The Basics of Business

You might think that in the cutthroat world of business you need extensive education or complicated training, but it’s the basic building blocks that can really set you apart from the rest. If you don’t know where to start, we have selected some of our online employability courses that will help you to become a well-rounded and well-prepared individual.

Creative Thinking

When you mention business, most people think of sharp suits, grey buildings, and lots of high-tech lingo. But creativity is a fundamental skill, and it is something that has helped us to form the complex society we live in today. In business, it is so important to be able to innovate, to think differently, and to see things from the perspective of others.

This Creative Thinking online course will help those who struggle to think in a creative way to open their mind, solve problems, and will provide many techniques that will help to get ideas flowing. You’ll find that when you hit a block, you are able to work around it, and can generate new ideas more freely. In addition, you will know which ideas to prototype, which is crucial in business. Click here to view the course.

Written and Verbal Communication

Communication is key! If you are unable to put your idea, point of view, or business plan across in a clear and concise manner then your business will not go far. You could have the best business idea and business plan in the world, but if you cannot communicate it efficiently, it simply won’t go anywhere.

The reason that our Business Writing Diploma course is ideal for those hoping to enter the business world is that a business plan needs to be to the point, and clear, which is the style of writing the course focuses on. Click here to view the course.

If you can write proficiently, then taking our High Impact Communication course could also be very helpful. In business, particularly if you hope to begin your own business, you may need to communicate with employees, traders, or suppliers. If you cannot communicate in an effective manner, your business will go nowhere. Click here to view the course.

Time Management

In any job, it is important to be able to manage time and workload effectively, particularly if you hope to establish your own business. If you cannot manage your time and keep on top of everything, how can you possibly hope to achieve success?

This Certificate in Time Management is extremely useful for anyone who is looking for a job, or who wants to start a business. You’ll learn basic life skills that will help you to excel, providing you with methods to manage workload and prioritise tasks. Click here to view the course.

Critical and Logical Thinking

Critical and logical thinking are essential skills that can be put to good use in any industry, especially business. You may have to negotiate, make decisions, or plan the best course of action, and all of these require critical and logical reasoning. During our Diploma in Critical and Logical Thinking you’ll be given plenty of tips about how to sort and assess material, put across your argument, and think in a logical way. Click here to view the course.

Effective CV Writing – Online

It is very common to find silly mistakes on a CV, and recruiters do not take kindly to it. If you’re trying to make it in business, or the world of work in general, you must take it seriously, and present yourself in a way that allows others to take you seriously. Mistakes on your CV is not a good way to do so. Here at Study365 we think of ourselves as CV experts, and have created several highly effective courses to help you write the perfect resume. Click here to view our Efficient & Effective CV Writing course.

Stress Management

In business, as in most job roles, you are bound to experience a certain level of pressure, which can sometimes lead to stress. It’s understandable to feel stress, and we all feel the effects of stress at some point in our lives, it is just an undeniable part of modern life. So it is vital, as a business professional, to find coping mechanisms, ways in which you can deal with your stress.

Our Certificate in Stress Management Training course has been created by professionals who know what they’re talking about when it comes to managing stress. This course has helped thousands of people to recognise the symptoms of stress, identify the cause, and implement stress management techniques to overcome it. Click here to view the course.

September 1, 2023

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