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Overview: This programme is a great way for individuals in managerial positions to boost your career. Develop management and business …


This programme is a great way for individuals in managerial positions to boost your career. Develop management and business skills through this Mini MBA. The course will focus on practical learning and help you understand how to make effective business decisions within a business environment. Qualifying in this course will enhance your educational profile, and open the door to many more career opportunities across a number of industries. This excellent Mini MBA course is the perfect opportunity for those hoping to develop their business management skills. In addition, this Mini MBA will give your own business, or the company you work for a huge boost! The Mini MBA is an in depth introduction, and will prepare learners for the full MBA, and will help you to develop fundamental business skills. In addition, the Mini MBA teaches you the best practice, and will allow you to experience theoretical business situations, so that you are better equipped to deal with the day to day practices in business. As well as this, the Mini MBA has been created and developed by professionals who have years of experience, so you’ll be learning from the best.

Learning with Study 365 has many advantages. The course material is delivered straight to you and can be adapted to fit in with your lifestyle. It is created by experts within the industry, meaning you are receiving accurate information, which is up-to-date and easy to understand.

This course is comprised of professionally narrated e-Learning modules, interactive quizzes, tests, and exams. All delivered through a system that you will have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days (12 months).

  • What skills will I learn?
  • Course Description:
  • Course Duration:
  • Method of Assessment:
  • Certification:
  • Entry Requirement:
  • Career Path:
  • Understand the theories and practical aspects of business
  • Understand the accounting of a business
  • Understand the human resource department in business
  • Learn the management and leadership of a company
This online training course is comprehensive and designed to cover the key topics listed under the curriculum.
You will have 12 Months access to your online study platform from the date you purchased the course. The course is self-paced so you decide how fast or slow the training goes. You can complete the course in stages revisiting the training at any time.
At the end of the course, learners will take an online multiple choice question assessment test. The online test is marked straightaway, so you will know immediately if you have passed the course.
Successful candidates will be awarded a Diploma in Mastering Business Administration.
Learners must be age 16 or over and should have a basic understanding of the English Language, numeracy, literacy, and ICT.
With this Mini MBA course you will develop appropriate skills which will help you to gain employment as a Business Development Manager. The average PPC Manager in the UK earns around £34,393, which will go up with experience ( Upon successful completion of this course you could fulfil any of the following roles: You can use this certification to prove your expertise in business management to leading organisations and claim your rightful job position. You can also further your knowledge by taking more courses related to the subject. You will also be eligible for a raise or incentives put forth by your current employer.
  • Project Manager - £38,954 per annum
  • Business Manager - £35,165 per annum
  • Business Analyst - £30,257 per annum
  • Business Development Manager - £34,392 per annum
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Course Curriculum

