Quick and Easy Ways to Relieve Stress

Do you feel like you are stressed or feeling anxious a lot of the time? This is very common to a lot of people today and it may stem from different reasons like personal life, work-life, work and life balance, education, finances, or anything else. The important thing here is to realise and accept the fact that stress and anxiety are two very human and very normal aspects of daily life and that what you should be focusing on, is to try and balance this out and find ways of remedying your stress and anxiety. There is no way in which you can live a normal life and escape both of these completely. So if you are feeling a bit blue because of stress levels, here are some quick and easy ways to get rid of it fast and effectively.

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Get From OMG to OM in Less Than 1 Minute With Meditation

A few minutes of consistent meditation daily can help you lower your stress and anxiety levels a whole lot. It has been studied that the process of meditating helps to calm the neural pathways of the brain and helps you build up more resilience to stress factors. You are essentially training your brain to stay calm under stress and anxiety-inducing situations and to function healthily. This informative piece from Forbes can help you learn how your brain benefits from meditation. Here’s how you can get started.

  • Make time for this either before you leave to work in the morning, or each night after you come home.
  • Find a quiet place either in your home or outdoors as you feel the most comfortable. It should also have minimal distractions.
  • Sit up straight. If you prefer another position that is fine too. Some people meditate while walking and some while lying down or standing too.
  • Close your eyes and start breathing deeply.
  • Focus on your breathing and start thinking a positive mantra such as “I am at peace” for example. Sync this mantra with your breathing.
  • Continue for a period that you can do so.

Breathing Exercises

This is something that you can easily do even while you are at work. If things get hectic and you want to not lose your temper or feel overwhelmed, simply sit in your seat or get to a break room, washroom or any quiet place. Calm yourself down and start breathing deeply focusing all the time on how they breathe forms in your abdomen and works its way up coming out through your nostrils. Repeat the same process in reverse order for inhaling. You will feel refreshed in about five minutes. This is one of the most effective stress management techniques that you can make use of.

Exercise Regularly

It has been proven scientifically that exercising regularly will help you combat stress. It may seem weird that putting your body through physical stress, relieves mental stress but it works and it works well. It has also been observed that those who exercise regularly are less likely to feel stress and anxiety as compared to those who lead a very sedentary or inactive lifestyle. There are many different reasons for this;

  • Exercising brings down the level of stress hormones or cortisol in your body, helps you avoid stress, and releases endorphins which are pleasure chemicals or chemicals that improve your mood and even have a natural painkilling effect.
  • When you exercise regularly, it will help you improve and adapt to a healthy sleeping pattern. This in turn will improve your moods and reduce the chances that you would feel stressed out or anxious. Getting proper sleep is vital to maintaining great mental health levels.
  • When you get into a routine of exercising regularly, your body will begin to look and feel better. This automatically helps to promote your mental well-being.

Try to find a form of exercise that you will enjoy doing regularly. Also remember that repetitive activities like walking, jogging, swimming, or trekking can help you relieve stress too.

Be Mindful of How to Avoid Stress

There are many different ways in which you can simply avoid stress and stay happy. One thing, for example, is to focus on the moment. This does not mean that you don’t plan for the future, it simply means that you can enjoy the present without incessantly worrying about the future, which in reality, anyway is not within your control.

You can also learn about how you can manage your stress effectively, especially if you feel that it can help you in your personal or professional life.

How Can I Learn to Manage My Stress?

There are many ways in which you can learn this and a program that essentially focuses on training you to manage your stress is the best choice. Study 365 offers a range of stress management programs online, that can be completely studied from home at your own pace and will also give you a recognised certification that can be especially helpful if you are a working professional. Not only will it help you manage your stress, but it will also tell your employers that you are an intelligent and self-motivated individual who can contribute a lot to their organisation.

Our programs include;

Certificate in Stress Management Training

Diploma in Controlling Stress and Time Management

Diploma in Stress Management

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September 1, 2023

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