How to start a successful career in Beauty Therapy

If you want a career that makes you feel like you are not really going to work, beauty therapy is the way to go. In place of the constant pressure that is associated with most other types of office work, you will be devoting your time to help make others feel and look good, help them relax, and also give them a boost of confidence. You can also help people feel self-love by giving them, customised packages and treatments.



What can beauty therapy entail?

Well, that’s a question that cannot be answered in just one parameter. Beauty therapy encompasses everything from skincare, hair removal to reflexology and this means that you have all the more chances to explore what your niche could be. You can easily choose to specialise in one area and turn your passion or hobby into an amazing career. Here’s a quick and easy guide from us with handy tips that can help you get started.

Read about the career

You first need to make sure that a beauty therapy career is right for you. It is a creative job, and you will need a very clear understanding of what the job consists of, and the kind of pay that you can expect to get. You should also look into what the culture and working environment are like.


Now carefully look into your job description

You will have to work with aesthetics and skincare or haircare a lot of the time as a beauty therapist and you will also play a role in relieving their concerns, hence, the term “therapist”. Always remember, that if a client comes to you, they must leave the salon feeling like they are at their best at that moment. Your customer service will also have to be spot on. The job of a beauty therapist will have minor variations but for the most part, the following is required;


  • Greeting customers and providing them with a drink while they wait
  • Answering telephones, arranging appointments and handling payments
  • Providing bespoke facials in line with the client’s skin concerns and needs
  • Giving non-surgical treatments including anti-ageing and fat removal cures
  • Providing hair removal through laser or waxing
  • Shaping and tinting eyebrows
  • Offering spray tans or UV ray beds
  • Semi-permanent makeup and makeup application for special occasions
  • Giving manicures and pedicures including gel and acrylic
  • Lash enhancement including lash lifting and lash extensions
  • Giving tailor-made skincare routines and establishing treatment plans for clients
  • Ordering supplies and other necessities for the salon
  • Maintaining relationships with clients.




What essential skills and qualities are needed?

You are going to be working with many different people and that takes exceptional skills. Here are the skills and qualities that you must nurture for a beauty therapy career.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to understand the needs of the client
  • Provide a service that exceeds expectations
  • Good sales and marketing skills  without coming across as being pushy
  • Handle sensitive and challenging clients tactfully
  • Build a sense of trust with the client
  • Have a passion for your industry
  • Have the dedication for continued education and improvement of skills
  • Physical dexterity ( you are going to be standing up for most of the day)



What are the working hours like?

Your working hours as a beauty therapist can vary depending on the type of environment that you work in. For example, if you’re hired in a clinic salon or spa, you’ll typically work a 10-6 shift, five days a week, including the weekend, to cater to evening demand.


However, you can also choose to work as a freelance beauty therapist or create your own business from your house or decide to rent a chair or salon. If you take this path, you can schedule appointments around your own personal schedule and work on days that are most convenient for you.


What kind of salary prospects do you have?


In the UK a starting salary could be about £17,000 per annum. However, there is plenty of scopes for you to advance in your career and increase your pay. The National Careers Service in the UK reports that the average wage for a beauty therapist with some experience is around £20,000 per annum. Now on the other hand, if you are self-employed, you have the option to set up your rates and services and could make around £240 per day.


Want to start your career?


Why not start with the right professional qualifications and skills that will help you earn more and become independent with your own beauty therapy business? Contact us at [email protected]




September 4, 2023

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