Getting Started
E Certificate Download Guide 00:00:00
1: Theory and Practical Aspect of Business
1. Theory and Practical Aspect of Business 00:00:00
Explanation of Business Terms 00:00:00
Sole Proprietor 00:00:00
Sole Proprietorships in day today businesses 00:00:00
Responsibilities of Company Directors 00:00:00
Structure of business 00:00:00
Working Capital 00:00:00
Market 00:00:00
2: Economics and business
2. Economics and business 00:00:00
Economics of the Business 00:00:00
Effect on supply of increase in the cost of a factor of production 00:00:00
Allowing credit limit to customers by the companies and its affects 00:00:00
3: Administration & Management of Employees in Business
3. Administration & Management of Employees in Business 00:00:00
Management of Employees & Administrative Decisions 00:00:00
4: Theories on Leadership
4. Theories on Leadership 00:00:00
Theory of Functional Leadership 00:00:00
5: Contingency Theory of Leadership
5. Contingency Theory of Leadership 00:00:00
Contingency Theory of Leadership 00:00:00
Effect on motivation on the basis of the Theory of Leadership 00:00:00
Implications of Reinforced Theory on Management 00:00:00
6: Explanation of the Finances of a Business Part 1
6. Explanation of the Finances of a Business Part 1 00:00:00
Business Finance Terms 00:00:00
Purpose of book keeping and its advantages 00:00:00
Regulations in Bookkeeping 00:00:00
The Ledger 00:00:00
7: Understanding of Accounting of a Business
7. Understanding of Accounting of a Business 00:00:00
Business Accounting Terms and Books 00:00:00
The books of Account 00:00:00
End of Year Financial Accounts 00:00:00
8: Sales Administration
8. Sales Administration 00:00:00
Distribution Channels Effect on Sales 00:00:00
Channels of distribution 00:00:00
9: Marketing Administrations in a Business
9. Marketing Administrations in a Business 00:00:00
Marketing Aspects in a Business 00:00:00
Advertising 00:00:00
10: Human Resource Department in a Business
10. Human Resource Department in a Business 00:00:00
Job Analysis 00:00:00
Job description 00:00:00
Work groups 00:00:00
11: Personnel Management in a Business
11. Personnel Management in a Business 00:00:00
Induction 00:00:00
Equal opportunity policy 00:00:00
O & M (Organization & Methods) Study 00:00:00
12: Strategy Planning &Implementation Part 1
12. Strategy Planning &Implementation Part 1 00:00:00
Environmental Scanning and analysis of it 00:00:00
Involvement of Environmental Scanning 00:00:00
Michael Porter’s Approach to Industry Analysis and Additional Information regarding Industry analysis 00:00:00
13: Strategy Planning & Implementation Part2
13. Strategy Planning & Implementation Part2 00:00:00
Directional Strategy of a Corporation 00:00:00
Portfolio Analysis & Parenting Concept 00:00:00
Corporate Parenting 00:00:00
Strategy Implementation & its Effectiveness 00:00:00
Theory & Concepts of Strategy Implementation 00:00:00
14: Economic Models in Business
14. Economic Models in Business 00:00:00
Circular Flow of Income and its effect on the Economy 00:00:00
International Trade Theory 00:00:00
Marginal Cost and Revenue 00:00:00
Privatization & Deregulation 00:00:00
15: Financing and Investments of a Business
15. Financing and Investments of a Business 00:00:00
Capital Market Line vs Security Market Line 00:00:00
Capital Market Line 00:00:00
16: Investment Appraisals
16. Investment Appraisals 00:00:00
Investment Appraisal Techniques 00:00:00
17: Management and Leadership of a Company
17. Management and Leadership of a Company 00:00:00
Attributes and Qualities of a Successful Leader 00:00:00
Leadership Styles and approaches to Leadership 00:00:00
Management Control Systems 00:00:00
Organizational Strategies within a System 00:00:00
Organizational Development 00:00:00
Planning and implementing organization development 00:00:00
18: Marketing Strategy of a Business
18. Marketing Strategy of a Business 00:00:00
Marketing Plans and Analysis 00:00:00
Marketing Mix 00:00:00
Marketing Plan of a Business 00:00:00
Market Segmentation 00:00:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam: Mini MBA 01:00:00
Final Exam
Exam: Mini MBA 01:00:00

Students feedback


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    May 23, 2019 - 6:02am
    A Clear Guided Learning Experience

    For a person with no basic knowledge on management or account the modules were well arranged to provide the basic understanding on management and administrative skills, theories and marketing strategies

    K A

    Kevin Anderson

    April 25, 2019 - 4:38am
    Great Course

    This mini MBA is a great foundation level qualification for the full MBA program. All the necessary knowledge and skills needed to survive in the corporate world were systematically presented by the tutors.

    Y D

    Yazeed Daoud

    February 28, 2019 - 7:54pm
    Mini MBA

    I was a really excited to start the course and achieve my first certificate through study365, now i’m planning to get my second certificate .

    R B

    Robert Bradford

    June 12, 2018 - 9:24pm
    a good all round course

    Having worked through the 18 individual modules I gained insight into some non specific understanding I had gained about the overall running of a business through my years of working within them. Key areas where I gained new knowledge and understanding were related to accounting practices and bookkeeping. I also gained greater understanding of how a business needs to give proper consideration to what its aims are and what will be the impact of growth plans etc.

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