Top online courses every Executive Assistant should do!

Executives are responsible for the smooth administration of any business. Therefore, most of the people know what their duties are really about. However, what knowledge have you got about executive assistants? If you don’t know them, let us tell you all about executive assistants.

Executive assistants, or most commonly known personal assistants, help out executives to manage their work efficiently. In fact, their duties are entirely the administrative type. Nevertheless, this job is interesting and you can do it with love and commitment.

So, pay attention to this blog. You will find everything about the best Personal Assistant courses, salaries for PAs, their working hours, etc.

The Job Description of executive assistants

Basically, PAs handle a variety of administrative functions on behalf of executives. For instance, they organise meetings, reserve appointments, carry out documentation, and many other similar duties.

Sometimes, these executive assistants may even handle third party clients and guests in a particular business. Especially, personal assistants will have to plan events and arrange travel for the senior management. However, this isn’t all about the duties of this particular job. So why not do a self-research to find more on the job role of personal assistants?

How to find the best Personal Assistant courses for you?

It is of no doubt that there are several personal Assistant courses available for you. Some of them may even be hosted online. However, do you know a way to figure out the best course out of them? Well, if you don’t, please have no regrets. We will teach you how to do it.

First, make sure to analyse whether your course has all the below qualities. If you find it does, then it should be the best personal assistant course! Therefore, never hesitate to enrol in such a course.

  •  The Course provider is an accredited body
  • The Certificate provided is globally valid
  • The Course is affordable
  • An expert panel of Professionals teaching you

However, please remember that there are many personal Assistant courses available for you online. In fact, we suggest you start one of these. Believe it or not, they will bring you a memorable experience of learning. They are hassle free, interesting, comfortable and flexible, unlike the conventional classrooms!

Your working hours and working environment

It is much better for you to know your Working conditions before starting a Personal Assistant course. In fact, you as an executive assistant will have to work on the usual business hours in a week. However, your working hours would change depending on the schedule of the executives at your company. In case if they work late, you will also have to adjust your working hours accordingly. Here, the golden rule you should remember is about your duty to assist them. No matter what the situation is all about!

When it comes to your working environment as an executive assistant, you will usually work in an office environment. However, this could also vary at certain times. For example, you will have to accompany executives in case of meetings and events held outstation. In fact, if you love working in multiple settings, being an executive assistant would be the best job for you!

Office Skills, Secretarial & PA Training

Soft Skills for an Executive Assistant

Developing certain soft skills and qualities is definitely an advantage for any type of a professional. This is nothing different for Personal Assistants. In fact, they too should have a certain set of soft skills.

For your convenience, we will let you know what are the soft skills you should have as a PA. Try developing them in parallel to your Personal Assistant courses. Afterwards, you can prove to your supervisors that you are the best executive assistant they can ever have.

  • Communication Skills – Personal Assistants work with many people. Therefore, you need to figure out the appropriate ways to handle communication, when it comes to diverse personas.
  • Writing Skills- To handle documentation, you need to develop your writing skills.
  • Confidentiality Skills- As an Executive Assistant, you will have access to top secrets of your business. This is why you need to develop your confidentiality skills, thereby protecting the information that you should not disclose.
  • Time management Skills and the ability to multitask – Personal assistants are required to do multiple tasks at the same time. Therefore, the ability to manage time while multi-tasking is essential for the success of your career.

Salary Prospects

People pursue a career for various reasons. However, the ability to earn a decent income is one of the most common reasons for certain career choices. So, you should know your earning potential as a Personal Assistant at the end of the day.

Basically, a Personal Assistant in the UK would earn an average salary of £ 26,395 on a yearly basis. However, with the right experience, you can increase this amount up to £ 38,000.

So, it’s better to start your Personal Assistant course now itself. We know within a few years’ time; you will thank us for giving this advice.

Study 365 has the perfect Personal Assistant training courses!

Study 365 is a UK based course provider, hosting a variety of top-ranking courses online. In fact, we know to fulfil every requirement of our learners, by being in the education industry for so long. Also, we keep our courses up to date with the ongoing changes in particular subject areas. In fact, the quality of our courses has even made the Quality Licencing Scheme endorse most of our Programs.

When it comes to our Personal Assistant courses, the situation is nothing different. In fact, Study 365 has had thousands of students for our courses, as they aspire to become successful PAs. However, as per what we have found, there are several reasons behind this huge inflow of Students.

For instance, learners claim that they have found the best ever teachers in our courses. Also, the affordability/ flexibility of our Personal Assistant courses has been a major reason for this huge influx of students. Especially, our learners vouch that they have excelled in their careers due to the advanced nature of Study 365’s courses.

The Diploma in Administration and Personal Assistant Training – Level 4

Are you aspiring to have a stable career as an executive assistant? Then this is the best personal assistant course for you. In fact, by following this course, you will learn each and every aspect regarding office administration. For instance, you will learn about support skills related to administration, business ethics, including business succession planning methods. This course will develop your confidence to succeed in your administrative career or even to run your own business. So, make sure to enrol in this course now.

Level 4 Diploma in Administration & Personal Assistant Training

Office Skills, Secretarial and PA Training course

You can definitely show the world about how talented you are for office administration, upon completing this course. In fact, this course will give you a complete understanding about various topics such as:

  • Business Report and Letter Writing
  • Microsoft Office Skills
  • Tips and Tricks for Speedy typing as well as reading
  • Every aspect of taking minutes at meetings
  • Organising events and meetings effectively

Nevertheless, this is only a very little about our Personal Assistant training courses. Whether you believe it or not, Study 365’s  personal assistant courses have a lot more to offer our learners.

However, some of you may still have further questions to ask from us. If so, please do not hesitate to drop an email to: [email protected] We have a wonderful team looking forward to helping you!

September 1, 2023

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