Clairvoyant Aura Reading - Level 3

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Overview Are you passionate about Aura reading or Aura healing? Aura reading is a great skill that requires opening your …


Are you passionate about Aura reading or Aura healing?

Aura reading is a great skill that requires opening your third eye or clair senses. Acquiring this skill can make you useful in a variety of fields. You can ensure self-improvement and improvement of others by communicating with angels, promoting mindfulness and providing healing therapies to boost self-esteem and wellness. The Clairvoyant Aura Reading – Level 3 will boost your business communication and public speaking skills through best learning and teaching methods.

This Clairvoyant Aura Reading qualification by iAP brings a wealth of knowledge for learners:

  • Promote self-acceptance, self-love, and confidence
  • Learn out-of-body experience (OBE)
  • Learn mentalism (without magic tricks)
  • Learn karma and intuition principles
  • Crystal reading and colour therapy
  • Spiritual and energy healing

Why You Should Consider Taking this Course at Study365?

Clairvoyant Aura Reading from Study365 will offer you countless benefits to see Aura by sensitising your psychic senses. The programme is fully accredited and globally recognised. Our platform will give you access to on-demand videos and downloadable resources to help you master the core concepts of Aura reading using Clairvoyant to develop a supernatural ability to foresee events.

  • A unique iAP certification in Aura reading using Clairvoyant
  • 24/7, 365 access to course material
  • Easy-to-use online portal
  • Knowledge-filled modules with interactive lessons
  • State-of-the-art facilities and latest technology
  • Access learning portal on any device from anywhere
  • Versatile learning methodologies
  • Tutor support for particular courses
  • Enjoy a lifelong learning experience
  • About the tutor
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Dr Krishna N Sharma is quite an accomplished individual at a young age as he is the youngest Vice-chancellor of Victoria University, Uganda, also making him the youngest VC in the world. His achievements in the field of education are also pretty immense as he is a world record holder educator, researcher as well as an author of 147 published books among which are 40 best sellers. He teaches courses on health and life transformation and has students around the globe from 172 countries, making him one of the best instructors to learn from.

  • Learn complete haman/ shamanism healing
  • Learn witchcraft or Wicca for helping others
  • Learn to communicate with archangels
  • Become an effective healing therapy professional
  • Learn to communicate effectively with global clients
  • Set up your own business and earn independently
  • Increase awareness of wellness in the community
  • Use and learn spiritual laws
  • Learn and use social skills to heal traumas
  • Learn  forest bathing or Shinrin-Yoku
  • Learn techniques such as  mind reading / mentalism / mentalist
  • Fortune tellers
  • Psychic readers and professionals
  •  Life and wellness coaches
  • Anyone who loves Aura Reading using clairvoyant
  • Spiritual transformers
  • There are no pre-requisites to follow this course
  • Learners should be over the age of 16

This course is delivered through a system that you will have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days (12 months). As this is an online course, you have no set timetable and can study at your own pace. Move through the modules as fast or slow as you wish, and return to previous sections at any point.

You will not be accessed through any official exam. This is a knowledge-based course.

Upon the successful completion of the course, learners will be awarded an accredited Certificate of Completion for Clairvoyant Aura Reading - Level 3 by iAP.

The International Awards for Professionals (iAP) was established in 1999 with an aim to promote high-quality educational standards for global learners. The iAP creates online education for everyone that is trustworthy and credible and focused on raising the standards of online education by making it accessible to all. The iAP provides accreditation for a range of educational establishments and continually monitors and develops them. Their globally-recognised certifications allow learners to acquire in-demand skills and knowledge needed to boost careers and build successful businesses.

Clairvoyant Aura Reading - Level 3 certification from iAP will empower you to choose from a variety of career choices. Your skills to improve people’s physical and mental wellbeing can work as a professional or senior Aura Reader where you will take a complete body scan of clients to help them live happily. You can work as an independent Aura Color Consultant and Healer in any geographical area or continent. Or you can be a Past Life Expert or a Hodoo or Conjurign Expert. The career choices are endless.


Course Curriculum

1. Programme Overview
1.1. Programme Overview FREE 00:02:00
2. Basics of Aura
2.1 Basics of Aura FREE 00:03:00
3. Barriers in Developing Clairvoyance and Other Clairsenses
3.1 Barriers in Developing Clairvoyance and Other Clairsenses 00:03:00
4. Mindfulness for Clairsenses
4.1 Mindfulness for Clairsenses 00:13:00
5. Meditation to Remove Spiritual Blocks or Filters
5.1 Meditation to Remove Spiritual Blocks or Filters 00:06:00
6. Aura Reading with Naked Eyes
6.1 Aura Reading with Naked Eyes 00:03:00
7. Seeing Aura in an Ordinary Photograph
7.1 Seeing Aura in An Ordinary Photograph 00:03:00
8. Kirlian Photography
8.1 Kirlian Photography 00:01:00
9. Aura Diagnosis
9.1 Aura Diagnosis 00:05:00
10. Aura Healing
10.1 Aura Healing 00:02:00
Completion Certificate Request
Completion Certificate Request

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