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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam

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Overview Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is used with the intention of increasing the efficiency of the working process of …


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is used with the intention of increasing the efficiency of the working process of a company. This data driven method helps the institutions to achieve the advantage of reducing errors in order to increase the quality of the products or the services. By achieving the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt ™ qualification, you will be qualified to achieve a higher level of expertise in “Lean Six Sigma”.

In order to have adequate knowledge in employing Lean Six Sigma tools, a professional can get trained to sit for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam™. What is more, he will achieve proficiency over using the knowledge and skills the qualification gives to improve the productivity of work. This qualification can help a professional to increase the performance while committing to ensure the excellence of the end product or the service provided by the company. Therefore it definitely is a game changer. 

 The applicants who sit for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ exam will receive the accreditation from the “International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC)”, which is committed to provide excellence in the qualification to the test takers. The ones who achieve a minimum total of 70% at the examination are able to acquire the qualification. The successful players at the exam can lay the basis to advance the efficiency and quality of work as well as to achieve better and higher pay scales.

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  • Awarding Body
  • Who is this Exam for?
  • Entry Requirements
  • Method of Assessment
  • Certification
  • Career Path and Progression

“Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam™” is awarded by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) which is a professional association that is devoted to expanding and increasing the principles within the “Lean Six Sigma Community”. It is a sovereign third party certification body and it particularly provides consolidated world-wide Lean Six Sigma certification standards testing and Lean Six Sigma Accreditations.

  • Those who like to obtain a management synopsis over the tools, insights and procedures of Six Sigma.
  • Although it is not necessary, it is recommended that the candidates must have a certain amount of professional experiences related to Lean Six Sigma and project application in real world.
  • Learners must be over the age of 16 and have a basic understanding of English Language, ICT and Numeracy can take “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam™”
  • A sound educational background is an advantage.
  • There are no formal prerequisites to take this exam
  • Exam Details: The candidates have to face an online exam
  • No. of Questions: 100 multiple choice questions/ true or false questions
  • Time Duration: 3 hours
  • Format: Closed book, proctored exam

Upon the successful completion of the exam, learners will be awarded the “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam™” issued by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification™”.

The “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam™” is designed to progress your competency in “Six Sigma” and make you eligible to pursue further education as well as a profession. Successful completion of the exams guarantees you an accredited qualification that paves way to a great profession which requires “Six Sigma” skills.   Here are some of the professions you are qualified to pursue with the knowledge you get from the exam, along with the average UK salary per annum according to

  • Manager - £45,833 (approximately)
  • Management analyst - £41,789 (approximately)
  • Data analyst - £36,361  (approximately)
  • Supply chain analyst - £35,041 (approximately)

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