Mastering Neo4j Graph Database Certification Training

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Overview Mastering Neo4j Graph Database Certification Training – The demand for professionals with Neo4j is surging rapidly. By enrolling in …


Mastering Neo4j Graph Database Certification Training – The demand for professionals with Neo4j is surging rapidly. By enrolling in Mastering Neo4j Graph Database Certification Training, you can prove your expertise to be the rare individual with hands-on experience of Neo4j. In five to ten years, NoSQL will be the fastest-growing trend. This means the demand for graph database skills will be growing tremendously in the market. You can learn to create robust database applications with Neo4j and tackle highly connected data.

Investing in your education means you are preparing yourself for the future IT jobs. This Mastering Neo4j Graph Database Certification Training will advance your career in multiple ways. For instance, you can become an aspiring database manager. You can learn skills like Neo4j architecture, database modeling, optimization, and queries. Such as skill set will allow you to become respectable in the eye of employers and entrepreneurs. Neo4j expert has nothing to lose and so much to gain in the ever-evolving industry; so, place your bets safely and gain the experience and skills needed for tomorrow.

Mastering Neo4j Graph Database Certification Training certification will focus on Graph data and will guide you step-by-step to elevate your career to become an aspiring expert. Learning to handle a large volume of data will position you to secure the most lucrative jobs in the market. Don’t let this game-changing opportunity slip out of your hands.

Why You Should Take This Training at Study365?

Study365 is a leading online provider for several accrediting bodies and provides learners the opportunity to take this exclusive course awarded by Edureka. At Study365, we give our fullest attention to our learners’ needs and ensure they have the necessary information required to proceed with the Course.

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  • Who is This Course For?
  • Entry Requirements
  • Certification
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  • Method of Assessment
  • Career Path & Progression

The course will be directly delivered to you, and you have 12 months of access to the online learning platform from the date you joined the course.  The course is self-paced and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lessons at any time.

This course is for anyone looking to build a career as a: 

  • Database Developers
  • Database Manager
  • Database Experts
  • IT Directors
  • Computer Scientists
  • Learners should have basic know-how of English, ICT, and numeracy.
  • A sound educational background is preferable for this course.
  • An understanding of MySQL will be a pulse.

Upon the successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the Mastering Neo4j Database Certification Training by Edureka.

Edureka is fastest-growing online learning platform with a trusted name in the industry. The platform has the highest course completion rate and turns beliefs into realities by ridiculously committing to their students. Edureka collaborates with Study365 and many other educational bodies to provide guaranteed learning and success to global students & professionals.

Mastering Neo4j Graph Database Certification will require you to submit an assignment that will deem you qualified for the said course. The assignment will certify your competencies as a Neo4j professional to apply in the real world.

Mastering Neo4j Database Certification Training allows you to master the database skills you can depend on in the ever-challenging industry to stand among the top professionals.

Given below are job titles you can compete for, along with the average UK salary per annum according to

  • Database Developer - £70,000 (Approximately)
  • Database Specialist - £87,000 (Approximately)
  • Database Manager - £85,000 (Approximately)
  • Data warehouse Development- £60,500 (Approximately)

Course Curriculum

1: Introduction to Graph Databases and Neo4j
What is a Graph?
Current Graph Processing Space
Graph Databases
Graph Processing Engines
Advantages of Graph Databases
Fallacy of RDBMS For Connected Data
Fallacy of Common NoSQL Databases for Connected Data
Graph Database Natural Playground
Graph Database Use Cases and Recommendations- Social and ACLs
Why Neo4j? Graph Data Neo4j Vs RDBMS
Neo4j in NoSQL World
Data Modelling in Neo4j and Getting Neo4j
2: Neo4j Basics
High Level Neo4j Architecture: Hard Disks
Store Files
Caches in Neo4j
Fault Tolerance
Sizing Indicators
Starting Development in Neo4j: Development Environment Setup
Modelling in Graph Data Structures
Interacting with Neo4j: REST API
Embedded Mode
Server Mode and Interaction with Neo4j with Core API
3: Introduction to Cypher
Exploring Neo4j using Cypher: Create Nodes and Relationships
Invoking Cypher from Java
Parametrize the Queries
Regex Search
Escaping Characters
Boolean Operators
Working with Collections
Paging of Results: SKIP and LIMIT
Aggregation of Results
Ingesting Data in Neo4j from: CSV
REST API imports and Java Batch Insert
4: Advanced Cypher
Using Neo4J Browser: Modifying Existing Data
Deleting Data
Best Practices
Profiling Queries
Indexes and Constraints
Transactions in Neo4J
Unleashing the Power of Traversals and Indexing in Java
5: Neo4j in Production
Traversals in Neo4J
DFS Vs BFS Traversals
Relationship Expanders
Unidirectional and Bi-directional Traversals
Managing Traversal Uniqueness in Neo4J
Embedded Mode
JVM Based Integrations
Server Mode and Embedded Vs Server Mode Considerations
6: Project
Problem Statement
Let’s Brainstorm the Solution
Solution Components
Solution in Action and Conclusion

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