Animal Careers

Have you always wanted to work with animals?

There are many different routes you could go down, and recently we’ve published some animal care courses which could help you to make this dream a reality. We’re highlighting them today, along with the jobs they could help you secure.

Diploma in Pet Care (Cat and Dog)

If you hope to work with animals then this course could be the first step! This Diploma in Pet Care details everything you need to know about feline and canine care and husbandry. The course will teach you the basics like feeding, cleaning, and exercise and also covers more advanced topics like breed information, and how to recognise the signs of illness. As you can see, the diploma will give you an all-around education, and a sound understanding of animal care. This course is a great way to get into working with animals, as it teaches you all you’ll need to know to get an entry-level position within animal care.

Upon successful completion, you could go on to work as a Kennel or Cattery Assistant, which is an entry-level animal care role. As a Kennel or Cattery Assistant you’ll be working in a kennel or cattery, and will be responsible for maintaining the welfare of the animals being kept there. This will include cleaning, general husbandry, feeding, and ensuring the animals are kept happy. This role will give you further knowledge of animal care and will help you to gain hands-on experience, so you could then go on to more senior roles. The average salary of a Kennel or Cattery Assistant is £15,600, and this will increase with experience (

Alternately, after completing our Diploma in Pet Care (Cat and Dog) you could go on to become a Veterinary Care Assistant. This role involves general animal care and husbandry, and also requires you to support the veterinary team in clinical practice. This means you’ll be assisting a team of Vets and Veterinary Nurses, and will perform tasks such as weighing animals and recording this information, preparing theatre for operations, monitoring patients, and undertaking receptionist duties. This role will allow you to gain a wealth of experience and will mean you have specific veterinary knowledge, which could help you further your career. The average salary of a Veterinary Care Assistant in the UK is £18,000, and this will increase with experience (

Diploma in Dog Training – Level 3

Dog training is something that requires skill and knowledge, and it also requires certification and training. If you’re passionate about dogs and dog training, this Diploma in Dog Training is a great opportunity and will allow you to become a professional Dog Training. This excellent Diploma in Dog Training will teach you all the basic commands, and various training techniques, so you’ll be training any dog in no time! This Diploma in Dog Training covers all the fundamentals, including dog psychology, basic training theory, types of training, anxiety in dogs, how to correct the problem behaviour, and how to make dogs happy. The average salary of a Dog Trainer in the US is $35,127.

If you would like to learn more about these courses, click here.

August 31, 2023

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