luckily for you, there is a solution to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Start home-based childcare so that you will be able to be a mom and look after your baby while also making income out of providing care to other children whose parents may not have the same option as you do. It can be really rewarding for you as a mom to get started on redefining your career with something such as this.

But before you start you need to know your parenting right off the bat so that you can provide excellent care for the children who have been left with you.

Good Parenting Skills that Bring Positive Results

You will first need to know all about good parenting skills that can help you in your child care and also have a positive and pleasant impact upon the kids there.

  • Focus on positive behaviours and not negative ones – one of the good parenting skills that you should nurture within yourself is the ability to see good and positive behaviours in children and not just the negative ones. The more attention you give to their negative behaviours the more it will be repeated.

  • Teach children to focus on the needs of others – as humans, we are all naturally self-centred. A good parent will always help children focus on the needs of others as much as their own. It is a proven fact that the more kind you are to others, the happier and more simple your life will be. Because these children are left with you for a regular and long period each day, it will help them greatly if you work towards nurturing compassion in them.
  • Teach children to view challenges positively – parenting skills is also about giving children life skills. Life is not going to move forward without your children facing challenges as they grow up. There is no better place to train a child to adopt a positive mindset towards challenges, other than when they are still small and growing up. Give them little challenges while they are in your care and ask them to solve them. Observe how the children react to these challenges and help them where needed. Make it fun so that children understand that challenges do not mean anything negative will happen.

Parenting Tips to Help You if You are Angry

Now, it is normal to lose your temper sometimes when you are looking after your kids much fewer kids of other parents. But you also have to remember that in home-based childcare you are responsible for what you choose to say and do and that other parents will always disapprove of you losing your temper. On the other hand, losing your cool will also negatively impact the children. So here’s what you can do about it.

  • Make a firm decision that you will not lose your temper during that day unless there is a matter of safety.
  • Have a plan of what you will do if you get angry. What will your first step be if you feel like you will lose your cool?
  • Walk away for a minute and then come back if it is very stressful.
  • Take five deep breaths whenever you feel agitated.
  • Never threaten a child, with anything.
  • Analyse your role in the conflict and what you can do about it without being emotional.
  • Look at why the child or children are behaving this way. Perhaps if you get to the root cause their behaviour will change too.

Self-care and Education

Finally, you also need to look out for yourself and your mental health. In addition to this, you will also need a support system and a thorough education if you are planning on taking up childcare whether it is within UK or outside.

One thing you could do towards self-care is to build a strong relationship with your spouse or partner

  • Everybody needs parenting help in the beginning. If either of you makes mistakes, forgive soon and don’t look to point fingers.
  • Your relationship is always more important than being right.
  • Keep your relationship alive. Always sit next to each other as much as possible whether at home or in a café.
  • Make the time to have a small chat with each other every day.
  • Make plans together
  • See what more you can give the relationship.
  • Do not pick on the flaws of your partner. Be kind and be polite.
  • Do not compare your marriage to that of others. Their journey is different to yours.

Because you will be responsible for the health and well-being of your children and the children who have been left in your care, make sure that you get the right qualifications before you start. You should never rush into something of this type without planning. Take online courses, read parenting books, look for accredited certification programs that you can be a part of. It will go a very long way in helping you perform your duties right.

August 31, 2023

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